Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, My beautiful Little Big Girl!!

Ah yes, it's been seven glorious years ... wait... or has it been six glorious years...? I'm not sure how the counting works. Anyway. I LOVE YOU!! You are my shining gem and make me forever happy. I owe your bio-mom so much for helping you get here so I could snatch you up! :-)

in other news, i love Sandra Bullock. I just do.

Monday, April 19, 2010

With great spring cleaning, comes great responsibility...

Man, what a lovely week-end! Let me begin by stating that our yard looks amazing! Let me finish by stating that that is entirely duet o other people's hard work. Namely the really very sweet gentleman and his work crew who were so kind as to stop by on Sat. and whip it into shape. Seriously, it's actually nicer than it was when we moved in. i do miss the two foot tall grass a little bit but i think the appearance/uncovering of three raised planters and some sort of large flowering person more than makes up for it. Although, i am a little concerned about trying to keep it tidy now that we've clearly taken the lead in pruned expanses to lay about in. (Every single person we know and/or have ever met whilst out walking the pooches dropped by to let me know how much they appreciated the clean new look. And while it's clear to me that they're all jealous, it is also clear to me that we just missed becoming "those people on the corner with The Yard" that everyone talks about at the block party.) {whew!} K. So. if anyone needs yard cleaning, hauling, semi and/or monthly plant maintenance, Call me so i can give you the number of Fidel Guerrero, et al, Gardeners to the Gods. They rock!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tired. Although now, at least, I've had my bone-deep, eternally felt exhaustion confirmed by modern science/my fancy new doctor.

Also, I have a mild ear infection.

According to the Doc, the ear infection is basically a non-starter and should clear up in a day or two; the *exhaustion* thing though (if left untreated) could cause "stuttering, memory loss, angina, twitching, acne, excessive appetite, loss of appetite, digestive problems, hallucinations," etc., etc. the list literally goes on and on. She also informed me that "I'm not as young as i used to be" [shock! and a little weird that such a young doctor would feel the need to resort to that kind of cliche...] and that I "cannot expect to continue racing along at the same breakneck speed as I have been with out feeling the cumulative, system-wide effects of extreme stress-exhaustion!" then she got all stern with me and asked me what i intended to do about it. Admittedly i was at a slight loss given the sheer enormity of The List, however, also given that my pal A-Tail totally nailed this as my particular ailment days before the doc ever got a hold of me, I was able to point to a few things i've been trying to incorporate in terms of de-stressing my everyday world/my newly minted plans for getting sleep on a semi-regular basis and she seemed (somewhat) satisfied. She also took my blood pressure again and let me know i'm pretty calm for a stressed-out person which made me feel oddly happy/superior!