Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy

To the Wifeyyyyyyyyyyy! Right. Despite some random insecurities pour moi, Birthday festivities were AWESOME! We {heart} this place. So nice and accommodating and just plain awesome! Plus, they TOTALLY had the chocolate fondue. we like. :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010


K. so yesterday when we were driving home the Big Girl (Boo) kept repeating this really funny phrase that consisted of two words; which was HILARIOUS and which i determined to copy here into my little on-line journaling of most of my "significant" life events but which I right this second, cannot, for the life of me remember!!!!! Arg. It was hilarious though. trust me.

K. in other news, I'm cranky right this second for a really silly reason. I point out that my reason is silly because i like to acknowledge the *very few* times I myself start down the path of irrational/crazy partly because I believe self-knowledge is the key to greater understanding/satisfaction and partly because it allows me to feel even more justified in pointing out this type of behavior in my nearest and dearest!

Now then, back to the cranky. I am cranky because I'm trying to set up this dinner thing for The Wife who is having a birthday (she has one every year) and I thought I was doing pretty well until this morning:

The Wife: I'm excited about Sunday!
Me: Really?
TW: Yes! I love fondue. Especially the chocolate!
[long pause] uh. hm. I don't think they have chocolate. They have a bunch of really tasty sounding cheese things....
TH: Oh, every restaurant that does fondue has a dessert fondue. They'll have chocolate.
Me: [having just read the menu the previous eve] uh.... I don't think they do. Are you going to be disappointed if they don't?
TH: [smiling] They will.

Then i get to work and I look at the evite thingey and I see that included in the "yes" response from The Wife's Ex (who I only invited because I was feeling all "large and expansive and comfortably married" -- last time I give in to that emotion!) the following: "And, let's not forget chocolate fondue. There will be chocolate at this bday party, yes!?"


maybe i can find/borrow that chocolate fountain we had at our wedding.... :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And now, because it has actually "been so long"...

I'm going to trot in here acting like nothing has happened and we're all good/just spoke last week-ish and give you my current "raison d'annoyance" which is this:

What up with kid's gummie vitamins not having iron (or calcium for that matter??! I mean I know what up -- I read on "The Internets" something about the gummie-ness of the gummie vitamins, not being conducive to containing certain of the required minerals for a completely balanced supplement, HOWEVER, I would still like to demand a certain number of apologies from the makers of those vitamins for fooling me into thinking they were, in fact, addressing ALL my growing girl's dietary supplemental needs when in fact they were only setting me up to look like an idiot/supremely irresponsible parent in the dr. office when my Big Big Girls' bloodtest came back with a big ole "(slightly) anemic" stamped all over it! O.K. sure, it is entirely possible I could address this issue through actually paying attention to the ingredients list on said supplements/including leafy greens (or any greens actually) in my child's diet, but dammit, I am an American and I demand a single pill option that will fix all of this so I don't have to think about it!!!! Seriously, is that so wrong?