Monday, April 30, 2007


Had my check-in with my diss commitee chair today (I finally sent my draft proposal to the committee on Friday) she thinks it's in good enough shape that we might be able to do the Qualifying exam stuff this summer so we can have my proposal defense at the beginning of the Fall Semester which would give me all year to write which could mean (hold your breath folks) that I'd be graduating in May 2008! {breathe.....} o.K. I'm fine just needed a moment to let it all sink in.....

Whoo Hoo!

Now then. In other kinds of cool news, I just found out that one of the moms I invited to the Spark's birthday is a prof over at Ber-zerkly where she specializes in Cultural Antropology and Enthnography! I know! What a teensy weensy little world it is (and thank god i didn't stash all my school books or else she never would have known I was anything more than just an insanely cool parent with a great sense of style and a hell of a lot of good looking friends! ;-]

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday SPARK!!!!

I love you more than it's possible to express using only the 26 letters I know. thanks for being a part of our family and thanks for being born! Yay!

Whew. Just finished cleaning up after Spark's B-day shin-dig (not that there was all that much to do since the Angel-family/the Bees did so much post-gathering tidying -- I swear, i know you all know this but if we lived in Utah I would do everything in my power to somehow become wed to the whole beautiful bunch of you! Exept the babies. them I'd co-adopt!) Thanks to everyone who came. I was feeling all claustrophobic and cut off from the world-ish (just a little bit) so it was nice to be reminded that I can still persuade all the fabulous people in the world to come over and help us eat through the world's largest sheetcake! (At least the Spark can which is good enough for me...!)

Saturday, April 28, 2007


K. So turned in ROUGH first draft of my diss proposal. I'm meeting with Professor Cute to discuss it on Monday. Had THE INTERVIEW on Friday. It went well, I think. it's just so hard to tell these days. I mean the PBK peeps LOVED me and...gave the job to someone else. (Of course they did say they'd already promised it and this particular rejection may just turn out to be a blessing because, honestly, I would MUCH rather work at this place but.... we'll see what they say. {please, please, please, please.....}

In other news, House is mostly clean (still cluttered as hell but significantly less so) in preparation for the world's coolest about-to-be-four-year-old's birthday party tomorrow; stuff is bought; cupcakes/goodie-bags are being assembled as. we. speak. and all is right with the world. Did I already mention the theme: "balls, bubbles and balloons!" I know! I'd take credit for it if I could get away with it but honestly, I'm just not that creative. Yay! This party is going to be so much fun I may just explode!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I just got an e-mail from my committee chair asking how my proposal is coming along since we're "getting near the end of the semester." crap.

Friday, April 20, 2007

This week was nice.

Relaxing. I got stood up by just about everybody (and in turn did some standing up of my own -- sorry BBQ! I suck.) but no worries. The life as it currently flows is mellow....

Spent some time planning the soon-to-be-4-year-olds' birthday party. The "theme" is "Lighter Than Air" and was thought up by the Big Girl, thank you very much! It's all about balls and bubbles and hot air balloons. Very fun to plan around actually. Heard from Pretty Boy which was weird and unexpected (especially since me and BBQ were JUST discussing him the day before) but sweet -- he's doing well. Got himself a steady. She sounds promising/nice. Miss Tail also has a little sumptin'-sumptin' going on which she's being all cute and shy about but which I really hopes works out since he sounds really nice and she could really deserves someone really nice in her life. I met the CP for lunch today which went surprising well in that we acted like we were/are friends and just kind of discussed stuff. nice. Also unexpected but again, fits the current mood so s'all good... O.K. I'm feeling like i want to go curl up with a book and a glass of wine right about now so I will leave all you fine beauties to your evening and go see what I have laying about the kitchen that hasn't reverted back to Draino.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So close...

And yet... So they gave the PBK (That's what all the cool kids call it!) website management gig to someone else. Funny though because they still asked me to come back in today to meet some guy about a different job which, it turns out, I'M COMPLTELY UNQUALIFIED TO DO -- IT management for the individual stores or something like that. I mean sure I went but only after I explained to the sweet HR lady that the job as she'd described it was COMPLETELY outside my skillset. She was just so gosh darn sweet though and she (and J., the lady who I originally interviewed with) really wanted me to come in anyway... Plus I did have the "second interview outfit" lined up... So, I went. Very awkward. Pretty much a study in me apologizing repeatedly for being in no way "a fit for the position" and him agreeing in the nicest possible way but still asking interview-like questions: "So, where do you see yourself in five years?" "What is it you're looking to do?" Weird. At least we both thought it was funny/cute strange instead of weird/annoying strange...

