Thursday, January 29, 2004

I lied.

O.K. I'll stop...
Tina the Troubled Teen
is Tina the Troubled Teen. Apparently, if you check back in a day or two her commentary will have changed to reflect a different yet still quite surly outlook. We shall see...

This just in...

Here's what my horoscope has to say about January:

Just remember: everyone wants to sleep with an Aquarian this month, so be discerning.

And here's me JUST getting around to reading it today... Doh!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


O.K. I know it's random but spam that involves the words "harelip brunette"...?? I mean, honestly!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I'm baaaaacccccckkkkk! (I know, I already used that earlier but I'm 36 now and when a woman has reached "a certain age" she is suddenly allowed all manner of license!) So, then I am back. i had a Fabulous time in New Mex! Saw your sister, Dirty Boy. I told her you were "awfully serious" about a pre-med student out here named Julie -- that you'd given her a ring and everything but she wanted to finish school first... You should probably be expecting a phone call from them...

i love my brothers so much it hurts sometimes to even continue looking at them -- yes, that's right, the Magnet family IS.THAT.COOL. -- and I am feeling refreshed and relaxed and relatively on top of my game. Thanks for asking. Work seems to be going well (I, of course, say "seems" because I think I'm doing swell but I'm equally sure everyone else there is 1) wondering whether or not that "at-will" part of the hiring agreement is actually going to stand up in court and 2) exactly when it is that I intend to start doing all that stuff I said i knew how to do in the interviews...! No worries, though. i am reasonably certain that by the time they figure out that i am a fraud they will have goten so very attached to me that they simply cannot bear the thought of parting ways (not unlike an annoying puppy who shreds the furniture and takes liberties with your shoes but whom you simply cannot bear to give away!)

I am, in fact feeling so very vivacious that I find myself facing the age ole question -- what on earth do I do with the attention! not that there is that much. in fact there's really just the one. Attentive person that is. Young (and I DO mean young) lady who works at the cafe here on campus -- OH! Speaking of which, I'm a BONEHEAD and i forgot to "check-in" for my spring semester so i'm here on campus merrily trying to add/drop classes and the registrar tells me I've been "withdrawn" from school! Took me ten minutes of groveling and 200.00 bucks just to get him to do the amount of typing (about thirteen seconds worth) it takes to "reinstate" a student...Sheesh. Sometimes i amaze even myself. Anyway... -- Cutie cafe girl is being all flirtatious and whatnot and I am being flirty back and my brain is actually saying "hmmmmmm. I wonder if this is a likely candidate for S-E-X???" {sigh} i really don't know what's wrong with me. maybe it's the spring in the air-- wait...

I just got through reading American Gods by Neil Gaimon and while I found it interesting, i have to say I probably wouldn't read it again. i felt not unlike I feel reading Armisted Maupin's more recent novels -- Interesting, somewhat compelling but in the end probably could have been said with alot fewer words. Good thing i finished it though. i just went to the bookstore and bought $81.18 worth of new books that I'm supposed to be reading.... Although, I think I may try to slip in the book that Travelin Man loaned me and which name escapes me... Ah, well... I'm sure those of you who really need to know will find a way to plumb my subconscious...

Quick super huge Thank You!! to the Tall One who lives in front of me for so fabulously stepping up to care for the wild kitties who make my front yard their home (and who i feed myself when I'm not out galavanting about the continent!)

Also a shout out to Family Guy for sharing the deets re: his flock o' cuties! i sure do miss having on-site persons with which to swap "and the OTHER thing she did that was sooooo cute was--" stories.

Speaking of which! You know what THE CUTEST thing ever is?? The cutest thing ever is when a couple of kids who are 5/6 get together and stare at each other so intently that their foreheads touch! I've seen this in action twoice now and I CANNOT even stand how adorable (in an extremely serious way, of course) it is!!!!!

You know, I'm thinking that maybe, just possibly, the way you know you're really, seriously old is when even as you're trying to tell yourself that you COULD just flirt with a girl, possibly get to know each other a little, maybe hang out, maybe kiss - but that if you're SUPER clear about everything then if it should turn out that this girl wants more from you than you can give, you can just explaing the situation, reference the past conversations and while she might be sad she'd at least understand and go away... even as you're thinking that, the OTHER part of your brain -- the part that knows you're full of sh**, is already working out where else on campus you can go to get a decent sandwich and some fries.

