Saturday, May 11, 2013


Thas right, folks we are officially owners of our very own a little-too-perfect-to-be-true housey-house in a great little neighborhood next to a great little creek right in the vibrant heart of this glorious city called oak-Town! {whew.} I'm kind of freaking out right this second because we closed a little later than we thought we would and have already set up moving dates and contractors and stuff so it seems like we have fifteen seconds to get everything done but I also know that things will get done (even if it kills me which would ultimately be a shame because it would have been nice to live in the new house for at least a little while...) and that everything will work out (continue to work out) jest fine so... super stressed right this second but knowing that this too shall pass

in other news, got treated to a really lovely Group Mom Tea Party  Social hosted by my lovely 15 year old and her pals as a consolation gift for their spending tomorrow (the actual Mom's Day) at a concert. Needless to say, more than worth it - totally awesome food and fine china and getting serenaded by the three of them playing "an acoustic set" of some of their standards... Priceless! And totally cool getting it a whole day early!