Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today was weird. I'm tired/not feeling particularly well. I'm sick of writing (or NOT writing as the case may be) and I'm sick of filling in those stupid blanks on job application sites.

On the plus side though, I got to see the Girl last night which was NICE and I get to see her again for lunch tomorrow (Yay!) Although, due to concerns vis a vis privacy, co-worker sightings and the paparrazi i'm not going to be able to touch her or anything. She HAS agreed to sit in the same restaurant, though and to lower her menu at 15 minute intervals so I can see her pretty face every now and again.... Should be fun! :-]

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm trying to work on my QEQ and it's just depressing me.... k. so, diversionary story time.

I met up with my Ex Web Production Assistant for lunch and to get an interview suit (long story) where, in addition to just having the best time chatting about her primo new business venture, I was also regaled with stories of "Ah-t Hap-nings" that involved intermittent nudity, guerilla videotaping and burning/shaving off of eyebrows! I swear. Kids today are sooooooo much more hardcore than we (I) ever were....

BTW, I came to this conclusion not just because my lovely little friend remains eyebrowless and delighted with it but also because as she was telling me these stories I realized that all of this aristic dalliance was in addition to her continuing to work full-time at the HellHole, sitting on the Board of a non-pofit dance company and developing her newest business which involves selling sets of on-line set-up services to dancers who may be brillant but who are ofttimes essentially computer illiterate. Seriously. I got tired just listening to her. THEN there was the part where she also heard of a potential job for me {jotting down the url which she'd memorized}.... Man. I don't remember all that much of my youth but I seem to recall I spent more time sleeping than actually trying to effect good in the world. ;-]

God,I'm easy...

Like Sunday mornin', Baby! Ah. So. How's everything? Great! Good to hear. Me? Oh, I'm doing well. No, nothin new really. Just GETTING KISSES FROM A REALLY CUTE GIRL, is all! :-]


K. nuff of that (for now anyway) in other news, I'm finally laying out the gameplan for the big Qual. Exam question answering and I am becoming (slightly) less intimidated by the whole stupid exercise (that's right -- I said "stupid"! it remains completely beyond me why they're not just handing me an advanced degree at this point but whatever...) and, dare I say, even getting a little excited about it! I figure if I alternate job-looking in the mornings with QEQ answering in the afternoons then I should be able to finish this thing by mid-month, no problem. (That is assuming i can refrain from thinking about girls i like, going off to meet ex-co-workers for lunch, cleaning my house, stencilling loft walls, buying cat food and reading everything I can find by Johnathan Swift. hmmmmmmmm. I may have to re-think my plan...)

Monday, May 28, 2007

O.K. so I just had a beer and a look at 171 photos of the Miss Universe pageant and I have to say, I feel much better! Miss Australia and Miss Puerto Rico are HOT! (Miss USA fell down during the evening gown competition. Of course she did....)


I am pathetic. I'm not going to go into details cause i know she reads this thing but basically I'm sitting here being stupid and Miss Tail is not around to talk me down from my insecure I-know-she-likes-me-but-does-she-LIKE-like-me ledge and I know I'm overthinking everything but I still can't help doing it....


I swear, "vulnerable" is not my prettiest look.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


K. So... I'm picking up the big girl and we all decide to go to this park that's near the house she was staying at and we're walking up the path and I'm noticing there's some sort of kid-party going on and that there's this guy sitting there with his kid putting n some tiny shoes and it hits me that THIS IS MY EX-BOYFRIEND FROM 15 YEARS AGO; the one who won't talk to me because of how messed up our break-up was. The one who I ran into 8 years ago when the Boo was a baby. The one whose wedding announcement I had forwarded to me by a mutual friend. That Ex.... In the park with his kid. Christ. The wife was there too. (Although not as pretty as I seem to remember her being. :-]) I introduced the little girl, pointed out the big girl and we swapped contact info (all the while noticing how still very awkward we are around each other.) Weird.


This week-end is going really well! Had a great time on Friday eve post-massive-date-screw-up by moi vis a vis trying to impress Tap-Tap and pretty much only succeeding in making her more sick. The fact that she has graciously chosen to (or at least pretended to) overlook said "flub" is to me further proof of her overall perfect-for-me-and-my-more-than-occassional-lapses-in-judgement-ness and thus leaves me feeling all goofy/delighted with her and with our "prospects". THEN, last night I was treated to the company of all the best people on the planet (save one. The Boo was off having a life somewhere else. What-evah!) who I love and who independently of ANY actual Child input went ahead and selected High School Musical for our dinner screening event. (I'm just putting that out there so the next time anyone in the aforementioned group pretends to any moral-"grown-up"-highground during one of thier lectures vis a vis me and my could-be-construed-as juvenile behavior/overall silliness I can easily reference it. Eh, Hem...!)

Today I'm going to go get my Big Girl back from her friend's house where she had ANOTHER sleep-over (I swear, you'd think she ENJOYS being away from me/hanging out with people her own age!) after wich I fully intend to love her up til she's sick of me and maybe go look at the big fish again (A HUGE favorite with the Little One yesterday I might add...)

Tomorrow, I think I have the Bee kids for a bit (Yay!) then Tuesday I get to maybe see my Cute Girl again. Honestly, does it get any better?????

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I am one happy girl. :-]

Thursday, May 24, 2007

And... go!

I just got my qualifying questions for my dissertation proposal hearing. Three questions that I need to answer (10-15 pages each) in three weeks so we can have my hearing and so I can begin writing the actual dissertation.