In other news, had a v. brief phone interview with a very cool lady at "the other prospect" which went well enough that I get to come in next Friday to chat "with everybody" so... we'll see. I'm still kind of freaking out about getting my dissertation proposal written so while, admittedly, I'd be really super-pysched to get this position I'm also having a hard time fixating on it like I usually do when I job-hunt. I did do a ton of research though and am firmly convinced that this company has got to be doing one of the coolest things EVER communication-wise.

Week-end BTW was fab. Super-packed with stuff to do/kids to share but really just nicely great. Sunday was especially special cause I got to hang out in the boondocks with the cute girl I like discussing pastry and watching used-to-be-people eat/slice/dream each other up which, really, if it isn't already the definition of fun it should be! Although I did have to bribe a few children/cats into sleeping with me that night and I may or may not have needed to have the light on but really... I'm much better now, thanks for asking!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two things...

1) I clean up well! Seriously, the suit, the shoes, the leather portfolio with ONE single sheet of paper in it...! Hell, I'd hire me for just about anything (except maybe head teacher in a daycare -- I'd hire me for anything that doesn't involve affecting the future outcomes of impressionable little people!)

2) interview went (IMHO) well. Cute that by the end of it me and my new best friend the VP were commiserating over the fact that (sadly) they'd just made an offer to someone else but since she likes me better/feels I'd be a much better "fit" she's going to bring me back on Monday anyway to talk to *her* boss. {smile} I swear. Straight girls are sooooo easy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One down...

K. so aced the "phone interview" part of today's job search proceedings. Natch. So tomorrow morning I get to meet the VP of Pottery Barn kids eCommerce division. Cross your fingers folks, I've got the clothes, I just don't know if i'm "thin"/blonde enough for them...! [kidding!] :-]

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

O.K. now THIS is funny...

So, I have this friend see, and he lives in Texas and, thing is, apparently Texas is not enough of a STATE to keep him occupied mentally, I mean... plus he's already hooked up with the cowboy-boot wearin' love of his life so no drama there, so thing is, he decides, pretty much out of the blue that he's gonna turn ME into some sort of PROJECT or something so he postes an AD on craigslist with a picture of me (which I've since made him take the hell down so no link. sorry.) saying that I'm seeking a boyfriend or a girlfriend but that I'm MARRIED so this has to be a super-discreet/part-time/no strings thing -- then he collects all these e-mails from folks/losers and sifts through them and ultimately ends up forwarding me three really very cool sounding introductions/propositions (one girl, two boys) and... well. I'm kind of at a loss. I mean, I'm pissed off at him right? How the hell dare he and what was he thinking and all of that but on the other hand.... Am I insane to even be considering going through with this charade and maybe contacting these nice folks who really do seem to be looking for the same thing I am??????

Monday, April 09, 2007

See the thing about NYG is I get that he's in no way anything near anybody who might ever actually "work" in my life but, Jesus-Gawd! Why is it that I cannot be within three feet of him without needing to touch him/have him touch me/proposition him/[please, please, please!] have him proposition me?? It helps not even a little bit that the only time I see him these days is when we're both with our kids. Anyway... (Sorry, he just called to see if his kid had left her sweater over here and our conversation -- printed in it's entirety below -- has left me crazed with lust/pathetic)

Him: Hey.
Me: {dying}Hey!
Him:Hey. The Rock Star can't find her sweater. Did we leave it over there?
Me:Um... {snapping into "mom" mode -- looking around} I don't see it but I'll call you if it turns up o.k.?
Him: {possibly unintentional but I SWEAR his voice gets a few notches more growly-honey-caked}K. So... I'll call you about Wednesday o.k.? [referring to the fact that i couldn't keep my hands off his chest when i saw him this week-end and when he laughingly asked if he could have similar access, I suggested he come over some Wednesday night so we could discuss it...]
Me:{gulp} Uh... heh. o.k. that would be cool.
Him: {laughing} Yeah, we could hang out. Maybe go get some food.
Me: {picturing us indulging in most of the major sins} uh...o.k. uh, whatever. Food sounds good. [Seriously!]
Him: {laughing again} k. bye.
Me: bye. {smacking head repeatedly against receiver} Stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid.

Really. there is something seriously wrong with me.


