Friday, March 15, 2013

Househunting 101 - Part 2

Looking for a house to buy is extremely edifying. There are some basics that i feel like we need to have but then there are a bunch of things that come up that i didn't even think about - like what if you actually do like the multi-level house in the cute neighborhood and it's in your price range and everything and if you get it you get to evict the family of five with three kids under the age of five plus their cute, pit-mix puppy. OR what if the "fixer-upper" down the street is suddenly available and you're thrilled because that means you can stay int eh neighborhood but then you find out that it's actually not so much a "fixer-upper" so much as a paint- (please, dear god, let that be paint!) stained, crumbling mess of a place (with no central heat and a "shared" backyard which is still getting a million bids from "investors" whatever that means. OR you find a place that is great. you love it. it works and is basically move-in-able and the listing agent isn't thrilled with the type of loan you have or with your downpayment (she likes your letter though!) but she'll [grudgingly] submit your offer anyway. Just, you know, so you don't sue or something.... It is a very good thing that we have both a fantastic realtor and a stable rental place where we can continue living for the foreseeable future [knock on wood!] otherwise... well, i don't know what otherwise. It is interesting seeing what's out there though. Nothing like a crazy, mostly outside-of-your-control process to make you start thinking about your relative place in the world. [yes, pun intended.]

Househunting 101

Ah... so i'm out looking for a house for us to live in for the rest of our live and i'm realizing that this is EXACTLY like the worst parts of our adoption-of-the-Spark experience. Lots of seeing and not knowing and being told that "all you need to do is..." and finding out that actually, that's not entirely true, and finally finding a place that's PERFECT then realizing that a whole bunch of other people also think it's perfect and that they have more money to offer, bigger down payment, whatever,  than you and that you're not going to get that perfect (or practically perfect because, let's face it, the ones we can really afford are in the "fixer-upper" category. Sorry. Try again and remember to keep a hopeful outlook but don't hope too much. just enough to keep looking but not enough to get sad if/when you don't get it. We're even having to write "why we're great and super deserving and you should give us this kid - er- ah... I mean house!" letters..... {sigh} K. i realize everyone goes through this. i KNOW that. but it still sucks.