Here's the first part of one of the questions:

"Question Two: What Counts as Truth?

Parallel to the question of fiction as research is the epistemological question of what counts as knowledge and truth. Lots of attention to this question has come up recently in discussions of how memoir straddles the blurry line between fiction and non-fiction. We understand that your book will be a work of fiction, but given how it so closely parallels your own lived experiences, you may find some useful ideas in this debate about what counts as truth. Developing your ideas in this area will help us to understand what you hope the readers of your dissertation will learn as well as what might be learned from the novel itself...."

Oy. Tell me again who suggested I do this...?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice things

1) the weather today is EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful.
2) I have my big girl extra this week onna counta CP is busy diving home from N'orleans.
3) I have a date with a cute girl on Friday eve which can actually last longer than 2.5 hours since my AMAZING buddies the Bees have stepped up to take my childrens for a little overnight action.
4) I just got back from another first interview that went swimmingly (natch!)
5) Mista L-L is back (Yay!) from the Fli-peens which is GREAT since now I have someone else to harrass about lunch plans. (we out-of-work types tend to get bored easily)

and finally,

6) Just heard back from one of my committee peeps about my draft proposal. He said it "looks solid." (Double yay!)

That's it really. I'm in a good mood so I thought I'd list some of the more pertinent reasons. Hope everyone else's day is going well too. :-]

Monday, May 21, 2007


Louise... I'm really trying not to feel like I dodged a bullet but seriously, the more I hear about the Ex the more thankful I am to be OUT, OUT, OUT!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I'm going to this. This time, I bought the tickets myself though. {Mental note: next time you're thinking about kicking the "Lyle-tickets-gravy-train" to the curb, do it AFTER his Bay Area concert season finishes....} Ah, well. Live and learn. :-]

Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm tired. Why on earth would I be tired? Glad you asked! I'm tired because I was out later than I usually am last night having a very nice dinner with the very nice (and very cute) Tap-Tap and just generally enjoying myself! Yay. I like that gal. She's special! :-]

In other news: Just found out that my ex-IT Guy quit a coupla days ago! I'm still waiting for the details but I gather the ex-workplace just got a little too insane for him to deal any longer. Interesting.....

I, myself, am still looking. I've sent out a bunch more resumes and gotten a coupla of responses. I sent a truly magnificent "please hire me and I will fulfill your every desire" letter to a place I REALLY want to work (it's not just really cool company, it also happens to be performing in the area in which I'm hoping to become ensconsed after i finish my dissertation so, needless to say, getting in now would be pure bonus) but I haven't heard back. Generally though, I have to say, I'm in a fine mood. (I mean, it does seem like i may actually get a job some day and all the rest is good with my world....) {sigh} O.K. so it looks like I have an hour before I need to head out of here to get my babies. I think I'll try to catch a little shut-eye.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is my dream place to work {sigh} They're dreamy....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

O.K., yes, it's possible...

That I've been out of work a little too long...

But still this has got to be the best concept show i have EVER seen!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day!

To all my beautiful friends and family who are or who are just standing really close to an actual mother, all the best on this fantabulous day! Now then, without further ado -- the poem *I* was blessed enough to have recited to me/written out on cool-scholastically lined paper from mine own offspring mere hours ago:


I look in my mother's eyes and see two wide brown tumbleweeds.
I look in my mother's eyes and see a very small brown mouse.
I look in my mother's eyes and see snow in winter of New Mexico.
I look in my mother's eyes and see a lady who works things out.
I look in my mother's eyes and see a creative person.
I look in my mother's eyes and see my smile.

-Love, Boo

Be jealous if you must but try not to hate. :-]

Monday, May 07, 2007

There are starving children somewhere

But they're sure as heck not going to be part of the group that's going on the Boo overnight school/camping trip tomorrow. I was put in charge of food (a sketchy proposition at best) and instructed to buy enough food for "40 people - 3 meals". I think i instead bought enough crap for "100 people - 3 orgy-level feasts"... Ah well. I have no doubt that I will be able to find homes for whatever is left over. Fifty-thousand tiny bags of vine-grown cherry tomatoes?? Anyone???

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Can I just say.... i LOVE my friends. I woke up today unbelivably cranky and thanks to a series of extraordinary interactions with my nearest/dearest I am now fine. I am calm. i am happy. I feel cherished/cute. And while I find it a little scary what a couple of really good buddies can accomplish in a single day mood-wise, I'm not compainin' :-]

Friday, May 04, 2007

I am so unbelievably tired!

And I'm not even sure why... I did pick the big girl up early today and we caroused a bit before heading home on the train but still.... It seems as though I should be a little more well-rested given my not-even-close-to-finding-a-job state.

Anyhoo, week-end promises to be grand/stressful. It's Pretty Boy's birthday and he's having a little get-together which I'm sure will include his new galpal so... on the one hand I HAVE to go if only to size her up and on the other, given the state of the bridge and my two point five hours of alloted/scheduled kid-watch coverage, by the time I get there, gladhand my way around the room, grab a beer and find a good spot in which to observe... I'll have to be heading home. Ah well.... There are people with worse problems than my petty little jelousies so I'll not continue dwelling on it. Then Sundee we're (Me, the CP, Boo and Spark) going to attend a "kids in the park" extravaganza hosted by the Boo's afterschool program which I'm sure will be swell just.... Well, I could just probably think of about a hundred more amusing ways to spend a morning. Blah. I think my tiredness is making me grumpy. I'm gonna stop writing this nonsense and see if I can find more productive ways to spend the remaining hours before I can legally tuck the children in. :-]