Friday, January 23, 2004

In New Mexico


I am currently in New Mexico visiting my BEAUTIFUL family...! I am having a wonderful time. I got an amazing turquoise ring for my birthday (not to mention a day of skiing for me and my kid all expenses/lessons paid -- those of you who are VERY lucky may qualify to see the Boo skiing photos....) Anyways, I'm not officially back until Tuesday so these postings might be scare until then. Suffice to say, I LOVE my family!! They rock in sooooo many ways it is hard to even being to translate. I am blessed and lucky and fortunate. And that's all for now ... Salim, out....

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Who Hoo!! First day of school for me (for this semester) starts TONIGHT! yay! I have soooooooo missed communing with the peeps who think about deep educational stuff n' sheet... Not that my regular hommies DON'T or anything {kisses! I lurv you all} -- it's just... well... i have certain needs that just don't get met in my everyday life - intellectually, I mean..... eh, hem... anyways...

Just had lunchie-poo with the fabulous SAH, El Torrito and Tall Guy ... They, as a crew, are super delightful and it is always great to hear the things with your previous company are continuing to go to hell in a handbasket... I think though, that I might have had a slightly more cheery time if for our next get-together we restrict the gathering the tiniest bit more ... K. I'm really just stalling while the IT guys figure out how to get me write access to some server-age which I think they may have just done, so... looks like I'm out!

Monday, January 19, 2004

They're baaaccckkkk!

For those of you keeping track, you may have noticed a marked LACK as it were in the mentioning of a certain under-thirty crew and while most of you (like myself) may have cared not even a little bit about the sudden disappearance of one Dirty Boy, Other Girl, Angel and Texas Guy I'm sure their respective mothers did actually give half a damn and will now be relieved to hear that they have returned from the rain-soaked halls of our sister state, Portland, Oregon! Give it up folks! That's right, the prodigal crew has returned -- slightly older, not particularly wiser, but in some respects cuter (Texas Guy's new haircut = tres chic!!) Welcome back, kids! I can't say I missed you but I sure as hell could use a little diversion! Ha! Just kidding. We wuv our wandering rainbow children {big squeeze!!} I would like to take a moment to point out that apparently, for no reason other than my new job position i am now, in their beyond all reason jaded llittle eyes "cool" ... this is only slightly disconcerting because it makes me really wonder what exactly it was that I was before. Ah, well. no worries. If I left it up to the puppies to define me I'd be nothing more than a leathery old Mrs. Robinson stand-in who rents out rooms on the side... Glad you're back, Children! Stick around awhile, the weather's great!

In other news, birthday bash was fabulous! So very many wonderful children types running around. it just warms the cockles to know that the Alternative set seems bent on catching up with their more "conservative" brethern in terms of sheer output! Go, us!

Let's see... what else...? Missing the boyz right now:

Tony - There are some truly fab people here but as of yet none has undertaken make it thier mission to brighten my mornings with the daily drop-in (NEVER let it be said that a stop-off by an attractive and well dressed young man isn't JUST the thing to get your morning going in the right direction!)

Family Guy - I, am Dying to know what the world's Cutest Family is up to!!

Sir James - What can I say, your "serious" look kills me! I need some earnest-ness in my life. Everything here is just too damn flippant...!

Mistah Lovah-Lovah - I actually DON'T miss you at all but hell, I'm making a list, right??? Kidding! Are we still going out on the 30ieth??

Kyle - I also don't miss because I've found another cute, approximately my age, serious gay man to bond with; sorry! (Again with the kidding -- sheesh! you people cannot take a joke!)

and Drew - You are the standard by which I shall forever measure all men (and some women!) I want to steal you away and keep you here under my desk (not like THAT you perverts!!) but you'd probably get bored.... {sigh}

Anyways... I miss you all. Write and let me know how the New Me's doing... You had better not be hanging around her desk, you fickle bastards!!

Friday, January 16, 2004

Oh, and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the L-Bean and her beanie-babe siblings!!!!!!!!! You all are quite possibly the best 3 & 1 year old persons I know and I'm delighted to be periodically invited to hang with you and your fabulous little posse (even though I know it's only because of my close association with a certain Boo -- I'm good with that! Quite frankly, I'll take what I can get...) Happy Born Day Mama Bee and Mom B for first squeezing em out then sticking around to raise em up right! You two have collectively restored my faith in the American nuclear family unit (-ish)and I will always cherish you for that! {sniff -- wipe eye}

Yay Me!

