Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Re: work.


In other news, I posted to Craig's list offering to exchange a kitten for a car and I've gotten three responses so far... hmmmmmmm.

Monday, September 27, 2004

So, the peeps who live in front of me discovered that whilst they were asleep the other eve someone (or ones) shot thier truck! I know! Pretty disturbing. I went out to look and saw this neat little hole in the passenger side door. I have determined that, if nothing else, an event of this magnitude warrants an official name change. From now on, the ladies in question will be known as LOG (Lil Ole Gansta) and TOG (Tall OG) and whenever I need to reference them collectively I will simply call them "The Gs in Front"...!

The Boo said the sweetest thing the other day. We were at the super stellar Birthday Party of the young Debbie Harry (fabulous daughter of a workpeep of mine) and she said to Spark who had misplaced me and was feeling sad about it -- "Don't worry, Spark. Your mommie's over there...[pointing at me]" Your Mommy is over there!(!!) I just about melted into THE biggest puddle of goo the free world has ever seen! {sigh} I love my kids. i am most blessed.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ah, Fall....

Have I mentioned yet how very much I lurv the Fall? I {heart} Autumn!! The air is crisp, the light is freaking awesome, we finally get to switch back to real time and some of my very favorite people ever chose to be born during this wondrous season. Interesting that they all chose the same three days... but whattaya gonna do. I just need to remember to stop by Costco so I can stock up on some bulk gifts and we'll all be good!

k. so. I'm sitting in class last night staring at my bag of M&Ms and having the following deep thoughts: "'Ingredients. Skim milk and milkfat'...?? Why'd they bother separating the two if they're just going to throw them back in together?" Yes folks. This is what I do on Wed. nights. Who says Grad school is wasted on the young! Sigh. I'm sorry but this professor is just not turning out to be the intellectual giant I was hoping for. Or maybe she is. I still haven't read any of the stuff she's published although I gather she's quite prolithic in "certain circles." Whatever. It is my humble opinion that while this lady couldn't teach her way out of a paper bag, she still has a certain insight into the whole academic publishing industry that might prove useful... Now if I can only figure out a way to freaking stay awake...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Heaven help me

I'm about to spend 120.00 on Bratz dolls! I have to, you understand?!! Boo wants a Tokoyo Bratz for her B-day and I was looking at the Tokyo line and I happened upon this wondrous creature and well... it's a sickness. Still though, look at this perfect little person and tell me who among you can honestly cast the first stone??!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

And so the pendulum swings...

Back to loving my adorable baby very much. I swear, when she's not hollering, she's really quite fun.

My work life is crap right now.

It just is. Well. I guess it's not if we consider the grand scheme of things. In the grand scheme of things I guess I'm pretty well off. Anyway. this is the person to whom I entrust my progeny. It all seems wrong somehow yet still so very right...! K. I'm out. Collective finger cross, people that I survive the next week and a half.
I just sat in traffic for an hour and a half. No accidents, no stalls, just a whole bunch of cars not moving. Someone really needs to take a long hard look at where we, as a society, have managed to get ourselves...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Technically,I'm working...

But I'm also waiting for thousands of magazine articles to transfer their about to be re-designed selves to my harddrive so I figured, heck, might as well post!

Week-end was fine. The children and I attended the B-Day bash of a certain Miss Lucky Lu which was not only great in that we got to celebrate the having-been-hatched day of the coolest three-year-old around but also we got to see people we haven't collectively seen in pretty much forever so it was all good. Had to leave early though to get the Boo to her Acrobatic class -- then spent the remainder of the day just pretty much tramping around.

Then, on Sunday I worked. "But," I hear you asking somewhat incredulously, "what on earth did you do with the babies??!" Well, as a matter of fact, I left them with the fabulous, the wonderful, the really-couldn't-imagine-what-I-would-do-without-those crazy Canadians -- Mistah Lovah-Lovah!! [round of applause, people! Let's hear it for the L-Ls! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys rock!!!!!]

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oh! And, can I just say, my baby (who when we're not being cranky with each other, really is quite the delightful little tyke!) is soooooo going to be a kick-ass drummer when she grows up...! She was in her little play area last night tapping out this beat using both her hands and the door of her plastic refrigerator and I swear to you I thought it was someone outside the house playing music! Until I stuck my head into her room and she stopped and grinned at me. Seriously. That kid is a drumming-savant.

