Friday, April 08, 2011

This month is all about the Little Big girl's birthday

plus a bunch of other stuff! Excited that aforementioned LBG is taking Ju Jitsu (and is loving throwing her *Other* Mom around quite a bit! Also, lovely that the birthday theme has been sorted out (Monsters!) and that arrangements for the blow-out that will be the party of the year (well one of them anyways) is shaping up planning-wise (bouncy house! glow-in-the-dark-fangs! monster cakes! Anyone????!)Seriously. big fun is guaranteed to be had by all.

In other news, we are also deep into the planning/production of the first (hopefully) bi/tri-annual Fund Raising flea market for the LBG's school. I'm excited because i think it's going to be huge amounts of fun but also a little skeered because our committee seems to be shrinking a little more every week. no worries though! We have sooooo got this! May 7. 9-4. Manzanita SEED in Oak-town. Mark your calendars!

lastly, just wanted to remark on a fantastic movie i saw the other day called Soundtrack for a Revolution which showcased the freedom riders viewed through a lens of the music they took with them and drew strength from. It. was. awesome. Very well done and interesting. Good to remember how it is that i personally came to exist/be so blessed.