Friday, December 26, 2008

A moment of silence please....

The Queen is dead.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy fourth day of Hanukkah, Good Tidings to one and all, etc., etc.

Alrighty then. Now that that's out of the way. The last few days have been... FUN! Filled with tons of stuff, naturally but lots of parties and lots of friends and getting to finally meet/get jealous about the Wife's co-workers.... Tiring, yes. but cute. and nice and I'm glad it's (for the most part) done. :-)

I've got the little one here at work with me but she's at the JCC camp so I get to happen upon her and her little group as they wander around the building. A-DOR-rable!

and now... as promised: some Pics of the wedding!!!! (There will be more as more film becomes more developed but I just got a disk from my Baby Bro with these so I couldn't resist!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you kidding me??

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson in a PG-13 movie together???? Seriously, It's like I already know I'm buying it the second it come out on video and I have NO idea what it's actually about! :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I. am. tired.

The Spark was up all night being congestioney so we spent some time popping up suddenly in bed and being fussy segueing into kicky squirmy, brief interlude to sitting in bathroom and getting "steamed" then back to aforementioned child's room for some quality curl-up-on-tiny-bed time then viola! awake and out the door so as to not make the big Girl late for school (AGAIN). I'm so tired right now I think I am hallucinating..... oh, no wait, there really are 45 work e-mail messages begging for attention. blah......

Friday, December 12, 2008

Or not...!

Heh. I was just browsing about on Facebook (you know, for research purposes!) and I got a suggestion that I add my Wife's Ex to my friends because, you know, we both live in Oakland! Stupid randomized matching program....

Married to the Lunch Lady!

Can i just begin by saying that it is incredibly cute that my lovely wife is volunteering at the Spark's school in a way that requires her to don an hairnet! What is not cute, however is her propensity (that's right, i said "propensity"!) to have dreams wherein she is no longer with me. Really. Not liking it. At all. Heads up all my "eyes on the outside" if anyone sees her out and about with any police offier looking ladies, shoot me and e-mail, K?

Let's see, what else.... Been having some conversations with the most recent(ish) Ex who's now living on the East Coast about marriage and personal growth and all of that. Interesting/weird but that's what you get when you try to "reach out" to folks. Actually this has been a pretty good week for me and the "formerly slept with." My Pants-wearing Pal in Inchiro is checking in on a regular basis (in a way that's not annoying me) so that's nice. Sounds like his life is pretty posh right about now so I'm going to go ahead and issue a moratorium on him complaining to me about anything ever again! Same goes for Pretty Boy who I will be meeting for dinner at some point soon so he can fill me in on his latest trip to the wilds of Greece/go on and on (and on) about his latest "love-interest"/new promotion at google. Really, how is it that i'm continually surrounded by such effortlessly upwardly mobile peeps? Although I guess "effortless" is the wrong word since most of them do actually work for it. More like some effort combined with case-loads of luck/tons of the smarty-smarts! K. so I was all enthusiastic about writing about the past life but now I'm tired. Me and the Little Woman are going out tonight (Thanks Bees for kid-coverage!) to some party wherein her High School pals will be attending so hopefully that'll provide more grist for the mill. If not, I'll just revert to going on and on (and on) about nothing much in particular. :-)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Welcome back, BTW!

And did I mention that Travelin' Man is back from the other side of the world? We are pleased....

Kawaii Love Eyes!

I Heart my BBQ! She's just so awesome. And, no, I'm not JUST saying that because she called me specifically to assure me beyond any shadow of any doubt that I rock it sooooo much harder than any ole Ex-of-the-Wife ever will! Me=likey my friend.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When the cat's away...

This is what I do when The Wife is out on some pseudo-date with her Ex

1) Wander around the house feeling as if I should be "relishing my time alone"
2) Realize I'm not alone (the Spark is here) and even if I was I'd still prolly be doing the same thing which is nothing except feeling annoyed/jealous that The Wife is out on some pseudo-Date with a person who has seen her nekkid
3) Call my friends so they can reassure me I'm cuter than the Ex.

Friend#1:Christ...! What time is it???!
Friend#1:Sh*t! Do you know what time it is??!
Me:[annoyed] I said sorry....
Me:Look are you awake or not?
Friend#1:Yeah. Whatever. What the hell?? [sound of fumbling, murmered conversaton]
Me:[snotty tone]Who's that? The wife?
Friend#1:[equally snotty tone]That's right! Where's yours?
Me:Shut up! Besides, I looked it up, it's like Noon over there right now!
Friend#1:We're in [mumble]Pants
Friend#1:FRANCE! We're in France!
Me:Oh! Wow! Why?
Friend#1:Can we talk about this later?
Me:Oh, uh, sure. Um sorry.
Friend#1:How come you're calling? Are you o.k.?
Me:Uh, yeah. I... uh... I just wanted you to tell me I'm still cute.
Friend#1:............... [click]
Me:How was the trip?
Friend#2:Oh, man, it was awesome!
Friend#2:Amazing! We went through the Antipottes [that's what it sounded like anyway....]
Me:Wow! That sounds cool.
Me:Well, did you miss me?
Friend#2:Heh. Sure. Man, seriously, you know who's hot?
Friend#2:Greek Girls.
Friend#2:Seriously. Hot.
Friend#3:Hi! What's up?
Me:I'm still cute right?
Friend#3:Of course you are! Why?
Me:Oh, I dunno. The Wife is out with her Ex and -
Friend#3:That's weird. Does that make you feel weird?
Me:Uh, not really... I mean, it's not like I think they're doing anything....
Friend#3:Nothing! I just think it's wierd. It's great that you're not threatened. I totally would be. But that's cool. That just means you're a bigger Girl than the rest of us!
Friend#3:I mean, it's just a couple of old pals hanging out right?
Friend#3:Nothing weird about that!
Me:uh. yeah. Hey, I gotta go.
Friend#3:Oh! O.K. well, hang in there. She'll come back. She married you after all, right!

4) Step away from the phone and make a whole bunch of comfort food.


Use the force, Luke

So, This may not be news to anyone but me but I figure you're basically a captive audience so what the heck...!

I ordered "a thing" off and the Thing I ordered never came. Now this was maybe three weeks to a month ago. I wrote to the vendor and didn't get any kind of reply. I called but still, nothing. I had pretty much decided to just let it go -- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, when you're dealing with the World Wild West etc., etc. but then I got one of those automated "would you like to rate this vendor?" e-mails which I typically ignore but then I thought, what the heck and actually clicked the link. Well! imagine my surprise when I found that Amazon has an "A to Z" guarantee and if you use this feature to contact the vendor and if the vendor fails to resolve the claim, Amazon will reimburse you! K. so, I fired off yet another note, this time using the A-Z interface and literally FIVE MINUTES later i got a call from the vendor saying basically "Oops! Our bad, we just got the package back some mix-up in the post. I'll re-send. Can you rescind the complaint, please?" So, there you have it. Weird that there are actually "controls" in place that seem to work so well. Especially during the bush-era! ;-)

Anyway, moving on....

In other news, our puppy has an ear infection. Very sad combined with lots of head-shaking. Initially, we thought it was ear mites and were treating it accordingly but it didn't seem to be clearing up so The Wife took him to the vet and ta-da! Ear infection. Sad. But good, since we got a whole different regime of ear-administered medicines that will hopefully have him back to his normally ship-no-head-shaking-shape in no time!