Seriously, is it possible for me to have anything else that has to be done????

K. Breathe. Stress, stress, stress. My life is a ball of stress right this second. Nice though that Mistah L-L is going to watch my babies for a bit on Sundee so that I can come in to work and further test the website. Also, nice that one of the Sweeties here at work invited a group of us to a very cool music-in-the-Park kind of event that happened today during lunch and which was not just great but also involved sitting around in the sun talking to Green Eyes so you KNOW I was feeling no pain.... K. {sigh} back to building pages...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Is it wrong to be smug?

K. So tonight was Boo's Back-to-school night and all the regular suspects were there. Can I just say on the one hand I am delighted by the continuity on the other, seeing the same kids every year just really serves to point out how incredibly OLD I am. Seriously, some of those knee-biters are practically taller than me at this point. They're having relationships fer chrissakes! Which brings us to my initial point of "sure-I'm-going-to-hell" boasting: namely number of parental types who sought me out tonight to inform me that their child (usually of the boy variety) has a crush on Boo/says Boo is his girlfriend/really loves my child! = 4 sets! Of course, I know this. Of course, when one is parenting a Boo one must expect these parents to seek to secure their child's future happiness by somehow maneuvering them to the front of the "must-have-a-Boo-in-my-life" pack by mentioning (in a laughing way, always with a smile...) that their son says that "Boo and he are boyfriend and girlfriend!" and then (surprise!) the, "Ha! Kids. What will they think of next! [chuckle] so... has Boo ever said anything...??????" Get in line folks. All I can say is that of course, it's her decision who she likes but I would suggest you have your references handy! Besides which, Boo already loves Becky and Antonia [note: none of the children's names used in this post are real and even if they are -- so! What're you gonna do about it??] and so there's really only the couple of spaces left in her entourage. Boys who are fighting for prime positioning would include:

  • Caio - Surfer dude, super jock kid who's pretty much always in charge of whatever game is being played. This may be because he knows all the rules really well or it may be because he somehow always owns the ball.
  • Eli - Loner type whose parents are misplaced New Yorkers. Young E. has decided that he doesn't like girls but he does likes Boo. Two major points in his favor would be that 1) he's got one of the coolest moms I've ever met -- cool in a very New York kind of "big emotions!" way and 2) he has not washed his hair since school started three weeks ago.
  • Sammy - Young rock star type. Seriously sweet. Across the board beautiful (like in a Boy Bratz, clear green eyes, dirty blond hair and long curling eyelashes kind of way) a bit "slow" for Boo's tastes but good to have on board if you're looking for someone who could really care less that "dinosaurs aren't cool anymore!"
  • D'Andre - Very cool kid with very cool parents. Kind of like a young polititian without the smarm, just generally set.

    Boo, of course, has gone on record noting that she has a "crush" on some kid named Jake whom I haven't really gotten to know all that well but whose Dad seems nice enough in a big friendly bear kind of way. And she doesn't even really play with Jake. She plays with Sammy although sometimes I think it's because he's part of a package deal that includes Becky. It's all so confusing... Plus, have I mentioned that they're only in the second grade?????? Anyway. I'm probably just as bad as the rest of the parental types but it is weirdly gratifying to have my kid be the one the parents want their kids to play with. Again, I take no credit for any of it. I'm just pointing it out...

    Now then...

    Took Spark to the Dr. today to see why she was screaming all the time/vomiting/patting her ears/running a slight fever and.... as you probably already suspected....

