Friday, July 24, 2009

Um, thanks...?

K. so this may be TMI but I went to go have a general physical + tetnus shot + mammogram today onna counta why the heck not (and my BBQ said she wasn't going to ever speak to me again if I didn't have some freaking bloodwork done already!) and it was all going along well and good until a moment right at the end of the actual mammogram procedure when the technician person looked at me and said with quite the proud glow in her voice "See how even and homogeneous your breast tissue is!" Now I know that clearly this was intended as some sort of compliment (I think) but I was still sort of puzzling it over when she (after scrutinizing the images for a minute)then busted out with "It's so great that you've had children -- your tissue is softer, more malleable" adding (no doubt upon seeing my expression) "women with firmer breasts are harder to read..." So.... the takeaway here, I guess, is that I may not be able to stop traffic/rock a tube top anymore but dammit, I sure am easy to search for lumps! Alrighty then! If that's what I get, I'll take it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ah... {stretch}, that's better. Now...

Where were we? Right. K Chez. When last we talked i believe I was in route to the amazingness that is a basically impromtu kick-a** county extravaganza with the BFF and the Big Big Girl in tow. Suffice to say IT WAS AWESOME! Seats were great (really quite unexpectedly great! Nice pull BBQ!) Company was lovely, fronting bands were amazing (we right here, right now would like to state unequivocally for the record that we -- royal we -- LOVE Miranda Lambert and think she's a GOD. K. sorry. Just really liked her and her set and her attitude and her music sooooooo so much.) The entire event was a triffle on the long side but really, all-in-all sheer greatness all round.

Then Sundee, got to hang with the Rock Star and her parent as they/we/the Bees negotiated the yard sale of the century. Always lovely to see the peeps that matter! The rest of the week-end was nice as well. LOTS of getting all snuggley with the Little Woman so that kind of rocked (hard!) Plus me and the Big Big Girl have a new tradition of sitting out on the front porch and reading a chapter of a book in the dark before she goes to bed so that's kind of lovely/nice. Possibly hazardous for my eyesight but whatev. You only live the once right??

This morning got the duo lovely check-ins from the Tail who had not one but TWO great/cute sounding dates so I'm happy about that and DB who is continuing to live life large in ye olde Yapon whilst watching his lovely wife (yup! They snuck off and did the deed managing to piss off every single member of their now-shared family as well as most of their friends. Good thing she's knocked up already or they'd be royally skarewed vis a vis continued parental visitation!) get bigger. He sent me a very cute pic of the belly. I dunno Dude, she looks alot farther along than you said she should be. Um.... is there anything you two want to tell us??????

Even the ERG (whose new nom de blog is henceforth PRPQ, BTW) is in the chips (meaning she's successfully jumped the shark and is now batting for the other team. Yay! I say, you Grow Girl! Couldn't happen to a nicer set of people! Just remember, there's nothign wrong with being "safe" -- healthy relationships involve folks who CHOOSE when they want to start having babies..... ;-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sexy tractors and Guilt in here? Hell yeah!

Yay! The ever-fabulous BBQ is coordinating the tix hook-up for this show and I cannot even stand how excited I am to go! Yay, Kenny, Yay, Miranda and Sugarland too??? Really? Like we even need that much excitement + fabulous entertainment all in one place! Seriously. This is going to be THE best concert experience ever! k. so. nuff about that. let's see.... what else is going on.... indulged in a little cyber-stalking earlier today. Just following up on an Ex's current (30ish, runs marathons, works at google, cute! nice smile.) in a way that is more about me continuing to feel O.K. about not actually calling him to find out if he's doing well but still reassuring myself that he must be doing fine because, look, he's dating someone with a nice smile who's close to his age and runs marathons! I know, weird but at least I'm trending toward less self-stupidly-booby-trapping behavior and more toward "not hurting anyone while still satisfying the curiosity part" type of antics. Eh. or maybe not. maybe it's the same kind of crazy just half-assed because i'm old. :-)

