Monday, November 26, 2007

I win!

Sorry, that title was meant for an extremely limited population of the readership/in code but for those three or four of you who do understand it -- you know I RULE! K. sorry. where were we... ah yes. HAPPY THANKSGIVING past!

I am Thankful for:

1) my kids. they rule. i would not be one tenth as happy on this planet without them.
2) my girlfriend. Thank you for saving me from a life of self-inflicted me-centeredness. I thank you. My children thank you. Hell, even the puppy is sort of delighted you've arrived.
3) my friends. Bees, BBQ, Miss Tail, Mistah-LL/K -- without you people to keep me honest/sane there would be no me. there would only be a shivering mass of gelatinous crazy-minded silliness. PLEASE do NOT EVER leave me to my own devices. EVER.
4) my family. Who has the best brothers ever???? That's gonna be me. The mom and pops ain't so bad either. At least the combined genepool rocks. ;-)
5) my stuff. Loving the new house, delighted with the books, the piles of crap/treasures, the cars and ultimately the wherewithal to be able to continue adding to the collection without having to choose between the newest Lovett CD and more noodles.
6) my health -- such as it is. Sure I'm always sort of almost about to get sick but here's to the sheer number of times the actual full-blown illness hasn't actually come to pass [knock on wood.]
7) the extraordinary diligence by the angels in charge of looking out for me and mine. Great job, Guys. You are collectively doing one hell of a job and i, for one, am endlessly grateful for the attention.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh my freaking God!

{sigh}I. am. exhausted.
I mean,i feel wierd saying that because I'm so completely getting every single thing i want in life but sheesh. Life is work sometimes, knawattamean???

So, the new house continues to be fab. We were there twice today first in the morning to supervise the gas hook-up so i could have hot water/dry a batch of clothes (Did i mention the on-site clothes washer/clothes dryer???? Heaven...) then we took a little walk to one of sweetest parks I've seen in Oakland (b-ball court, tennis courts,afterschool science enrichment club free for for kids 6+, play structure, grassy knoll...) and by little i mean only 4 blocks away! Lunch and massive interior paint ordering happened after that then home for a minute to drop off newly dried clothing, back to pick up newly mixed paint then off to ice skate. We swung by the house one last time to drop off the paint (the sh** is waaaaay to expensive to leave in my truck! Damn low VOCs....) and to have another look at the hood at night and well, gosh, I'm just really liking that place. Plus the back yard is filled with dry yellow leaves that me, the kids and the rockstar who was staying over had a freaking FIELD DAY scampering through!

so, all in all gotta say, sucks that I'm tired/the things i still have to figure out are taking so much figuring out but seriously, me = NOT really complainin'!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We got the house we were looking at over on 41st! Yay. So, much space so little time! k. so i won't ask you all to come help paint but i may be hitting you up for any available paint supplies/ladders/kidcare.... Just remember, you luuuuuvvvvvv meeeeee ;-)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Moving on up!

So, here's this snapshot from the DB who went to the Mavericks/Warriors game last night with his little skate crew and got all posh in the Owner's box....

Food. Drinks. In-suite masseuse (Ha, kidding about that last one! But still...) -- Oh, and I think the Mavericks won, if anyone cares. :-)

broad strokes

Me: [to the Big Girl who has just finished gleefully singing an incredibly violent song about a hawk dismembering a snake] um....
Boo: Hmmm?
Me: So, is that what you're learning in school? About hawks ripping out snake intestines?
Boo: No, silly, BBB (Best Buddy Becky) taught me that!
Me: Ah!
Boo: She also taught me about "broad strokes"
Me: Broad strokes?
Boo: yeah, like how sometimes things are big and clear
Boo: and sometimes they're little and take alot of looking
Me: Really?? BBB taught you that?
Boo: Well, I already knew it but she thinks she taught me so i let her think that.
Me: Ah....
Me: I love you.
Boo: i know.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I LOVE Krafty Kitten (aka The RockStar's Parent)

and not just because she made a Spark Adventure movie!