First day flying solo and the FIRST thing I do is release the html version of the newsletter (to 12,000+ people) before everything is in place that supports it! Nice! Go, me, go me... {sigh} Chick Magnet & Co. - Discovering fabulous new ways to SUCK! Anyway. Assistant is VERY nice and politely inquires as to whether or not I sent out the newsletter -- i respond "No, I don't think so." She (still polite as she frantically checks our listserv) replies "Uh, I think you did." Now, here, boys and girls is where she starts seriously questioning her continuing tenure here in Newly-Inept-Land! Huzzah! K. Sorry. It's just that I've been working all day to piece together all the random threads of my training and attempt to fix this and just when I got everything sort of figured out/fixed the Webserver went down (probably something I did) bringing down not only our sites but essentially closing the retail stores as well. (I've been assured by the IT department here that it was in fact not in any way my fault but I'm sure they're just being nice.) I repeat {sigh}............

Thursday, January 15, 2004

This is special just for Sir James! Two flavors AND I can get you a discount!

Just a quick check in

To let you all know that I wasn't in any way molested last night. I chose a different (more well-lighted) path home and arrived safe and sound and slightly frisky, truth be told... K. I'm out -- this is the day the lady who's training me is leaving and I've already forgotten every single thing she told me so 1) I'm ska-rewed and 2) I want to try out some stuff before she sails off into that sunset we all like to call "abandonment"!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My Character from the Samurai Code...


Complete sincerity: You believe in being straightforward with others, and you expect the same from them. People would consider you a good listener, and one who is calm and mostly serious.

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best?

brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks Mistah L-L...

Last night...

Two things happened.
1) I saw a Vampire
2) I got mugged

First, since I don't want anybody getting all freaked out or anything... I did have my money taken from me but 1) the mugger was incredibly polite/willing to negotiate and 2) I wasn't, in any way, hurt -- I mean, I'm a little freaked out about it (and I think I know who it was but in general there are a thousand ways it could have been much worse so there you go...)

Now then, this Vampire I saw: I know she was a Vampire because although she was not in any way "sterotypical" she was INSANELY attractive. I mean, I saw her standing waaaayyyyy at the end of the BART platform and was so completely captivated by her that I had to go hover for the rest of our trip. She had translucent skin, garnet colored lips and long wavy dark hair. She was dressed in as cool a way as a retro-type with modern influences gal could possibly be dressed with a blood red handbag and shoes. She had shades on at first but she took them off on the train ended up having these CLEAR golden eyes -- I'm telling you! She didn't smile or anything but after she figured out I was staring at her, she kind of did this half-grin/half-snarl thing revealing part of a set of remarkably white (remarkably pointed) teeth.... She also had these beautiful long, pearlescent fingernails.... Seriously, it was weird. It was weirder because I seemed to be the only one who even noticed her. People were moving all around her without looking at her at all. Very odd, i tell you. Very odd indeed. Anyway....

Then, on the walk home, it was dark and I had my hood up and pretty close to where I turn off Tele to get to my house I noticed a long shadow moving up pretty quickly behind me (this was after I had just passed two individuals obviously engaged in a drug deal a little ways up the street) -- so this individual comes up and puts his hand over my mouth and says "I just want the purse, gimme the purse." I said "Can i just give you the money and keep the purse?"-- (I had to repeat myself a coupla times cause he kept saying "Don't talk, don't talk, just gimme the purse" but finally he said "Yeah. Gimme the money." so I opened my wallet and found... no money at all. Nice. I showed it to him and said I didn't have any money and he said "Why not?" (which truth be told, was a damn good question) and I said "I don't know." Then we both sort of stood there (and this was weird because I was thinking "Hmmm, why don't I have any money and what can I do to get out of this if I don't have anything to give him?" and he still kind of had his arm around me but in a very relaxed way -- I mean, neither of us was tense or anything) until I remembered that I did have some money in my organizer so I said "wait! i do have money!" (in a kind of bizzarrely triumphant way -- also weird in retrospect) and I found it and gave it to him. While I was looking, he took the opportunity to explain to me that he was "an addict" and he had to do this to "feed his habit." I assured him that I understood (and then, for some reason, I started to get tense, so then he got tense and I had to remind myself to relax again). I gave him the money and he said "O.K. don't turn around." and I said "o.k. i'm not turning around" and that was it. He left. i continued on my way.

