Friday, June 17, 2011


exhausted does not EVEN begin to cover it! Still though, happy and exited that both girl children have now successfully completed their respective school years and have advanced into SUMMER!
Also happy that Big big Girl has new neighborhood friend to squirrel around with and that this last week at work did not kill me! yay, life! yay that my wife who was injured last week is well on the way to rcovery and is once agian walking dogs! yay promise of waffles at the K-D house tomorrow! Especially yay to see the Little Big Girl dance on Sunday! Whew. see, all that enthusiasm and now i'm even more tired. :-}

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Oh! I totally forgot to mention, the little Big Girl is all into Ju-Jitsu which, not only is she fantastic at, is a-DOR-rable to watch! Just sayin. :-)

Boo still gone. Me still sad.

Seriously. there's something wrong with me that i'm so mopey when really it's only been like thirteen seconds! I don't know how the wife deals with me sometimes...

k. me bucking up = now!

In other news, the rat known as Cloudy has a little respiratory infection. the doc says it's normal and that she should be fine but she has to take this nasty purple antibiotic stuff for two weeks. Those of you out there who have never been in a position to have to administer yucky purple stuff via syringe dropper twice a day for two weeks to a tiny, sick rat have NO idea what you're missing. REALLY.

Let's see.... what else.

The Big Big Girl graduated from the eight grade (fun! there were speeches, a dance and a special "parents only" event at which i finally met a whole bunch of the people who are responsible for my Daughter's friends and who I will probably never see again. FUN!)

Pretty much the *second* Boo graduation ended we shipped her off to L.A. to hang out with those crazy Gals about Town the Wedding Planner and Star (who, can i just say, is HUGE -- tall, gorgeous, still fantastic of course but still, can someone please stop these babies from growing up so d*** fast??!) for a week. She seems to be having fun. I am a wreck. Is this how parenthood is supposed to be???