In other news, went to a very lovely wedding (the Wife's cousin -- who, of course, looked beautiful!) this past Friday which was out at the beach (Cliff house to be specific) and was the first wedding I've been to post my own so... interesting to note what seemed to be "working" in the context of someone who is not actually in the middle of everything. the Wife and I arrived separately so I had lots of time to wander around and wonder about all the various bits and pieces. Cute. I also got to meet the new bf of the Sis-in-law, J. He's nice. V. sweet. Nowhere near good enough for her but whaddaya gonna do.... ;-)

Other highlights from the week-end included getting to see the Wife's BFF, EG whom we have not seen for thirteen years mostly because I was/am a walking petri dish of flu-related effluvia and she (wisely) has chosen to stay the hell away lest she succumb to any of the more exotic strains of nasty currently working through my system. Regardless of this exercise in caution, however, the kids needs to see her and so she was produced and OF COURSE she is now sick/dying. I suck. but it was still fun hanging out. Also getting to see the little Miss Red-haired Emma for a post-ballet playdate. fun, fun, fun!

k. I'm going to wrap this up onna counta i'm tired/sick of waiting for my "10:30" to show up in the office so we can meet to discuss their project so... off to get more coffee! ta-ta-til-later!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Why is this the first I'm hearing of this group??

Seriously, this made me fall over vis a vis Da Giggles!

Thanks Max by way of Amy!

Monday, July 06, 2009

If not now, when..?

Damn. I {heart} Missy Etheridge's voice/lyrics/music/aesthetic so much! No. Really.

K. moving on.... Happy belated fourth of July folks! I, myself, was "sick" all week-end which i'm putting in quotes because my sister-in-law actually underwent triple bypass surgery with a colonial-ectoloscopy thrown in for good measure (you know, since they had her spleen out anyway.... why not!) this week-end and was sent home with some gauze and a mimeographed instruction sheet on how to proceed should the elmo band-aid they'd affixed post-op become "loosened and/or lost" -- she's got "catastrophic coverage" so the hospital went with a "wait and see" approach to applying actual sutures and/or (costly) antibiotic ointment -- anyway, she's fine so I feel a little weird complaining about how i was "sort of hot" and "kind of had a sore throat. Sore-ish. At least before the ibuprofen kicked in." ANYWAY! All of this is just a big ole rambling lead up to the fact that i spent the entire week-end lounging around whilst The Wife handled the following duties:

1) Grocery shopping for the fam + expected guests
2) Laundry
3) Feeding, walking and generally paying attention to the dog
4) Taking the Little Big Girl to her (canceled -- oops!) Ballet class. [Note: I could have prolly prevented that but the note telling me about it was on my phone which was all the way across the room...!]
5) Feeding, minding and generally keeping safe the two children we actually have ownership rights to as well as the two we borrowed for the occasion
6) Driving to and from far off lands to acquire (and later to return) aforementioned loaner kids
7) tending to ME, her "ailing wife" who, as previously mentioned, was spending the week-end alternately lying around on the couch hogging all the good blankets and giggling with the Rockstar's mom who came over to show her how to work her newest (unnecessary) addition to the "machines that make cool-shaped, cut-out bits of paper and take up space on the kitchen table" collection.

Oh. and then, when everything sort of wound down a bit, keeping the kids quiet so I could finally have a little nap in my big soft bed fer chrissakes!

Yeah. there are lots of reasons why I think I'm a pretty lucky lady but sometimes it borders on the scary.

K. In other news, Fireworks = great! thanks to the ERG, we were tipped off to a great viewing area that was literally 12 minutes away from our house, had tons of space for playing children, a massive parking lot and views of both the Jack London Square display as well as tinier views of The City's works/pretty twinkling lights.

Finally, a last super big shout-out needs to go out to my BBQ who was "born" on Thursday but who was pretty much celebrating all week -- Happy B-day, Best Buddy Q. You are a G-dsend and a scholar and i am delighted to have managed to so thoroughly affix you to my life! Cheers, Mazel Tov and all my desires for you to have many, many more!