Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The amount of Effort matches the amount of Desire"

My lovely friend Mizz Tail used this phrase yesterday whilst she was "breaking something down for me" and I just thought it was lovely. not just lovely sounding but really clarifying as well. I'm sad for her because her Pooch is not feeling well and she is down about it. I hope things get better fast as I simply cannot have one of my very best-est buddies feeling sad mere moments before the best day of the year! There's also this new study which i think further bolters my point (DST = why????!) if you think i'm just being curmudgeonly...

Beyond that, things are going o.k. i'm hating this project we're working on at work but mostly because it's a freaking lot to do/think about, not because it's going badly or anything. I just kind of want a break from obsessing about it all the time is all.... ah well. that extra hour of sleep will help i think. Halloween parties at the Bees will help as well! Yay! now i'm happy agian.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Mommy, i have an eraser in my nose and it hurts."

This is the phrase my 6 year old used as she strolled into the bathroom minutes before i was supposed to take her to school this morning. I glanced her direction, saw no eraser and thought "Hm. maybe 'eraser' is code for dried mucus or something. Possibly a term she picked up at school." Then, being the exemplary type of parent I am, I ignored her mostly. Kept brushing my teeth. Asked her somewhat distractedly where she got the eraser from. How it got in her nose, etc. All the while, flossing the teeth, wondering about the demands of the day ahead.... "From the pencil." she said. She was "playing with the eraser. it came off the end", so she put it in her nose. "now it hurts." This, folks, was the point at which I started paying attention.
I sat her down. Examined the nostril in question and saw.. an eraser. A pink one. in her nose. Queue minor freak-out. "Omigawd, are you o.k???? An eraser?? Where'd you get that from?? Why in your nose???! K. Wait. Sit, just sit. don't touch it [scrambling through cosmetics bag looking for tweezers] does it hurt??" [she nods having already answered these particular questions but humoring me because it would seem i am FINALLY trying to be useful] Find the tweezer, silently thank god for my "collector/hoarding" ways, channel the Milton-Bradley old-school game "Operation" et viola, one pencil eraser extracted from one tiny nostril without even a small visit to the emergency room! Yay for me!/God. Why did it take me so freaking long to respond??? Useless. i am useless. And, quite clearly, not equipped to raise a "normal" child.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

And then there was pink...

O.K. so, those of you in the know, know that i'm always messing with my kids' hair. Not in any sort of "political" or "I wish you'd brush your hair more often!" kind of way because, seriously, who would i have to become to really start caring about stuff like that??? but more in a, "so you wanna be a rockstar, eh...." kind of way. So, this week-end me and the Big Big Girl were sitting around discussing hair facts and hair boredom (and "passing for straight/boring now that i'm married/in a 'respectable' job/profession") and decided it was high time she repaid the coiffure favor by helping me make my head a little more interesting to look at. Then, being decided and after doing a tiny bit of research, we took a little trip to the local beauty supply and got us some hair (mostly brown, some pink), sat ourselves down on the stoop, did some twisting and waxing et viola! A mere 45 minutes later we had Me with large, fluffy doll-like hair. Very fluffy. The predominant theme was locks without all the twisting. I gotta say, I love it! Even the Big Big Girl approves. the Little Big Girl is withholding comment but i think that's more because she was gone all week-end at some massive sleep-over birthday Hannah Montana princess party than because she actually formed any lasting opinions. I'm not entirely sure how the Wife feels but I do know she's at least still willing to kiss/snuggle me so... probably the best i can hope for at this point!

Oh! Also, wanted to give a little shout-out to the fantastically fun crew I got to hang with this past Thursday at some random PJA fundraising dinner. (That's right folks, I'm finally embracing my progressive Jewish Side!) the dinner itself was quite lovely, the company was awesome and one of the speakers, Ruth Messinger, was brilliant. Really. I want to be her when/if I grow up. Or at least just get really close to people who are really close to her so I can continue staring at her without her thinking it's creepy. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One other thing i wanted to mention whilst avoiding diving into API definitions and contextual field labeling (blah...)

