Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good thoughts...

Darling, sweet wonderful, IHOEL is having surgery today. All the the best wishes, Hon', with regards to the actual operation, the follow-up lying around with nothing to do for days on end and most especially with the (prefereably extremely rapid) recovery! Shout-outs and supportive wishes to the little Missus as well since she'll be doing all the heavy lifting for the next several weeks. ;-] Let me know if I can be of any help at any time and I am sooooo there!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Where to begin?

Let's see...

Pride week-end was fun. we ended up going to the TransMarch which was nice because it reminded me of what the Dyke march used to be like (small and alternative with tons of cute people running around making eyes at each other) I mean, it was a little "angry" but whatever. I gather what with recent events in New York and with past issues with the Michigan Women's Music Fest there were some very pertinent reasons to be mad. Since I am actively trying to return my pink satin Dyke Jacket, I felt it best to skip the dyke march (going instead to Fremont where I slipped almost immediately into a very nice boy's bed -- a move that was facilitated by the always amazing Bee family and for which I shall be eternally grateful!) then it was the parade on Sunday where my kid got to do her acrobat tricks (with the aid of the wonderful GV bookbuyer) in front of the adoring crowd so that was cool. Incredibly tiring though. all that walking plus pulling the wagon, plus carrying the little big girl.... whew! Still and all though a good time was had by most.

In other news received in the mail today two sets of tickets -- the first being to go see the Dixie Chicks (!!) which I cannot EVEN stand the coolness of and to which I will be taking my loverly BBQ (Yes!!) and the second being to one Mr. Lyle Lovett and further to a show I hadn't even heard about yet (!!) Can I just say, I heart my friends. I really don't know what I did to deserve you people (oh wait, now I remember -- I put up with your CRAP for the better part of two years!) but hearts and kisses to you all! {mwah, mwah!}

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You know what makes long hair really messy/tangled?

S-E-X that's what!! Well, pre-sex. sexual activity let's say... And with the new boy, no less! Yay. Chick = happy camper. :-]

(now who's going to take my kids for a coupla hours some Saturday so I can go "seal the deal" as it were??? Anyone...?)

Friday, June 16, 2006

From feast to famine to...WTF??!

{sigh} So, officially I like Tall Guy (good kisser, sweet as all get out and coming over again on Monday! Yay!)

Then, tomorrow night I am going to a wedding between old friends which my Sweet Pretty Boy will also be attending (which, in fact, he flew back from Ireland to attend) and while I admit, I've been sort of assuming we would do some sort of something around the time of that particular event, not having heard from him all these weeks kind of made me re-think the probablility. Until fifteen seconds ago when i checked my VM and saw that I had a really very nice message from him that I could easily parlay into... well, other stuff.

THEN I just heard through the grapevine that Ole Green Eyes is back from his sabaticle and will be returning to work on... that's right... Monday. (I thought he was back mid-July or something) Not that that means anything since I've certainly not heard from him during his time on the road. Just that I got an unpleasant jolt -- that tingle of imminent crush-i-ness when I heard the news and that does not bode well for how well I'm going to hold up once he's re-entered the building...

Now, let me take a moment to stress that I am emphatically NOT complaining! I'm just... a little overwhelmed/scared/uncertain about what I'm doing in all of this is all.

help? anyone...?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Boy can sooooo stay...!

So... who, upon complaining about her cold ad nauseum via e-mail last night got an impromptu visit from a cute, tall boy bearing chicken soup, tissues, some sort of weird German wheat beer and cough lozenges? Me! that's who. :-](I got kisses too --FINALLY -- which was also v. nice!!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I just read a study that basically said that this whole missing my kid thing is NEVER going to get better! Apparently you go through three stages when you're separated from "a loved one." First, there's a sort of constant disappoinment every time you encounter something that makes you remember them, then because you're body isn't really equipped to deal with continually being shocked, you move into the "missing" phase where there's an acceptance that they're gone but you're still sad about it, then, lastly there's a "detachment phase" where you acept that thy're gone and you don't miss them so much because you've structured your life in a way that doesn't depend on them being around. So, get this. When you're sharing kids it's apparently harder to get to the detachment phase because there are constant reminders of their presence and also because biologically we're sort of programmed to not be able to detatch from the people we've been caregivers for (hence the empty nest syndrome) and also, on some level because some of us just are incapable of compartmentalizing our babies and so, viola! you end up in a constant state of phase 2 missing and the thing about phase 2 is it doesn't get easier. Ever.

Stupid study.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where to begin...?

My goodness! So much to write about and so little time! First, how cool is BBQ's new house?? Very that's how! Congratulations, hon, on getting out/your cool new digs/your beautiful courtyard where I'm POSITIVE I will be invited very soon to partake of mimosas whilst staring up at the clear summer eve. :-]

Nextly, Chicago was grand! Sorry I was incommunicato, for some reason the hotel I was staying in decided I was not allowed to blog (although, strangely enough, I could get to just about anywhere else on the world wide web...) but regardless, I love that city! (and not just because I found the coolest grey corduroy pants in a thrift store out there that are EXACTLY like the ones I wanted in the 10th grade that my mom wouldn't get me because she said they were "impractical" -- whatever that means -- now all I have to find is the fluffy pink sweater that the girl in the issue of Seventeen that I was trying to match was wearing and my life will finally be PERFECT!)

OH! ran into super sweet gals-who-used-to-live-in-front-of-us at bagels on Sat. pre-Scoot class so that was nice. Quality individuals, really (although, kind of have to say one of them is really quality {wink, wink, grin} the other... she's aight... :-]

And lastly, went on a date with a nice boy. Really. I know, I'm not sure what to do with that information either but I do know that for the first time in forever I'm actually going to watch and see what happens instead of developing my own bizarre theories, overanalyzing ever phrase/action into the freaking ground and then deciding that it's not worth the trouble. See, that was kind of a grown up thing to write, huh? Thanks to the Bees for helping to support this new way of existing. I'm pretty sure I'd be a mess right now without their post-date support/triage! Seriously, I may have to put you guys on the payroll...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fingers crossed...

Yay! Who had the best coupla dates with my Bee-D pals yesterday?? Moi that's who!

Speaking of dating -- quick update vis a vis all of that...

I am FINALLY at the end of my sojourn into the wide (rapidly narrowing) world of menfolks. Unfortunately, the final tally doesn't look so good:

Contact made = 8

Contact continued up until at least one face-to-face meeting = 4

Contact continued through multiple meetings = 2

Currently still in contact with = 2 (although not the same two mentioned above)

Times actually kissed by prospects = 0

Somewhat promising peeps who completely dropped off the face of the earth = 2

So, I'm finally nearing the end. I have one more person that I'm talking/writing to but who I've yet to see up close. I'm going to Chicago next week so probably seeing won't happen until I get back but after that, it's done. (Not sure what I'm going to try next since dating girls didn't work out and dating boys doesn't seem to be... Maybe I turn to a life of spiritually-focused celibacy?)