Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crossing the line

Before I begin this post, I would first like to take a moment to state for the record that I blame my parents for all of this. Half-hearted, liberal upbringing/absentee parenting!!!

Having said that, I must now admit that... I am infatuated with a teen-ager. Not a "figurative teen-ager" but an actual one. A cute, fresh-faced boy-child who teaches at my kid's camp and who literally is closer by 10 years to her age than he is to mine. Today when I went to pick her up, he was doing a crossword puzzle with her and I . got. jealous.

I should be taken out and shot.

Ah, yeah...

Who got "A"s in both of her classes this semester? Um. that's gonna be ME! Whoo Hoo! Did I mention that I'm embarking on my LAST semester of coursework this spring? Still terrified of that as a concept but at the same time, feeling alot better given the new "all-As!" status. :-]

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holidays!

That's right. I said "Happy Holidays!" Because I do actually care that people with different belief systems are shorted this time of year and no, I do not think being sensitive to that fact is the same as being "all PC about everything!" so there....

Now then. Christmas was fabulous at the Chick house! Lots of time spent on the couch because one of us (me) is sick and dying but otherwise, all goodness and light. the X-mas eve was spent with the co-parent and didn't exactly turn out the way I'd hoped but, whatever. I've escaped relatively unscathed and it could have been (MUCH) worse so....

Conversations with the kids:

Boo: You know what I realized? I realized it is better to give than to receive because you always get something back when you give something!
Chick: [lips all pinched, poised to lecture] Well... that's not exactly the point... What sorts of things do you get...?
Boo: Well, you at least get a "Thank you!"
chick: [lips unpinching, getting all misty] You're a great kid.
Boo: I know.

Chick: [To 2.5 year old who is requesting that we watch the Incredibles for the ninth time in two days] We're not having videos right now. We're playing with our new presents.
Spark: No! [stamps foot] No, Mommy! Stop!
Chick: [Taken aback since i'm in the kitchen and nowhere near child in question] What am I doing??
Boo: [reasonably] You're making her mad.
Chick: [to Spark] You want me to stop making you mad?
Spark: Yes.
Chick: If I stop making you mad will you stop making me mad?
Boo: [discusted with me] Mom. Do you really think she understands that?
Chick: [to Boo] She might. Besides, how come I'm the one who has to stop? How come she doesn't stop?
Boo: [Rolling eyes -- I have no idea why she puts up with me] Um. Because she's TWO.

And lastly, went to go see this movie yesterday with my 8 y.o., the Rock Star and her fabulous mom. Brillant! Beautiful. Not too scary for a coupla of sappy adults and their far more mature childruns. i'd say "a must-see!"

Friday, December 23, 2005

Finger knitting!

Have we heard of this? My kid came home last night and in the span of about an hour turned a skein of yarn into a narrow knitted chain using her fingers. She learned how to do it at school from a friend and turned around and showed all the kids at her winter camp how to finger-knit. I'm amazed. not that she knows how to do it or that there's this little skill that kids go around teaching each other and that they cn almost instantly do remarkably well, but that it seems so primal. I mean, you look at those intricately woven Hopi baskets that were braided 1,000 years ago and for the first time it occurs to me that maybe some little kids had a hand in making them. Anyway. It's fascinating to watch and to think about. Random bits of craft knowledge that perpetuate themselves throughout history. I think that's neat.

In other news, my 2 year old has started pointing out things she likes: planes that go fast, cars which are going fast, motorcycles going fast, going downhill fast, rollercoasters... you get the point. Basically, it is occuring to me that I'm either going to be out at the slopes or over at the racetrack cheering this litle one on since there's no way in H*** she's going to be happy with a life where she's not actively trying to kill herself on a daily basis. So long as it's not skydiving I think I'll be o.k....

Monday, December 19, 2005


Home with a feverish child -- fun, fun, fun! Although, I have to say as far as sick kids go, this one is really being quite good. Sure she's had her occassional cranky-as-hell, "my eyes are hot!" moments but all in all, I think she's being quite the trooper. She's currently having her nap so I'm switching my parenting abilities to dealing with vendors (seriously, I think the one thing in my life that's made it so that I am able to survive in the corporate world is the fact that having children has given me some insight into two-year-old behavior. the only difference would be that my kids will eventually grow out of whatever phase they're in that's driving me crazy. Our HP support... not so much!)

Anyways. Was not able to attend the nutcracker yesterday due to aforementioned little kid unhappiness but was assured by my lovely and talented 8 year old who DID go that the performance was "GREAT!" Thanks to the Bee family for not only coming up with the idea but for also making it so the big girl didn't have to sit all by herself!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Man, that was fun!

I have finally realized that the trick to having fun at these things is to 1) have NO expectations whatsoever 2) wear lots of fake hair 3) leave when the used-to-be-crush-but-now-just-bitterness-inducing person shows up. Seriously, last night had to have been one of the nicest party-going experiences I've had in recent years. Huge plus, would also be inviting the BBQ because, let's face it, when all is said and done there aren't alot of people who clean up as nicely as that little lady! ;-]

Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm finished with my finals!!!!!! I am so stoked about that, I. may. die.


Now then.

Sorry I disappeared. Work is a little tricky right this second but it's getting better. All the major stupid issues are being resolved with the website -- now all that remains are the tiny annoying ones... Anyway. Final papers are done (possibly not done well but i am past caring at this point.) GV party is coming up and it will be a freaking hoot! e-mail me if anyone needs tickets. The theme is Back to High School and i'm channeling Beyonce for my character inspiration this year. Quickie special shout out to Travelin' man whose phone number I have written on a post-it at work and whom I will call at some point soon (promise) because it's been simply eons and lunch with an old friend who might be able to tell me the password to my freaking wireless DSL account is always something to look foreward to!

Speaking of forward... as if the party is not excitement enough, on Sundee me and the Scoot and the Bee and her eldest are going to see the Nutcracker! i know! I'd be jealous if it wasn't me who was going!! (This particular outing, BTW, was made possible by the always dapper and amazingly cute IHOEL who will be sheparding the tiny ones whilst we big kids go lap up some a big THANKS to that esteemed personage as well!) Anyway, just wanted to check in sos everyone knows i'm still alive. I'm gonna go put a baby to bed and just possibly crawl into the sack myself so.... kisses to all and to all a good night!