Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yay, yay, yay...

I {heart} my friends! I {heart} thier beautiful babies, too! Seriously, how is it possible that I have been so completely blessed as to have ALL the cool people in the world willing to play integral roles in my social circle??? (I'm not going to question it too much because that might lead to certain people asking certain questions and someone somewhere might realize it's all a huge mistake and ... well... that would just be BAD!) Pesh B-day celebration today was perfect. weather was perfect. Pals showed up, most with beautiful offspring in tow. Perfect. New Boyfriend made an appearance as well (which was particularly brave since basically his entire invitation was predicated upon the fact that a bunch of people wanted to have a look at him!) escorting one of the coolest 6 year olds ever... all in all it was just a really great fabulous turn-out and I am happy. And tired. But I'm always tired, so there you have it.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy 2nd B-Day, Baby!!!!!!

Today is my sweetie-Mouse's Second Birthday! Whoo Hoo! It is sooooo all about being a grown-up from here on in...! Now if i can hjsut figure out how to get the towel to "disappear"...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

toddler stuff

So, here's what you do when your kid hits the 20-24 month age. You surreptitiously surround them with every kind of soft, attractive, 100% organic something 200 thread count open-work weave, child-sized blanket item imaginable so that when (and the odds are they will, although Boo didn't for some reason...) they decide they can't live without that particular strip of cloth 1) it's relatively presentable at least for the first few months, 2) it's fairly easy to drag around given that it's sized for a miniature person and 3) you know where you got it so when the time comes (and it will come) for the item in question to be forgotten on the bus you can find a replacement fairly easily. This, of course, presumes that you, not your toddler is in charge of this relationship which (I think we all know) is just plain faulty logic at best and a fact which, normally, I'm well aware of -- why then was I in any way surprised by my baby-girl's sudden fiercely possessive adoption of a stained, king-sized bath towel with neon crabs, a possessed looking dolphin and the words "Puerto Rico!" emblazoned across the mid-area that i think she found in either in the scrap fabric box or under her bed. {sigh} It's not so much a question of when will I be able to understand her and her tiny little choices but more when will I get that I'm not really supposed to...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

La La la...!

Just saw NYG. Just got kissed! Me=happy!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Band names...

O.k. remember you saw it here first!

Me: what're you gonna call the band you're gonna be in when you grow up?
Boo: I dunno. I like the "D Chicks."
Me: How about "Backbeat and the Taquitos"
Boo: {laughs} ha! How about "Backbeat and the Zapatos!"
Me: Ha! "The Zapatos!" I love that!
Boo: But if Spark was here she'd say "Red Zapatos"
Me & Boo: {simultaneously delighted} "The Red Zapatos!"

{sigh, wipe eye.} I swear, sometimes having a kid is just way too much fun.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

You wanna feel old...?

Go to your buddy's 30ieth B-day party and really consider the fact that you're the oldest person in the room by at least 7-10 years. Scary. And not in a good way. Just kidding. B-Day festie was delightful. I am amazed that such quantities of beauty not only walk the face of the earth but that they congregate in Mistah L-L's life! Met the little (?) brother as well. He's sweet. Quiet and nice. He's here for a bit so hopefully I'll get more of a chance to chat with him/find out all of Mistah L-L's childhood secrets!

In other news, just got off the phone with My New Boyfriend -- he's been slammed this week with the job and the pseudo single-parent gig whilst Iron-on Transfer Gal is on the East Coast so he's not had all that much time to lavish attention on me which just plain SUCKS. Understandable though. His kid is super lucky right now because apparently yesterday involved getting a goldfish/SpongBob aquarium which is just plain cool by anyone's standards! So, being that I am a centered and aware person who has undergone significant amounts of self-analysis not too mention seen real, lasting growth in terms of my "patterns" and who is working on her empathetic connecting, I am not in any way dissapointed or sad or jealous that despite all the crazyness and not having seen me in forever someone else got what little extra time and attention NYG had to give last night. (And yes, I know that I had other plans as well -- but honestly, that's not really the point now is it??!) So much for a slam dunk. Why, oh why do I tend to forget that this dating/relationship stuff takes work...
I'm in a weird mood so I'm going to close with a conversation with the Boo who I just picked up from a sleep-over B-day party she was at last night.

Boo: So, yesterday I was lonely and I sang a song and just when I finished Antonia walked over and asked me if I wanted to play.
Me: What was the song?
Boo: The one from Mulan after she can't be a bride because she's different.
Me: Oh. [I'm useless.]

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Mistah Lovah-Lovah!

At least I think it's today. Happy Birthday, even if it's not! You're a star and I am simply delighted that you continue to exist! Mwah!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Well not really. Actually things seem to be working themselves through in a not completely stupid way. I have my baby here at work today for a few hours (wherein I have 4, countem 4 freaking meetings to attend) -- she is feverish but not "screamy" so we're pretty much all good on that score. My new Sweetheart is ignoring me (he has alot of work to do or something equally useless excuse-wise. When will these people learn to get their priorities straight/realize it is all about ME and my needs???) but other than that things are going o.k. I got my test and my first statistical article analysis paper back in class last night and i got pretty o.k. grades on both so I guess I'm not completely doomed... Sigh. Anyways. Just checking in before i go off to meet with the troops. Hope everyone's day is fabulous! Ciao fer now!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Not much time...

To post today since things are still askew at work, but i just had to give a major shout-out to the whole beautiful Bee family who came by this week-end and whipped my yard into glorious, pruned shape!It's crazy -- It's like someone actually cares about it again! Nice.

Due to a significant lack of Boo this week-end, i ended up having lots of other visitors as well (What up, Miss Tail and Dirty B. in da house! Whoo Whoo!). I fully realize the visits were because everyone knows how pathetic I am without my Boo but hell, I ain't proud!