Now, analysis-wise, I didn't really feel scared (and still don't) although I did feel really agitated for a few hours afterwards and I definitely have resolved to not ride BART home with Miss Boo anymore in the Winter since it's dark by the time we get to our hood-- although part of me (and maybe I'm being naive) thinks that had i had the kid with me Mr. Drugged-Out-Criminal Man wouldn't have picked me to rob; I dunno, I just think he'd have picked an easier target than some lady with a kid since a mom might really freak out if she thinks her kid's in danger or her kid might act unpredictably or whatever... but still no train for Me and the Boo at least until Daylight Savings time begins again.... and I was pretty suspicious-acting around the guy-who-I-think-it-was (just some random druggy middle aged guy who recently started hanging around our neighborhood looking sketchy) but all in all, in the grand scheme of things it was a fairly polite robbery and I got to keep all my credit cards, addresses and photos of my kid so I'm all good. I think. Maybe it'll sink in tonight when I'm walking home (or maybe I'll get robbed again!) and I'll wig a bit more but right now.... I think things are still fairly rosy in the Chickster world.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'll make this quick

As I am sharing computer space for now with the fabulous lady who's training me I'm technically not supposed to be doing anything other than checking my e-mail BUT I have just got to give a big ole shout out and Thank you to Mistah Lovah Lovah for hosting such a fantabulous poker extravaganza last night! I very much enjoyed losing all my money and I further enjoyed seeing some of the boyz from whom I've so recently separated... {sniff} I miss you guys!!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Lest there be untold lamentations in the streets...

Seriouslyinvolved is on temporary hiatus due to technical considerations beyond my control (namely that I used to write at work and what with me essentially waiting -- not unlike a vulture -- for the current WebChick at goodvibes to relinquish her title/position/CPU I'm not really technically connected, if you get my drift, to any internet access type tool, PLUS I used to connect at home using my work dial-up which as been cut off so, I'm pretty much stranded in non-web land. no worries, though, i'll figure something out -- if not immediately, then by friday (webChick's last day is thursdee...) latest and the world will once again be able to know the glory that is me at my whinyest! In the meanwhile, maybe it's best if we all just take a moment to see other people and if we still feel like we need each other in our lives at the end of the week, then when we come back together it'll be that much more beautiful!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Home stretch, Baby!

So, here we are. Last day after 2 years at SNIFF/5 years at The Firm. The Firm peepstook me out for drinkslas night and it was all jsu kind o sad. Todd said he was going but then begged off at the last minute. Probably listened to all my parting comments via a tiny hold drilled in the wall separatinghis office from the conf. room we were in and got all hurt or something "What the...??! I gave that girl the best years of her life! At least she had a JOB! Especially in THIS economy..." anyway, he popped out to say he wasn't up for drinks but we should definitely get together for lunch -- which, interestingly enough, given our particular history i think might actually be fun. Once someone ceases to have absolute power over the source by which you pay rent they sort of move from annoying to just kind of silly-sad... anyway, maybe I'm just hoping for stories of all the hardships ole Todd has had to endure (and hopefully is still enduring!) that he didn't feel comfortable sharing with an employee.... Hmmmmmmm.

The boys and I got together for group pic yesterday and it really hit home how very much these fellows entertain me and how enriching they've been to my existence here at SNIFF. I'm really hoping I can figure out how to channel SAH and his propensity for keeping in touch with ex-co-workers cause, seriously, I would be just a touch sad if through my own bizarre busy-ness, I lost track of any of my peeps here. Ah well, c'est la vie and all that. We shall see what we shall see...

In other news BBQ is off the the wilds of Guerneville to frolic in the sun with her Sweetie. I would like to state for the record that I am NOT at all jealous and that I wish her all the fun/best on her trip. There. See. Not jealous at all.


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'm here...

