Monday, July 28, 2008


And my Big Big Girl is back so me=pretty extraordinarily happy! More yay! :-)

Who's perfectly bilingual?

Um, that would be my Little Big Girl, Spark!!! The Missus and her just got through with their intro to Kindergarten assessment and she scored exactly the same in both English en Espanol! She's at Intermediate level - so more testing at the start of next year and the next just to make sure she's "catching up" in English (why do I find that kind of funny?)which I find just ducky/fab as that is what I hear from most of the other 'Rents I know who are trying to raise the bilinguals.... Cool though that it sounded like they had a grand time. Also cool that the nice testing lady gave rave reviews to our baby's new school! Yay!

In other news, The INVITATIONS to the wedding are being sent out in approximately three minutes!! I KNOW. {pause} I don't know why this is striking me as such a freaking HUGE deal but it feels that way. Like now all of a sudden it's "official" or something... :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My week....

Monday/Tuesday in the hospital with the Spark dealing with doctors who were attempting to deal with her asthma. (In all fairness, they really were trying but jeeze, Louise, how many gallons of steroids do you have to pump into a tiny person before you start accepting that maybe, just possibly, she might constructed in a way that sounds "wheezy on the right side...!" Wednesday: back in the office dealing with all the crazy-ness that can transpire the second one turns ones back on "bread-earning" -- pick up the Scoot for an extra eve in Oakland (yay!) becase we lose her on Friday for a million year (5 days) vacay with the other parent (boo!), Thursday = Wednesday re-dub, Friday lose the Big Girl to the lovely state of Oregon for the beter part of the next month. {sad.} Oh sure, there was some good stuff. The Little Big Girl, Big Little Girl and GalPal to the Stars were all big ole troopers during the Spark-in-the-Hosp. episode. Also very nice/grateful/swet to hear from the Bees offering support and various ears so I could kevetch. (Similar shout out the the A-Tail for allowing me to go on (and on). I really do love my friends...) There was a lunch in there with the Mr. of the Bees that was also lovely/long overdue; hanging out with the Rock-Star and her mom whilst wedding DJ stuff was sorted out... The Little Big Girl had her annual show/graduation which. was. a-DOR-able! and we also got to spend some fun quality time looking at potential bridesmaid dresses with the lovely sister of the lovely lady who still (for whatever inexplicable reason, still purports to love cranky-tired-missing-my-big-girl ole me) so, I guess the week wasn't a complete and total wash but still. I'm kind of glad to see the tail end of this one.

Oh, then this morning we ushered in the new week by participating in the AIDS walk which was lovely and felt nice even though I ended it even more pitifully weak (in mind and body) than before. Ah well... I'm attempting to have high hopes for the coming 6 days so we shall see what we shall see...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Doggie Daycare = CUTE!

So, the little Missus has been spearheading a "get our pooch into camp!" campaign which looks as though it has finally paid off. Our little trooper had his first day of "managed care" today and initial reports are that he is doing well and looks to have befriended a terrier who was also new to the program. I'm just so proud of him! {sniff} Dogs. They grow up so fast! (Wow. So i think that officially means that every single person/animal in the house has an actual schedule of daily/weekly events. I wonder if we're going to have to start organizing around Biscie playdates as well!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

My "Paper Wedding" dress came today! It is beautiful! I LOVE it!!!!!!!! Eh, hem.. carry on.....

Conversation with my five year old who is being dropped off at school this morning

FYOWIBDOASTM:[upon being told she will have to give back the glittery shoes which she has "borrowed" from one of her little friends] Can I get pink shiny shoes?
Me: Um. Yes. Sure. We'll go to the store on Sabado (Saturday)
FYOWIBDOASTM:Can I get a princess clock (watch) too?
Me:No. Just one thing. You only get one special thing from the store.
FYOWIBDOASTM: {quiet for a moment}There are two shoes.
Me: {quiet} Well.... yes. That is correct. You do get two shoes.
Me: But they're the same thing so it counts as one.
FYOWIBDOASTM: Then can I get two clocks instead?

why...? Why did I get the smart kids....?????

First and Foremost.....

yet another belated Happy Birthday wish (this one was on the 8th) going out to my Beautiful, Smart, Fabulous in pretty much every way imaginable, All grown up Niece, Ness! Sheesh! On the one hand I cannot believe you are 18 already and on the other... well, no. really there's just the one hand.... I {heart} you, I am proud of you and I cannot wait for your newfound 18/independent of parental ties-ness to translate into you moving out to live with us in sunny Cal so, jest you let me know when you're ready to pull up stakes and I'll clear out some space for ya!!! :-)

Next up, we have my cold sore. A huge, monstrous thing which is not only incredibly attractive but which also itches and is annoying in that it means I cannot smooch on my nearest and dearest until the d*** thing goes away. {sigh} Whatev. Prolly just the equivalent of a stickey note from my body telling me to maybe think about relaxing a little already! Or not. It's also possible that just sitting next to the Spore-Master (DB) reminded my inner virus that it hadn't been all that active lately... Thanks again, DB, for every little thing you've ever shared with me!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Eeerrrgggg! And now I think i'm gettign a cold sore! Ugh. O.k. I need to eat now....


My good friend Dirty Boy just told me he got promo'ed to full-time at ye ole art store so I guess the 'Stache' is finally paying off!

Then, in other news, I recently heard from my old Croatian buddy, V. which is always nice (good to know that folks who you've not thought of in years can still contact you out of the blue... FUN!) Anyways, I've not called him back because i suck but he sounded like he was doing well...

{sigh} I'm in a weird mood right now. Not super sure why..... There's been a lot going on in the life (Fourth of July week-end was grand, BTW! Lots of hanging out with really cool people and their really cool kids) then getting to "chat with" the Gal Pal which is always really very nice (psssst, that's code for "get busy"!!) plus getting to see the invitations for the wedding nearing completion.... all in all really nice but still. I don't know if I'm tired or if I just need some time off or what. Possibly I just need food. I'll try taking care of that part then see if any of The Petite Malaise clears away...


Sad day at work today. My beautiful boss-lady is leaving -- today's her last day -- and we're doing a big ole last day fest thing for her but it's also sad. I mean, I don't know her very well, but she's THE reason I got the great position I currently occupy and she was soooo persistent/sweet about not taking my "no" as an answer and doing what she could to get the pay range closer to what I actually need to live even after I totally turned them down/blew them off.... {sniff} She's just awesome and I'm gonna miss seeing her around. Although my loss is UC Berkeley's gain so any of you who are over at the Berkeley campus, keep an eye out for the lovely lady in the gorgeous clothes working her a** off in the Alumni office.....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Belated-by-one-day B-Day, BBQ!

To my Sparkley-Toothed Bestest Buddy Quin: You are awesome and wonderful and I am delighted you're finally joining me in that super-sunny land we call "Middle-Age"!!!

(Man, Has anyone else ever noticed that July is lousy with the Birthdays.... I feel like i should just wish everyone well now so as to not forget anyone...! No worries though, I have the GP who is keeping me on my toes so I just may be able to handle this "Regards" thing with some sort of aplomb!)

In other news, I am exhausted (nothing new) but happy. I finished a big project last night (again with the help of my Really-not-sure-what-I-did-to-get-her-to-LIKE-like-me-but please-dear-God-let-it-continue GalPal/Fiancee) so I am breathing a sigh of relief as we head into this long Holiday week-end. Plus, I might get actual sleep tonight. I'm not counting on it or anything but it has suggested itself as a possibility -- a prospect about which, I'm a little too excited!