Monday, July 31, 2006

Little brother's baby is a girl BTW. Whoo Hoo! More Magnet girls in the world! The news is getting less grim so they might be able to deliver her. Still waiting to hear from some "specialist" but the genetic tests are back and there's no "chromosomal damage" like they first thought so that's good.

In other news, I think the trip is catching up with me since I am officially so tired I may die. K. that's it for now. i'll have stories for people later. Right this second I need sleep.

Friday, July 28, 2006

2,414 miles in four days...

Quick note to my so called "friends": when I say to you, "Oh, yeah, we're going to fly to New Mexico and pick up my brother's family then drive out to North Dakota to see my Grandma and my Minnesota cousins, then maybe head back in time to hang out with my dad (Arizona) and my mom for a coupla seconds before we head home -- I'm figuring it'll take 5 days, tops!" sit me down, look me straight in the eye and explain to me that that is INSANE. Then take away whatever it was I was drinking/smoking and tuck me in for a nice little nappy-nap before I hurt someone....

Trip was (is -- technically it's not done yet although we did make it back to my brother's house late last night) really very nice. I LOVE my family and I am constantly amazed by the brillance that is my 16 y.o. niece especially when she is around the Boo. My Grandma is little and frail (92 y.o.) and is still up and about and fiesty as hell. My baby brother is coping which is what I guess we all expected him to do but which is still amazing to me. We're going out tonight for a little one-on-one so I can get an accurate gauge on his mental state before deciding if I need to extend my trip. I also discovered the place where we're all (friends and family included, so start figuring out your finances) going to need to move in approximately 10 years ... I've got pictures and stuff so I'll post more details about that later this week. All in all, I would say i'm a little worn out but I'm glad we came and everyone seems to be doing remarkably well. I'm so in love with my family I can't even stand it but i'm also very much missing all the sweet, thoughtful, caring buddies I left at home so it'll be nice to get back so I can start not-ever-seeing-them again!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I {heart} my friends. Thank you for letting me lean on you whenever i need to. i'm super lucky to have such a great group of pals and I love you all.

Vacation starts tomorrow at noon. I am sooooo ready.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

O.K., a little less sad...

But still realy depressed. We had a long night last night talking to my mom and my brother and just generally feeling bad. Then i checked my messages and found out I had a message from earlier in the day from him that was all excited because they were going in to find out the sex of the baby and he was going to call me to let me know, blah, blah, blah... man. anyway. I'm going to get to see him soon and they' have a follow up with some specialist on Monday so. I wish i knew how to fix this...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my brother's baby is in trouble ("significant congenital deformities") and his doctor just told them the pregnancy should probably be "terminated" -- they just passed five months. Why does life have to be so unbelivably sucky sometimes....?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Coupla things that are different this time around...

-- I'm getting better at asking for stuff (aka delivering suggestions of a "So, you wanna make my toes curl...?" kind of nature.)
-- I'm getting better about not pushing everything and everyone around so I can spend time with the new person thereby ignoring key factors in my life like SLEEP
-- I'm getting better at starting the "So, what are your thoughts about non-monogamy" conversation.
Can't say for sure if any of it is going to pan out in an ultimately positive way but it feels good right now... :-]
I love Lyle Lovett. (the boy's not so bad either. ;-])

Saturday, July 15, 2006


So far, I've gotten to see TWO shows starring (well, featuring along with an ensemble cast) my own baby-babies! Yesterday was Boo's end of camp show at AcroSports which was GRAND (and which I get to look forward to every single Friday for the next seven weeks!) then Spark's kid-care had their annual family get-together/graduation/picnic Show wherein all the kids get dressed up in the world's cutest costumes and dance around! I know! Pretty scarily adorable. PLUS, I got to see Ms. Bee even before tomorrow when we're over there hanging with their sprouts onna counta she and the big girl are pals with one of the little ladies who goes to Spark's school and who is graduating this year... Yeah. Super mondo cool. Awwww. My babies are right now in the livingroom falling over each other and giggling. I think I may die of the nice happiness of it all. (of course, that will involve me overlooking the fact that they are playing instead of EATING thier supper but whatever. You only bond with your sister once, right...?) :-]

I confused my feelings with the truth...

because i like the view...! here at the Chick house we've been watching High School Musical non-stop for the better part of three weeks straight -- which means there are key songs BURNED into my brain that will no doubt remain thee for the rest of my waking life. Ah well. could be worse. Could be Grease.

Yay. who had the BEST little get together yesterday with her BBQ, her new boy and BBQ's gal? Me! Although, I did start to feel a little bad for the BBQ-G and NB right around 11:30 when it suddenly became the "Schlink and Waddle Show" -- man, I just really realized how very much I heart my BBQ is all. (And I'm beginning to understand why it is we took all those roadtrips by ourselves... not alot of room for anyone else to chime when you're living in the middle of the ultimate mutual appreciation society! :-])

Especially nice was the boy sticking around to further explicate some "issues" that had been brought up earlier via e-mail involving the theory of relativity (the relative proximity of his mouth to my neck that is! Badum bump!) {Sigh} I'm quite the little happy camper these days! except for work which sucks. I'm going on the roadtrip in T minus seven days though so i'm sure it will be just what the doctor ordered in terms of gaining some "critical distance" meaning making it so I don't have to quit in a huff... :-]

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My goodness!