I love my Spark. Her school was out on Friday and we had THE best time ever! Seriously. I'd been promising her all summer that i would take her to China town and so, after a brief stop off at the place that pays my bills, we escaped into the world to do some touristy type siteseeing. Awesome! She was especially captivated by the red paper lanterns. The nice lady at the noodle bar was captivated by the sheer quantities of chow mein my Little Big Girl was able to eat. Seriously. She was sort of in awe. kept saying "She eat alot!" and giving her extra stuff (like egg rolls and potstickers and plastic monkeys. Not sure why the monkey but hey, when in ChiTown....) We also stopped in to have a peek at the Rose Window in Grace Cathedral. Have to say, the Spark was not all that impressed by the stained glass but she was all over the Friar paintings/carved gargoyle people. We had to leave suddenly though because she started asking what all the imagery was for and I didn't have a nice little succinct answer for her vis a vis 2000 years of inductive Christianity and the creation of massive (expensive) edifices supported by colonized riches. It was pretty though.


Me that is. Of Mistah L-L and his getting to spend the day with the fantastic-ness that is da Boo. Mizz Boo had the day off from school on Monday and the L-L totally stepped up (finally) to his God-Uncle duties and took her out on the town to celebrate the big 1-2. Judging by the photographic evidence.....

It would appear that they had a good time. :-)

FYI: please note that the controversy happening in the image above centers on a certain someone getting a chair and the other animals being jealous.... Hm. life lesson pour moi or just random coincidence... you decide.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First and foremost....

How freaking cute is this???!!!!

k. sorry. moving on....

Monday, October 05, 2009

something pithy goes in here...

So, i'm sort of an awkward mental place right now because it's my year one wedding anniversary and while I am DELIGHTED to have managed to remain kept for a span of time that is twice the going rate in Hollywood, I am also at work where the wife is not and I'm really feeling more "overwhelmed with work project" than all "inspirational notes for posterity" right now. i mean I will be excited -- we have a whole situation planned for the eve and I am beyond happy and content with the life and the Wife.... Basically, i feel like i need to put something here as a placeholder for the date, though so that when i do come back with all the sappy stuff (probably tomorrow), you, the readership will hopefully not think that I am completely lame/forgot the largeness of today!

In other news, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Baby brother who may or may not be turning 39 as we speak! The Wife thinks they're the same age but i'm really not sure. i sort of stopped counting after i hit 16. Suffice it to say, i know he's close enough in age to have witnessed at least two of my high school years so for that reason alone, I need to keep him happy/in my camp!


You know what's easy? My life.

You know what's hard? Walking 60 freaking miles over a three day span without
1) dying
2) giving up and
3) being the world's biggest grouchy-pants after completing the ordeal and being suddenly surrounded by hundreds of happy, still-having-all-their-toenails-supporter-types who want you to remain standing so you can tell them "all about it!"

BBQ, you are an incredible, inspirational, amazing athlete and i am sooo thrilled you let me continue to bask in your reflected glory. Also, so in awe/proud that you came in 66th out of 1000+ walkers!!! You're a rock star. I {heart} you!

Friday, October 02, 2009

And the winner is....!

Me! Why, you ask? Simple. Because this is the day the clearest indication that i am among the luckiest people on the planet waltzed into my life. Happy Birthday Big Big Girl Boo. You are my greatest accomplishment and have already in the twelve short years you've been on earth, brought me all the happiness one person could ever hope to need!

Also, major shout-out the The Missus bee whose birthday managed to squeeze by yesterday without me documenting it for blogosphere posterity but who still remains my go-to for a nice, solid, crafty, sweet example of what goodness looks like. Thank you so much for being born, growing up and letting me tag around your life. I'm better for knowing you and yours.

Lastly, Congratulations on a day well walked to the BBQ who is partaking in the fund-raising extravaganza that is the Three-Day-Walk-to-Cure-Breast-Cancer! We are unbelievably proud of you and what you've accomplished (in training walks alone!) and I, for one, can't wait to see you at the closing ceremonies!