Friday, July 30, 2010

in shock...

Hello there. I am in shock. I am in shock because of a few things.

1) My buddy DB's baby-girl is essentially a grown-up [image re-printed with permission by DB]

2) July is almost over. WTH??! Seriously. it was JUST My BBQ's birthday and now it is basically done.

3) Big Girl school starts in like three minutes. Again.... where was I when they made school a "yea-round" event??

I got sleep (real, actual sleep) in what feels like the first time in a long while so that may be what's responsible for this sudden awakening to the realities of life but still... i'm feeling a little fragile right this second so maybe a colossal roll-back date/timewise is in order....

Friday, July 16, 2010

All just a little too much

Except not really i guess. the Little Big girl was sick all week which necessitated me staying home a bunch and trying to work from there which was fine and everything except we had this major launch to shepherd for a set of folks who are particularly high-maintenance and so all sort of panties got proverbially "wadded" and all i could do was sit at home and try to surf the onslaught of e-mail demands while not getting too caught up in the fact that my kid was lying on the couch all glassy-eyed and groaney and needing water and cheese and the "black remote" and soup and noodles and not noodles and that "blow-uppy thing" and the cat (for some reason that was never quite made clear to me) all of which was perfectly understandable/reasonable/expected because she was hot and phlegm-filled, dammit! but still... I guess it helped sort of that technically one of the home days was one i was supposed to be off anyway -- at least the "totally abandoning my team at work" guilt was slightly alleviated by it having been "planned"....

Added to all of that though were some really very delightful things, like...

1) I actually liked hanging out with my Little Big Girl. She's a sweetie and i know she's trying to get better. I just need to manage my stress, weirdness, guilt, etc. and stop acting like she can do anything about this particular situation... {sigh} Someday, really, i will figure out the "parenting" part of this and we will all be good!

2)I did get some work done on the Mood Doll project (thanks to A. here in the office for the awesome-pants outlines she did for us!) so we're ready to move a little more forward with it. yay!

3) the Wife and her partner (tennis, that is) won their match in the playoffs last night in a way that was spectacularly awesome so we're all very proud of her. the team did not win overall but no matter, they made it to the playoffs which was kind of cool in the first place so.... Good job, ladies! You're all winners in my book!

4) I'm getting a new phone! this is huge news because I am not the kind of person who typically gets crushy about techie stuff (although i'm not sure cellphones qualify as "hi-tech" anymore) and I am sort of seriously loving (the idea anyway -- it's not actually arrived yet) of this phone! Mostly i like that reviewers keep talking about how clear the sound is. My current phone is a million years old and tends to drop calls any time you make a sudden move (like shifting your weight from one foot to the other.) Also, i like that it makes texting "a breeze" especially now that i'm trying to keep up with an about to be teen-ager who keeps making fun of my total inability to write a message of any length in under five minutes!

oh! and

5) I cleaned my oven. Really! I know.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile

Happy 4th of July everyone! Happy 7th as well! And happy B-Day (in advance) Ness!!! Tomorrow is my Super Big Lady Grown-up Niece's birthday so i'm doing the official shout-out today. Given "the track record" with me and the posting i feel it may be best to just do things as they occur to me instead of on some "schedule"....

Also, great big "congrats" to the CP for her getting (practically immediately upon wanting one) a fancy new job formatting things! And to my lovely ms. Tail for her continued having and enjoying of such a lovely little on-going thing with her new Man-friend. Seriously, I don't think i've ever heard her so happy about where she is with a boy (and such a nice-sounding boy, too) so, good job!

Actually, i have to say, the past little bit has been grand across the board.

Scoot's project was successful (THANKS to everyone who contributed/supported her/us! You are all rock-stars!!) so now we get to move on to the next big phase of fantastic doll creation -- Yay!

I'm stupid in love with the wife right now, not sure if it's her new cologne or not but for some reason I'm just finding her irresistible.

Minor sickness aside, kids are doing well. Little Big Girl has a show coming up which I expect to be the off-broadway sensation of the year.

Also, should probably note for the record that two sweet little rat folks have been acquired to serve as the Big Big Girl's new pets for the next little bit. We got them from the pound but we "met" them through Rattie Ratz which is such a cute site with all sorts of listings from orgs that end up caring for orphaned rat-people. Really, if you're looking for tiny, sweet, totally adoptable folks to add to the fam, go here first. The pics alone are sort of deadly.

Moving on... the week-end was awesome. We got to do a bunch of family type hanging out which was lovely (anytime i get to watch the Wife run around "on the courts" = just such a "win-win" sitch pour moi!) then after single handedly alleviating the runny toilet sitch (seriously, i think the reason i love being one of the gays so much is -- beside the ability it affords me to be married to my hot wife -- the fact that i get to play both sides of the Girl continuum pretty much as the whim strikes me without being all "hmmm, I wonder if I'm undermining/confusing anyone by my loving of the figuring out how to fix plumbing at the same time as i'm really [hearting]the cute new dressie dresses the Sweetheart Sister of the Bee-matriarch just gave me! And, yes i realize there are all sorts of couplings and lots of flexibility of roles within those situations but still, having been in a few of those boy-girl things, i never felt as "allowed" to be all the ways i want to be without having to "lay the groundwork" prior to busting out the jigsaw. Hm. i feel like i'm rambling here but whatev... It's not like you read this thing for the succinctness) we got to spend some quality time with aforementioned Quality Sis of MamaBee at their new homestead which is divine! We didn't manage to see any very high up fireworks onna counta the fog but me and the Little Big Girl did do some driving around the hood before we turned in for the night and caught quite a few smaller versions of fantastical, glowy, sparkle light shows. Loud and probably dangerous, but fun nonetheless!

{sigh} k. so i'm supposed to be working so i'm going to go do that now. Cheers to everyone. Hope the various lives are going well....