Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

I'll make this quick since there are presents waiting to be opened...! I'm in new Mexico with the world's most beautiful family having a very fabulous/cool/stressful time. The various houses of the various peeps are beautiful, the various significant others are sweet and my babies seem to be adjusting well so, it's all good, as they say. (I am kind of secretly looking forward to being back at home in my same old boring routine but more on that later...)

Huge thanks to the front neighbors because I think they're covering for my major bone-headed moment and taking care of my cats (at least, I hope!) and second super big thanks to my beautiful Green-eyed girl for assisting in the Oakland side pick up once we return. Kisses to everybody. I can't wait to see you all again. Mwah!! Mwah!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

What a difference some sleep makes...!

Ah.... re-freshed! So, dropped the baby off with her G-ma in San Josers last night, spent a little quality time movie-going with my big kid, home for a quick visit with the Travelin' Man then - went - to - bed. (And stayed asleep until 7: blessed 15 am.)Woke up this morning feeling GOOD! All singey and dancey and whatnot! i love sleep. Anyone who badmouths sleep has seriously got me to contend with because I will kick some a** over that one!!! Eh, hem. sorry. got a little fiesty there but I'm better now. So... weekend was swell. me and the seven-year-old hung some lights on the bookshelf so the place is all festive and whatnot. I'm nowhere near packed for our trip but, whatever, I'll throw it all together tomorrow night and if I forget anything I was probaly never meant to take it in the first place. (See!! Give a gal a little sleep and all upon a sudden she's got a fine new attitude!) The Bee family is off to the wilds of the Eastern States this morning for a coupla weeks. God-speed and whatnot to them, hope all holiday happenings are FAB! Aight. I'm going to tkae my newfound joy and see if I can turn it into actual productivity... later ya'all!

Friday, December 17, 2004


I had three hours of sleep last night. Not because the babies decided to keep me awake but because my fabulous new place of workiness decided to throw one hell of a party! Thanks and kisses to all my peeps who showed. DB, you, as always are fetching, simply fetching. Mistah L-L and crew, you clean up well and are an inspiration to us all and Travelin' Man, high five on the HONEY you got hanging off your arm these days! Dammmmmnnnn!

Things I learned at the party:

1) If a cute girl is being nice to you do NOT suspiciously demand "What're you doing?!"

2) I work with some seriously, drop-dead, across the board, no two ways about it "P-H" in "PHINE" people!

Nicest compliment (I think) I got:

"Love the shoes! You're the only girl here who truly gets it!" [ed. note - I don't honestly know what "it" was but the girl talking to me was HOT so I just nodded and smiled...]

Now, however. I am tired. Exhausted really. but working on a proposal that was due yesterday so I guess I'm out. Kisses to everyone! Mwah! oxoxoxoxo!

Friday, December 10, 2004


So, I'm driving my kid to school this morning (we're in the truck so we're basically sitting right next to each other) and we're not really talking. I mean we're not NOT talking, we're just kind of being quiet when all-upon-a-sudden she reaches over and taps my hand. "you're it!" she announces scooting as far over as she can get toward the door and grabbing the handle. "Black things are base!" she elucidates further. "And no tagbacks!"

I love my kid. (And yes, I did manange to get her back. Just once though. There are a hell of a lot of black things in the cab of my truck!)

Last night I got to sign another Spark-related sheaf of papers thereby magically and officially turning my house from a "foster placement" into an "adoptive" one. Now, don't everybody go getting excited yet. I still have to formally apply and then wait for some judge to get back from their extended holiday vacation and see fit to stamping thier seal on a piece of paper that states for any and all interested parties that Miss Spark is unequivocably MINE! Nice to have made some more progress though...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Happy Birthday (BTW) my gorgeous, wonderful Green-Eyed Pal! Give yer moms a squeeze just cause she had the good sense to produce you!!

Excuse me while I go throw up...

Done. School is done. At least for now. Now all I have to do is meet with Spark's caseworker tomorrow to go over some adoption papers, go to Boo's Winter Sing, Go to the Family Builder's picnic, go to Paly Alto for a Spark G-ma gig, then off to Miss Tail's Chanaukka party.... And then, not unlike the sweet lord Jesus, on Sunday I will rest.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Whoo Hoo!

Sorry, I know I shouldn't be writing right now (must work on stuff! Lots of stuff to look into!!) BUT I am just so excited. My Big Bro just assured me that not only will my most favorite Baby-Niece (well, teen-age niece) be attending the big Magnet Family get-together out in the desert from whence we hail -- but that my OTHER most favorite practically grown-up niece (who, I spose should now be officially considered an adult now that she's about 7 months preggo with some Army boy's offspring) is going to be there as well!!!! Yay! Can I just really quickly demand "How very much fun are we all going to have this X-mas????? Loads, is what! Loads! K. Sorry. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.......

Friday, December 03, 2004

Too busy to blog...? Say it ain't so!

That's right folks: Finals at school, work kicking mine a**, baby "choosing" to stay awake ALL FREAKING night -- although she's only actually crying some of the time. She does this other thing where she just sort of sits up chatting with her toys which is A - DOR - RABLE -- And, as such, I've not had time to write. For the record, Thanksgiving (seems so long ago!) was GREAT! Good people, not un-good food... peaceful, relaxing. nice. Things in general are good. Crazy, stupid busy but good. My last class/paper/poster project is next week (Wed.) Can I JUST say I am sooooooo ready for school to be done...?! Nice though that my fabulous baby-watchers from this semester are going to be able to do next semester as well. Sometimes I just get so sillily lucky I'm almost embarrassed about it! K. That's it. Just wanted to let chall know I'm not dead. (Yet.) BTW, everybody go to the GV website and buy tickets to the Holiday Party. It's going to rock and I need my posse there!