Man, for someone who is supposed to be out-of-work, I sure as hell did alot of running around today. First, I dropped off the kids at their respective schools, then I went to the first of two doctor's appointments, stopped by a "nice" clothing store to see if I could find an interview outfit that isn't completely embarrassing (I mean in a "not good embarrassing" kind of way...), had a coffee at some blindingly cool coffee shop ("Sacred Grounds" or something like that) where everyone was facing the same direction and taping away on their little MacBooks (and where I was completely floored by the fact that there was a jacket-shirt-thing draped over the chair next to me that smelled EXACTLY like my EX!!! I know! I stretched out that single cup of coffee for more than an hour waiting for it to be claimed but noone came. Damn. I kinda wanted to steal it and bring it home to snuggle with but I realized that that sort of behavior may be simply considered "wrong" if you're gainfully employed but if you're basically out on the streets it segues into "weirdly creepy/a misdemeanor" so I left it be.) on to the the SECOND of my doctor's appointments then lunch, then home to fold/put away the laundry, then off to pick up the kid, then supper making and now typing. God. I'm exhausted! Tell me, does this whole unemployed thing get easier...?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alright already!

I have finally accepted the fact that my cats will drink out of the toilet and that's just the way it has to be! (This on the heels of busting yet another glass kitty-water dish because it's on the floor in the kitchen and stuff in my kitchen tends to fall, ineveitably shattering the glass -- because the kittys prefer glass. Don't think I haven't tried plastic! -- allowing the water to cascade freely across the linoleum as I try to go about getting dinner ready.) {sigh} C'est la vie. They like the toilet water better anyway....
Plus I got a "make-out" date out of it all which is just PURE BONUS!

Best day EVER!

Gosh. I just got back from spending the best day EVER with my wonderful children, my wonderful friends and THIER wonderful children all running around doing easter egg hunt type of activities at the best playpark/area imaginable! Ah..... Now this is what the life should be like. :-]

Friday, April 06, 2007


Yes!! {sigh} Let the living officially commence.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

this from Kitty Power

"Despite my evil boss and being overworked and grossly underpaid, I liked my job and most of the people there. It makes me sad to have that suddenly taken away from me, but I'm not really worried about landing on my feet. It's weird being home during the day. I've working more or less straight for the past 10 years, so I almost don't know what do with myself without a job, even if part of me just wants to fucking relax and write like I never have time fo rand collect unemployment for a minute. Instead, I've been applying and doing interviews and thinking about where to apply. I don't think I know how to relax sometimes."

Christ. Is it possible I love her so much because she's actually my separated-at-birth-twin????

Happy B-Day (a tiny bit late) Travelin' Man!

You are a joy to behold and I LOVE being soooooo part of the "inner circle" that I get to attend your uber-swanki-pants pizza parties if only because if gives me YET another reason to feast on the adorableness that is you! (and your girl! And your new crank-to-recharge-FLASHLIGHT -- what was the make of that, btw...???)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Crossing over

I am officially a lush. Well, not really since this is the first time I think in my LIFE that I've had a craving for a nice glass of zinfandel INSTEAD of supper but considering that my supper was going to consist of that old favorite N&G.... well, let's just say I hope Zin&nothing doesn't become my new "stand-by!" ;-]

{sigh} Today was hard. transitioning sucks. It especially sucks when the two (that's right folks -- it apparently takes TWO people to do my job!) would-be surrogate 'rents to my lovely Web Dev team are both going all deer-in-the-headlights-tell-me-what-to-do! on me when... well, frankly, wasn't that the reason I was being asked to exit stage left? Because my philosophy/ideas/management style SUCKED?????! Well. On one level it is nice to have it made clear that not everyone (aka NOONE except psycho-boss-lady) thought I was completely incompetent. On the other though, there's only so much vindication a gal needs before it all just sort of becomes gratuitous.

Ah well. C'est la vie.

In other (sort of related news) I love Mistah L-L (in a "purely-platonic-albeit-maybe-not-if-he-was-a girl-but-still-honestly-even-then-I'd-probably-rather-smooch-his-super-hot-wife" kind of way). He is waaaay looking out for me/got my back right now and I think that is just so awesome I may cry! thanks, Man...!{sniff} For this, I may actually allow you to see the GodChild (but only for a minute -- there are other people in line you know!)

Lastly, I just have to say this week-end was GREAT!

Hang with good friend/good friend's kids -- check!

Host sleep-over for super cool big girl friend of my big girl -- check!

Meet grown-up, super cute girl for brunch/dee-licious Blood Orange Mimosa action -- check!

Wind it all up with restful afternoon walk-about with children to nowhere in particular winding up in a nice sunny patch of grass watching 3.5 year old "play" a scrap of tree bark like nobodies biddness (seriously, I dont' know where that kid comes by her drumming talent but my GOD -- where is Prince when you actually need him to discover somebody??

None of which drove me to drink, I might add. One day back in that hellhole and I'm craving the scotch. Oy vey...