K. so whose 4.5 year old wrote her Mommy's name on a peice of paper on the way to school today? Mine that's who! Oh, sure the letters weren't exactly in order -- i believe we ended with C-N-Y-T-I-A-H but you know what???? Who cares?! Plus she wrote her own name as well in order with all the letters facing the right way (which, considering the "S" as well as the multiple vowels involved, is also pretty huge!) My Spark just rocks so hard.

Monday, November 05, 2007

First let me just say...

HELLO end of Daylight Savings Time -- How much do I love thee?? Let me count the ways!!!!!!

God! i feel like i've been let out of some sort of time-prison... o.k. sorry. I'm just really, really happy things are back to normal with the time thing/I don't have to move to Arizona. Seriously, it's not even like farmers are farming anymore what with all the government subsidies. One would think we could just stop the DST madness already. (i think i may need to write a letter....)

k. So. had a great week-end! Got to see the Girl for extended playtime on Sat. eve/Sunday morn which was really nice PLUS got the bonus hang-out with the BBQ and her trusty Gal-Pal, J. Really. I need to figure out how to make more BBQ hang-age a reality. That girl = quality!

Then, on Sunday proper, me and the babies went ice skating! Fun! (at least until the little one started with the squalling. I'm chalking it up to lack o' sleep, pushed nap-time, hunger issues but I'm also getting a little concerned/prolly gonna look into advanced assessments pretty soon. Not that she's not PERFECT but i just really need to know if there's something i'm missing/should be doing here becasue she is really not happy once the screamy-ness starts. Notwithstanding all of that, she was actually going really good the first few times around the rink. Balanced and everything.) We're planning on making it a regular Sundee things (minus the yelling, i hope) so if anyone wants to come along, yer more than welcome...

And finally, capped the evening off with a late-night/early morning visit from the DB who, almost in spite of myself, I actually may have missed (a tiny, little miniscule amount) so... while i'm not thrilled with the timing of the call, (seriously, Dude, could you at least shoot for something a little bit closer to when normal people are awake??!) i guess i do have to say I'm glad you're back on this continent. Oh and really liking the bike. See! Isn't it fun to have a real job so you can buy new stuff/explore new ways to try to kill yourself? ;-]

Friday, November 02, 2007

Is it too much to ask for a little "fate" to step in???

Gosh. I have got a LOT going on right now. Or potentially going on i guess. I don't want to list everything because I'm afraid of jinxing it but suffice to say pretty much every area in my life is ripe for major shaking up and yet (and still) no one is calling me back! k. sorry. Just needed to put that out there.

in other news, Hallows-een was FAB! I don't think i've seen cuter kids and that was just the batch that were with us! I especially like how the adult to child ratio seems to be holding at appx. 2 grown-ups per... what is it about having adorable little people that makes us adults want to hang around them so much. I mean, sure i get that there's prolly some evolutionary component to it but still! K. next time we're going to need the Bee children along to try to even this out a bit. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

Alrighty, because I am proving too lazy to write/call individual people, here are some public notes:

Craft-Kitten (aka Rockstar's parental unit) - if you find a random clarinet atthe house it's ours. I'm a loser/forgot it the other night. I'll call you to arrange pick-up. Thanks!

Bees - thank you soooo much for watching the Little-little one whilst me and the Chick-friend are getting our going out on! (I love you more than any other couple on the planet! Really...)

DB - Sorry, going with you guys to see Warriors vs. Dallas sounds GREAT but 1) I already have plans that night and 2) I'm not really interested in watching a bunch of padded men trying to hurl things through a goalpost or past a goalie or wahtever.... (yes, I know it's basketball. Still couldn't care less.) Thanks anyway!

BBQ - What're you doing tomorrow night? Call me!

Abby-tail - you. are. hilarious. And yes, you should stop it.

K. I guess that's it. kisses to you all. much love. peace out!