Thursday, November 30, 2006


I feel refreshed! See that's the thing about giving up on boys. You get to go back to your super-sexy short-haired self!

I swear my Baby-girl has got photo-taking talents that are not to be believed!
or how about this one where I look like my baby brother during his "R.Suave" period...

Speaking of whom -- how kick-ass are he and the woman and the baby doing?? Very, that's how! My little Angel-niece has already gained an entire pound and is learning how to stay awake the whole entire night! Yay. You grow, girl!

{Sigh} So, as we all know and as I am getting a little tired of saying, work = kicking my ass. I stayed home today though and co-incidentally enough got a whole TON of stuff done! I got my kitchen window repaired, got my hairs cut, worked on this thing I promised BBQ I'd do, went food shopping, even did some work-related stuff! I KNOW! It was pretty awesome if I do say so mee-self. And, of course, since there is noone else here except the librarian, I feel I must. So. Hope the various Thanksgivingess were good for folks. Thanks for the shout out Mr. L-L. We'd all taken a vow of not-answering-the-phone and so couldn't immediately respond but upon later discussion it was unanimously decided that you and your lady friend are indeed Good People! Our holiday was spent lying around the house eating chocolate chip cookies that we made from scritchety-scratch so that was sort of lovely (and fattening) as well. I feel very well prepared for the coming cold season. Insulated and whatnot. Hm. I spose that's it really. I've got another crush on someone completely inappropriate (I think though that's it not so much that it's just my "thing" to fall for the "What the hell??!" types but more that I just don't meet a lot of "appropriate" folks. At least not ones that aren't deadly dull and/or full of themselves. Besides which, at least I know enough not to act on these things! Well. most times I do..... O.k. well practically never but in this case.... oh. nevermind.)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Straight chicks ROCK!

You know, I tend to forget how very much straight girls rock! I mean yeah some of them are all cool and strong and empowered and impressive, and cute blah blah blah but they also a hella fun-loving bunch when they let thier hair down and get a little crazy (e.g. at least the ones who were at the Dixie Chicks concert me and the BBQ went to this past week-end! Yee Ha!)

eh, hem.... sorry. where was I? Oh yes. Hating my life. Major hardware issues at work which are ONLY not causing me to slit my wrists because THE reason we're not totally dying right now is because we actually implemented my stupid project which I've been fighting to get finished for the last 3 months... so, totally unrelated but nevertheless catastrophic silliness going on at the old ranch and I for one am glad 1) I have kids who need picking up thus giving me a perfect excuse to sneak out and "test from home" and 2) that this is a short week. honestly. I'm not sure i could take another one like the last one. Except for the seeing "The Chicks" with the best friend part. I'd do that again! :-]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

School buses have seatbelts now!

Who knew?? ahhhhh. I feel much better. Lovely day today hanging with the child and her class. Stellar bunch of small people. Really, first class!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

where i thought i'd be when I was 40...?

I just sent off my last work related e-mail for the day. I also sent off this cartoon

which I stole/modified from an illustration on a card a friend of mine sent me, so I could send it to some programmer/QA chick I'm working with who lives in Florida and who has a killer South African accent.

For the record, I am officially over this shit. I am tired of getting yelled at for things that are not only outside my direct sphere of influence but that I am nontheless working late every f*cking night to try to correct. I am tired of wondering if really wanting a Sierra Nevada (or two) every night means I "have a problem". I am sick of not hanging out with my kid because I "need to finish one last thing". I am tired of "holding it together" and remembering that it's all gonna fix itself in "like, a week"... I want it fixed now. I want to do things I enjoy doing without feeling like I'm letting someone down. F*ck it. I'm taking tomorrow off (gonna go see a ship with my kid and her class) Work can kiss my ass.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So did we all go out and vote...?

Good. And now onto the real question for tonight -- Why am I still up? i don't have a good reason other than I can't sleep. i mean the kid is in bed. the favorite TV show ended over an hour ago. i've already finished sending the "sorry I screwed up" note to the Boo's teacher for mistakenly taking my newly assigned duties as "classroom book order monitor" to frenzied heights of independence by taking it upon myself to tally and mail the class orders (on the special sheet provided) to the Scholastic Book Club never realizing that yes, she wanted the tally part done but um, maybe I could have waited to send off the order until THE REST OF THE SCHOOL was ready! She didn't actually come out and call me a big ole loser but really, this is just not the best way to support my bub in being embraced by her new school culture. Christ. I really need something to go right right about now. Anything. anything at all...

Friday, November 03, 2006

I just wrote a very long post for my "other" blog (no worries if you're not checking there regularly. Most of what's up there is stolen from here anyway...) which got me all mentally worn out so instead of re-capping it here, I'm just gonna link to it... :-]

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Please forgive...

The sudden disappearance of your dear friend Chick. I am living the life from hell right this second (mostly due to gnarly project roll-out at work) and am not finding myself able to write or call or just generally check in with anybody who is not currently living at a hospital while thier baby undergoes her latest surgical procedure. Do not take this to mean that I love you any less. Just that I am either working, sleeping or drinking and therefore cannot come to the phone. :-]

Halloween was fun though. Did some T&T on this side of the bridge and had an grand time! O.K. going back down...