Whose cup runneth over?? Mine, that's who! So, first let me say a huge THANK YOU to the Bee family for graciously watching the sprouts on incredibly short notice so that me and the boy could go to the grown-up dinner party hosted be the always delightful BBQ. (Huge fun, BTW. great food, fabulous friends, lovely setting... all round fan-ta-bu-lous time had by all or at least by the both that I'm initimately acquainted with.) I'm getting so excited about this whole "life-with-grown-up-interaction" thing I hardly know what to do with it but at least for now it appears to be working out. Seeing boy tonight which will be fab and which will no doubt feature kissing then again on Friday in a mini-group setting (which I'll go ahead and assume will mean less kissing although I hate to have that carved in stone ;-])and AGAIN on Monday eve when we go see Lyle! {sigh. happy me.} Work = still stupid but my goodness, the rest of the life jsut really seems to be making up for it in spades!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, BTW

to my beautiful 16 year old niece! I'd love to say she's a chip off the ole block but I'm not nearly as cool as she is so.... Good going getting all grown up and stuff! I love you!

Go Ravens!

Eek. My mom just called to let me know that the very week-end I'm going to be back in Alby-Turkey my high school graduating class (1986 in da house! whattup -- Woo Woo!) will be having it's 20 year reunion. I honestly do not know whether or not the occassion would be edifying or scary beyond belief. Possibly both.

20 freaking years. Christ....

Friday, July 07, 2006

I hate my job. Actually that's not entirely correct. i hate my company's screwed up priorities.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bunch of stuff

First, today sucked. BUT the last few days have actually been grand! (So long as you overlook the "sucky best-friend" part where I forgot BBQ's birthday. Doh! Happy Birthday, Baby! I {heart} you like nobuddies bid-ness! Hope the coming year is filled with everything that is awesome! Eh, hem. Now then...)

Had lunch yesterday with the almost illegally handsome IHOEL and his newly healing self. Also, accompanying us to aforementioned lunch was dear, sweet Traveling Man so suffice to say I had the lion's share of attractive young gentlemen quotient assembled at single lunch meaning i was not only the envy of all my peers, I was also probably the envy of my parent's generation as well!

Work, i'm not going to discuss right now because it's stupid BUT it does serve to highlight the genius that is my life outside of that particular institution so it can stay. (Plus, it pays all the bills that the sexwork doesn't cover!)

the boy is great. He is nice and cute and REALLY VERY TALENTED if you know what I mean {wink, wink} and a whole lot of fun to kiss. Plus he still seems to like me AND he's not gotten boring so... all-in-all a good thing!

{sigh} alrighty, i need to go see a few little girls about some sup-sup so I'll be wrapping up. Hope everyone had a fabulous fourth! Kisses! {mwah, mwah}

Sunday, July 02, 2006

You know the big kid's playground in Golden Gate Park

Now imagine it's GONE! That's right folks. The whole damn thing. And I am not losing my mind. Mr. L-L and the Lovely K were there as well and they can corroborate the lack thereof. Weird. but nicely cuing a whole bunch of other wierdness that was the day. Not horrible wierdness just off-center, stuff not working out the way it probably was supposed to on top of the near-thriller movie psychotic-ness that was trying to shop for groceries today, post-non-playground experience. man. {shakes head} just a weird day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Me and the kid sitting in my room. Her on my bed watching me type. Me typing.

Kid: O.K we're going to play a game where I tap on two things and you tell me which is which.
Kid: [tap]
Kid: [tap]
Me: That sounded painful!
Kid: O.K. the painful is Mrs. Pepper and the other one is Mr. Salt.
Kid: Theme music?
Me: Of course!
Kid: Da don data da dan dan don da dunt [tap]
Me: Was that a tap??
Kid: I can't tell you my friend!
Me: Uh, Mr. Salt?
Kid: O.K.!

and so on and so forth until we reach ten taps and she tells me how many I got right out out ten...

The next game we're going to play is called "If you are a potoato chip" -- there's a whole set of songs that go along with that one as well.

How much do I love my kid?????

Pretty close to perfect...

I am just having the best coupla days. Went to visit IHOEL and found him to be in fine (medicated) spirits so that made me happy. Then last night I went with my new boyfriend to meet his best friend and her people for a dinner-type deal-ie and found the whole freaking lot of them to be just charming! It was really nice to get to see the NB interacting with someone besides me onna counta he's still kinda shy around me -- he's very sweet and comfortable and apparently highly-regarded with his peeps though so that was cool. Plus, the beautiful and accomodating Abby-Tail agree to kid-sit for me so I could go to this little shindig so she was on hand to meet/size up the boy in question and she just called to give me the ole thumbs up! Yay! (Again, nice that the things that she seemed to feel were cool about him were kinda the same things I'm fixated on so... and no she didn't come to these conclusions based on a three second intro. He actually gave her a ride to BART after dropping me off at the house -- although given the amount of "sahring" those two seem to have accomplished, I think he may have driven her all the way home!) K. then today, nice relaxed day. Kid had class. She is doing brillantly although she's getting burned out on Cap. I told her she could take a breather for the month of July then she had to re-start in August and we would discuss at the end of the summer whether or not she "has" to continue. Obviously I think she'd be great and that she could get a lot out of it but at the same time I'm just not gonna be the mom to tell her she has to do something she hates for the rest of her life just to make me happy. She's given it three months (which was the original agreement) and she promised to give it another shot in August so... i think she'll pick it back up. We'll see.

After we got home I put extentions in her hair so now she's got a ponytail down to her butt. Very cute. OH! And I got The Electric Company on DVD!!!!! So we've been watching that for hours on end.... Tomorrow going to hang with Mr. Lovah-Lovah in the park then Monday some "working from home" then out for a drive. Tuesday, lose the big girl to the CP and visit from NB. Sum total = a heck of a lot better than it was looking Friday afternoon so I'm not complainin'. :-]