Sorry, too tired to finish the rest of that..... I was up late (for me anyway) last night watching my new favorite show and my old favorite show and then when I tried to get some sleep I was all agitated (I'm "spinning" right now -- anyone who is even remotely familiar with the "do-it-yerself" babymaking scene knows what THAT means) and needing to be touched and ... well... just blah... Anyways, quick update re: Bendy Girl -- It has henceforth been resolved that we are "just friends"; friends who see each other very occassionally and chat on the phone when/if the mood stirkes us but that's all! I'm kind of relived actually. I mean it was nice to know that I am now capable of hanging out with a female in a "dating" capacity without my brain melting but still, it's all just soooo exhausting you know... Still and all, best thing for it, I think. Speaking of girls though, got a super great hug from the beautiful Security Guard downstairs after I told her I was moving on..... Hmmmmm, kinda makes ya want to quit stuff more often! K. I'm outtie. At meetings/"tying things up" all day today so if you don't hear from me til tomorrow at least you know why! :-]

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


This entry may not be appropriate for the queasy of heart or for anyone who really just does not need to know "certain things" about their good friend Chick. If it's just too early in the morning for shocking revelations which may potentially put you off the Chick-ster for months if not years to come, skip to the second half of this post as it is about heartfelt conversations with little ones and NOT about body parts.

Eh, hem, now then. Quick confession: I, Chick Magnet, am in love with a body part. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty attached to the owner of the part as well, I mean if you were to walk up to me and say, "Chick, we're going to take this person away to another planet and you'll never get to see them again EVER!" I'd be pretty sad about it, but I've got to tell you here and now that if you told me they could stay but that this particular Part had to go, well.... I'd probably be as distraught if you catch my drift. Seriously, I cannot stop thinking about it (and the various things I want to do to it -- not all predictable things either, mind you, I'm not just interested in it for it's ... "it-ness"-- I want to get to know it better, sit down after a long day and have a little conversation with it, maybe a glass of wine, find out how it's day went...) anyway, I've lost my mind and am obviously sore afflicted. Still and all though, having spent the better part of the night thinking about it, I guess it's better to be in love with a peice of someone you like than in love with bits that are attached to someone that discusts! k. sorry. moving on...

So, yesterday the kid calls me to let me know what she's learned for me (We have this thing where since she's at school learning stuff and I'm at work NOT then she has to learn something for me everyday so I'll be able to stay on top of current events as well as continue to converse in an intelligent manner about the issues which shape her young world) so, she's telling me that today we learned about "velocity" (?? I ask you?! I didn't even hear that term until I saw it used prominently in an ad campaign late last year...) and we're chatting and from basically out of nowhere she says "Mom? Is it hard being a mom?"

And I didn't know what to say. I mean I actually said "Sometimes. But lots of things that are really amazing are hard." Which seemed to adequately address that particular query because then we started talking about the storm that was suposed to hit on Tuesdsay (today) but it made me think. I mean, if I really think about it, I don't think being a mom to Boo is all that hard. I do think it's hard trying to stop every annoying person in the world from trying to mess with my kid's outlook on life; i think it's hard that I've tended to have to justify my particular flavor of mom-ness to complete strangers from a whole subset of various angles; I think it's hard to love someone sooooo very much while at the same time being made constantly aware that that's not going to be enough to stop all the bad/annoying/oogey things from happening but really, none of that has to do with Boo as a person. Parenting her is not hard. Life is. Boo makes it easy to see why it's a good thing that I'm here and there's just not alot in the world that does that... Anyway. Just something I was thinking about last night. When I wasn't thinking about "the Part"

Monday, January 05, 2004


Well, hello there folks. I have not written today onna counta I am tired and SWAMPED alla pona sudden here at work (I was just introduced to the New Me who I will be spending my remaining time here at SNIFF training to do a job I've held for all of 3 months... anyway, she's cute. Kind of "fresh out of Business school" but cool enough seeming. What is it about finding out that you've been replaced with someone who is essentially your opposite in every way, shape and form that is so very unnerving?? Ah well. It would be folly to expect anyone to come up with a one-to-one exact copy of anyone so complex as the Chick so I'm just going to attempt not thinking about it and see where that gets me!) Week-end was FAB-ulous. Pretty Boy pretty much rocks my world which is neat and cool (and just a little anxiety-producing but whatever...) Got to hang with the child a LOT which was also neat. We went out into the Rainstorm from Hell the other day and felt quite small and tossed about for about half an hour. Then I dropped her with the CP and me and Miss Tail hooked up for some quality hang-age with her most fabulous pup Isabel -- we heart her (MT - not Izz - although we do love the Izz an awful lot!) because she is going to teach me how to cook this year (It's my only actual resolution so it just may happen) ... We've agreed that I will learn to cook one dish a month; that that dish will not involve anything "seasonal"; that it will contain no less than 60% ingredients that have a shelf-life of forever and that it can be fully prepared in under 20 minutes! In return I'm going to "help her adjust her life attitude." Just between you and me, I think i have the easier part of the bargain!