Then when I got my Boo back I had to share her with Miss Maxi-Pants which was just soooo unfair onna counta she's funner than I am. It all worked out in the end though since MP had to leave eventually and I was able to tempt my child to stay by offering her lots of cookies. NEVER underestimate the power of a home baked cookie!

Also had a little drop-by from my new very favoritest Boy person, NYG. He is cute and I like him so very much. {sigh} Anyway. Probably the last time I get to see him until sometime next month so I'm glad it was memorable! K. anyway. I am sitting here covered with toddler poo trying to avoid the full-scale clean-up that needs to happen right now but, the smell is starting to get to me so... til later my frieds. Adieu, adieu, adieu...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

La la la...

Baby is in bed supposedly asleep. Big Girl is with CP. House is clean(kind of) and I am just sitting here WAITING FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD TO COME OVER. I think I'm going to die...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

La-deez and Genteel-men, In - tro - ducing......!

My next 3-5 year relationship! Whoo Hoo! Give it up folks for New York Guy!!! {sigh. smile.} My face feels like it's had sandpaper dragged across it. But in a good way, ya know... :-]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sweet Jeezuz, Gawd!

It just doesn't get better does it?? (I know I'm a minor player in all of this but still, the act of watching something so silly compound itself until it verges on the surreal is disheartening to the point of being laughable -- if you can call a fed-up discusted sort of snort "laughter"...) {sigh}

K. So. not really moving on but at least making an attempt to buckle down...

More later if I can get over being annoyed/depressed

Monday, April 11, 2005

And today's F*** YOU! goes to...

This chick at the park yesterday who stared at my littlest one for close to ten minutes before walking up and asking "Is her hair some sort of fashion statement?" I replied "No. It's just her hair." Still though. Pissed me off. How exactly is it that people seem to think they're allowed to comment on my coarse-haired child's supposed life of folicular woes whereas they would NEVER dream of applying the same sort of commentary to my smoother-haired big girl... I get that it's a "cultural" thing but it's also an annoyingly judgmental, borderline racist thing that needs to stop is all. I mean, I can be cool with the term "interesting" as it applies to hair, because it, quite frankly, is pretty cool to look at, it's the assumption that her hair needs to be "fixed" or that I'm supposed to agonize over "taming"/"combing" and "managing" it that's got my particular panties in a wad. And it comes from EVERYBODY (even people who should know better - MOM!) -- anyway. Nothing new, just something to add to my list of things to fight against is all. I have to get some better comebacks though. "It's just her hair!" is true but it's not pissy enough. What if I get tiny t-shirts made that say "Nappy-headed!" with a cute little brown baby girl on the front and the words "Proud much?" on the back -- That might be just the ticket...!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quick note...

Weekend going stupendously. Thanks for asking! Just to clarify -- the DATE isn't actually supposed to happen until Wed. eve. Right this second our little mutual admiration society is more taking the form of yakking on the phone trying to figure out ways to be mildly insulting without actually being offputting. Rest assured, I'll let chall know how it goes... :-]

Friday, April 08, 2005


We've not even completed our first date and I'm already wondering what the break-up is going to be like.

There is something seriously wrong with me.

(did everyone catch the subtext there? I HAVE A DATE!!!!!)

Eh, hem. Now then, back to your regular programing..... :-]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Literally sucks ass!

I know I shouldn't make fun of people (uh, yeah.) But every so often I'll be surfing the web (I get paid to do this people -- how much does your job suck??) and I'll happen upon a blog entry like this:

"My name is Ines. You will come to know me a little bit better (hopefully). I live in Atlanta, Georgia, I currently have the most amazing, caring boyfriend in the whole entire world. I work in retail...sometimes it can suck ass, literally. Anyway...I'm a 19 year old bisexual female who enjoys reading poetry, shopping, and singing in the shower daily.What I hope to get from this web blog is a better, more deep understanding of myself." and I just have to take a moment to wonder how exactly our world continues to exist/function... That's all.

New crush!

I may actually go to hell over this one but I've got the serious hots for my friend-here-at-work's newly adopted daughter's bio-dad! Heh.

Anyhoo... HAPPY LEGALIZATION SUPERMOM-B!!! You are so deserving and this has been sooooo long coming and I just wish you and your newly legal big girl the very super best of everything! oxoxoxoxox!

K. I'm still not wanting to work so I'm going to stop typing and try instead to figure out how the hell to get FOCUSED/where I can find some coffee...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This has the website printed on the wrapper, yet I can't get our catalog manager to put OUR website on the front of the catalog??! (Just kidding -- kind of -- You know I {heart} you, CC!)

La La La La...

My baby can't breathe. Do you have any idea how disconcerting it is when your baby is having trouble performing a basic function that's sort of necessary for her to live? Step forward with me then to the world of medical professional types who have pretty much "seen it all" /"are used to this type of thing" and who (although they are very nice and certainly well-meaning) seem almost bored as they tell you (again) that the only thing you can do is continue to pump her tiny body full of steroids. This sucks. Sucks more that I'm a horrible parent and haven't managed to get an appointment with holistic health guy to investigate other (non-western) remedies {sigh} I will put in another call today. I'm tired. Can I go home?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Happy B-Day TM...

Have fun being a year older! (I'm not really in a blogging mood so I guess that's it for now....)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Yay! I just got my truck back with it's fancy new, non-squeaky brakes. The nice auto fixing guy also tightened by oil filter so it would stop hemmoraging oil and informed me that I appear to have no emergency brake at all. He'll fix that for me next week if I want. nice.


I'm not inclined to work today. I'm inclined to leave this stupid place to it's own stupid devices and to go lie around in the sun and not think about anything. My brakes are getting fixed as we speak though, so that's good...