Sunday, February 16, 2014

everything is o.k.!

life is moving pretty fast but it's mostly in a good direction so... x-mas was good. all the major holidays actually = pretty good. the wife was ADORABLE this valentine's day which was a little surprising but also really really lovely. Sad for her though because now she has a really high bar to match every year for the rest of our lives together. ah well. tis what it tis. we - me and the girls - got to go to minneapolis and to Oakes, ND for my G-ma's 100th birthday (and New Year) which was the world's awesomest trip! tons of snow. got to hang with my beautiful cousins and their amazing families (and the girls got to meet their minnesota cousins which was also sort of fantastic!). There was snow everywhere and -17 degree temps and my mom and my Big Bro were there and noone killed anyone! quite the contrary, things went relatively smoothly - and my boy cousin T was sweet enough to take the girls out on his snowmobile just like i remember his dad doing when we were little! it was great! then we got back and settled in and are just really liking the new house and the life. At least i am. mostly. works a little nuts but whatevs... you do what you can do and you can't do no more! {sigh.} i'm really tired. there i probably some other milestone type stuff i'm forgetting to write about but... i'll finish filling folks in later/after i get some sleep.