O.K. I'm really just checking in with ya'all before heading on out so, more tomorrow maybe, if I can get away from my Shadow...

Oh, but wait, my Lovah-Lovah is back from Mad-Cow Land (Canada) which is great as he was very much missed! He's all excited about my new job because he thinks that this somehow means he has greater access to cute nekkid chicks. I'm trying to 'splain to him that "No, *I* am the only one who gets access to cute nekkid chicks!" but he's just not hearing it right now... Ah, well... somethings you've just got to learn the hard way...

Friday, January 02, 2004


The girl I like sent me a CD with two performance pieces on it that she did (cello-brillant!) and that she's sending off into the world in hopes of winning much acclaim (which, had I even the slightest bit of anything to do with it, she most certainly would -- in spades!) ... She sent it awhile ago but I've not been able to actually remember to listen to it at a point in time when it was in the same city as my ears so I've just (this morning) popped it in and my gawd, it is just so very beautifully done! Apparently what I'm listening to are "the first two movements of the Shostakovich cello concerto" -- the first is really quite moving (there's a bit in the middle that kills me) but the second... sheesh! I am in no way qualified to judge these things but it's just really amazing is all. All tragic and sad but beautiful nontheless... Anyway, Thanks GIL for the CD! I'm going to listen to it non-stop until it becomes a a permanent part of my brain's background noise then maybe I'll go watch Grease 2 again to round it all out!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

And HERE we are!!

Well, it looks like we all made it (gross assumption on my part as I've been in bed all day -- i.e. not calling up my chums to see if anyone got shot... still though, I will believe everyone is just fine until i hear otherwise, dammit! Our Chick is nothing if not an optimist!!)

First and foremost, super huge thanks/shout-out to my Best Buddy Q and her lovely other half for inviting the troops to thier digs for a glorious New Year's Eve gathering of the babies! I am ever amazed that we all managed to have such completely gorgeous offspring and having everyone together like that just feels so desparately extended-family-like and warm--gushy that, well, it brings a tiny tear to this salty old Chick's eye! I heart you guys sooo much! I swear I have the best bunch of buddies a gal could hope to have! {love!}

Right. Moving on. As we all know it is now January. There are some crucial birthdays in January -- Martin Luther King Jr., my mom, my gramma, the illustrious Miss Tail, the fabulous Miss L-bean, ME!!! Now I know what you're all thinking: "Eek! I've only 22 shopping days left to find something appropriately fantastic with which to celebrate the fact that our own beloved Chick has somehow managed to hold off the marauding hordes for the last 36 years and shows no signs of weakening!" There there. I beg of you, please do NOT panic. I know the impulse will, of course, be to buy me something expensive but I must caution against giving in to the temptation because then I would feel like I owe you (sexually, I mean) and nobody wants that! So, then, what's a poor pal who just wants to show Chick how very much she's worth in terms of cold, hard cash to their otherwise colorless/lackluster lives to do?? Glad you asked! May I direct your attention to the link at the right, namely the "Get on my good side" one that takes you to my Amazon wish list... anyways, really just making conversation, I, of course, expect nothing more from my friends than absolute fealty and occassional kisses, oh, and chocolate! Lots of chocolate!

Speaking of which, I'm awfully excited right this second (in a lying around in bed kind of way) because the fabulous Pretty Boy has suggested that we take a drive over to the rich side of the Bay tomorrow after work and act like we belong there! I am not just delighted with this suggestion because it means adding to the hours I've clocked driving around in a super cool little car with white racing stripes but also because it's just such a sweet thing to do -- go off for a little put around places where even the homeless people wear linen; maybe have a little sup-sup somewhere where each and every portion is carefully crafted from totally organic, cruelty free, adult animals who've already lived a long and productive life and have actually signed waivers attesting to thier desire to now re-join that oh-so-glorious cycle of life that includes my-omnivoristic-self and a little light sauce; possibly ending with a casual stroll round some incredibly clean pier with a bunch of "really very well perserved" Marin types.... i dunno, just sounds cute is all. And I'll bet you there will be chocolate involved! If there is a god (and I know there is) I fail to see how there could not be...!