Friday, January 22, 2010

Two things...

1) Happy Birthday, Dearest-Angel-put-on-this-planet-to-keep-me-sane-friend-o-mine, Abby-tail! Happy being 40! It's the Year of the Blanket so you know it's gonna be good!

2)Welcome to the world little AiDen Trujillo! Aka: "Chika"

K. So, DB and the Missus-San had their baby girl yesterday. 7lbs. 5 oz. He called to share and the following conversation ensued:

Chick: Yay! What's her name?
New Dad: Aiden.
Chick: Awww!
New Dad: Yeah. We like it. I guess it means two things, it's like a compound name "Ai" is Love of others" or something like that and "Den" means "gift from ancestors"
Chick: Oooo! Cool. Sounds kind of "american" too. Aiden.
New Dad: Yeah, people keep telling me it sounds like a boy's name. but those are girl's names here.
Chick: Yeah, well Everyone kept saying the Boo's name was a boy's name...
New Dad: Oh yeah?
Chick: Yup. people are stupid. She's your baby. You name her whatever the hell you want!
New Dad: Heh. O.K.
Chick: Who are these people anyway?? How dare anyone tell you anything about what you decided to name your Baby????!
New Dad: Eh. Just people. Whatever.
Chick: Does she have a nickname yet?
New Dad: Yeah. "Chika."
Chick: "Chicka"?
New Dad: Yup. Means "smart" or "wise" or something like that.
Chick: Her name is "Aiden Trujillo", "Chicka" for short?
New Dad: Yup.
Chick: You know you picked the most Chola sounding Japanese Baby girl names on the planet, right?
New Dad: Shut up.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been so long....

[Chorus]How long has it been??
[Chick] It's been so long since i updated this thing, i forgot me freaking password! [queue canned laughter]

Eh. I blame it on the IE scare.

So, let's see. Long week-end was grand. Made mostly notable by the fact that I survived the website luanch form hell (although given that the LAST site I launched was a complete and utter debacle combined with the fact that my manager was an [content edited per ratings review] I think this one actually went o.k. Glad to be on this side of it though. Seriously. If i wanted something to obsess about that was causing constant stress, life-re-evaluation and thoughts of random panic, i'd start dating again! [ba-dum, bump!] Sorry. I'm waiting for food so i think i'm a wee bit punchy. weeek-end=good. love hanging with the girls. We went on a massive fabric buying adventure and spent waaaayyyyyy too much money on the world's most comfy fabric. It is destined to be made into blankets; two of which already exist and the third of which will hopefully happen tonight. Yay!

What else? Birthday coming up. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about it. 42 doesn't seem like a "big year' in the grand scheme of things but i still like that i'm on the "wrong side of forty"... Makes me feel like "I've got stories to tell" and should be working in some diner somewhere calling everyone hon.... Actually. You know what. i never made a formal resolution so i think that's it. From now on you are all "hon." That is unless you're "Toots". I'll leave it to ya'all to figure out the difference. :-)

Monday, January 04, 2010

A moment of silence, please...

{sigh}Friends, Family, people who've never met me but still like reading this (nowadays-infrequently-updated blog), it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that The Truck/my love/my heart/my symbol of independence/bestower of "lesbian-cred"/(not so)sub-conscious link to my middle-of-the-country homeland/practically last remaining icon of the decade plus that defined the life I'm so fortunate to be benefiting from right this second -- that Truck has gone to meet it's mechanical maker. 12 years ago the truck carried me and my baby out of what seemed to be a hopeless situation and into a future filled with possibility. It assisted with innumerable moved, hosted picnics and playdates, provided protection form snows, rain and even too much sun. When everyone else was going digital, the truck boasted a cassette deck which tore its way through dozens of mix tapes composed by myself to help indoctrinate the girls in the ways of the truly gifted of the musical demagogues (Meatloaf, Dolly, Lyle, Tom and George). That truck survived desert heat, blizzards, my erratic driving and total lack of depth perception to carry me and my babies safely through the better part of the last decade and I will miss it soooo much (this is assuming I don't decide to hold a bake sale of something to raise the roughly 2,000 bucks it would take to replace the -- none "compressing" engine.... {sniff}

Anyway. Happy Holidays folks. Hope everyone is happy and healthy in the coming year and that you are all blessed with every kind of wonderful goodness. I heart you all and look forward to communing with each and every one of you as we all march on. We'll just have to plan our communing around the bart/bus schedules, is all. At least until I learn how to stay on a bike for more than thirteen seconds. :-)