    She is fine. Not a damn thing wrong with her that isn't about being 15 months old and having a slight cold. Huh. I swear. I had really forgotten that the definition of "normal" gets very elastic where babies are involved. So. This week-end I had the super-horrific epiphany that I am very capable of getting very mad and that I don't know how to handle it. I mean I know all the book stuff like leave the room, yell into a pillow, slam a door etc. but what I don't know is how to not have this look to Boo who notices everything like I hate her sister/how to not anticipate on-going anger after we've moved on from the specific situation and things seem to be going smoothly. Meaning (as anyone who know me very well knows) that I am someone who, if I can't fix it, would prefer to find a way to not have to continue dealing with it -- but how does one deal with something that makes you mad (ear splitting screams and flinging oneself backwards when one is informed that one cannot cross the street by one's newly walking self) knowing full well that after a resolution has been reached (child is distracted by shiny button thing on sweater) the exact same thing will occur once a similar stimulus is encountered. I mean, I can't not cross streets. I found myself saying this week-end "I'm not going to let you walk if you're not going to listen!" and I actually sounded like I meant it. Which means...? I carry Spark until she's 36 and/or interested in listening to her mother?? What I'm saying is I'm finding myself in positions that are frankly untenable and I don't know any way out of them. That having been said, however, being forced to spend the day with the baby today was actually a very good thing because it allowed me to interact with her in a space where we got along and she was remarkably "good" -- despite those heathens once again draining all the blood from her tiny body (what is it with the health-care profession that they see a baby and they immediately think "bloodwork!"??) and wherein while I had/have a ton of stuff to do I still got to just see her and her cool amazingness and to remember that I didn't get her just for the tax write-off; that I actually wanted/want another kid. I want her. I want to experience raising another individual. i want to see what she going to add to my life. She's mine and I need to treat her like I want and appreciate her. Much like the Boo, Spark didn't ask to be with me -- I went after her. Sigh. Doesn't help with the mad thing but probably worth remembering.

    Lastly, school. Just got back from class. We're studying leadership models and my brillant professor is playing a game she calls "What does this have to do with leadership?" wherein she shows us a clip from an old TV show or a documentary or something and we have to figure out what leadership qualities are embodied within it. Tonight she played us Kenny Roger's "The Gambler." I won't go into what all was said about that particular choice of music but I do want to put it out there that I heart her and her "methods" and I sincerely hope I am 1/10th as brillant when I finally come through this program (assuming I get out alive...)

    Bah! I'm tired. Nitey-night folks. Hope tomorrow's a good day for everyone.
  • Thursday, September 09, 2004

    That's the other thing...!

    I just discovered that the pants I'm wearing today have a snazzy little zippered pocket on the side which my friend who knows about this sort of thing assures me is for your "stash." Sigh. I think that makes me too old for my pants...

    Two quick things

    Did I mention that I now own my truck?? I "bought" that puppy pretty much the day I found out that "love" and "forever" were terms that were much more loosely defined in CP's head than they were in mine using Ford credit Co. to finance a million year loan and I just found out this week-end that I made my last payment last month! I'm not sure what to do now. I mean, it's pretty much a given that now that I do officially own the truck, the transmission will go, the windshield will crack and all the tires, including the spare, with suddenly refuse to stay inflated but still...!

    Anyways. Hmmm. I just totally forgot the second thing. Ah well. It'll come to me I'm sure.

    Sorry to Mr. L-L who's been moved from his comfy cubicle to an alcove near the front door which he shares with a potted plant. At least he's been issued a side table and a blue ink, "lightly used" pen so he can continue to work. Chin up, Dude! I hear the abacus is on it's way!

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    Where to begin...?

    K. So I'm waaaay too busy to actually even begin to describe in detail why it is that I'm soooo freaking busy but, I haven't checked in in awhile now and I know my reading public is no doubt wasting away to nothing as they sit and stare longingly at thier screens... so.... without further ado -- the news!

    Labor Day week-end way grand! Slight baby-sickness/fever on Friday but Spark perked up nicely by Sundee. Spent the day(s) lazing about with the babies and enjoyed every freaking second of it. On Sunday we went the the Art and Soul festival in downtown Oakland which -- can I just say -- was amazing! Not so much because it was physically beyond stellar but because it was a decent little, well-attended, kid-friendly event (wherein persons under the age of 12 got in free) with enough free stuff for the babies to do that although there was quite a bit of stuff for sale, it didn't feel like you had to buy crap just to have fun. There were some really cute little kid rides too. And music. And face-painting. All in all a splendid time. Also accomplished doing laundry and truck washing (gasp! I know!! It's actually red!) and new tiny red plant planting. Checked in with some skating friends of mine who are doing fabulously (so pretty and so tan!); got an impromptu visit from the ever-Fab Travelin' man who had to drag himself into work on Saturday fer chrissakes! but who nonetheless popped in for a quick howdeedo. Then talked to my familial types for the better part of the Sat. eve. Everyone is doing well. Little Bro got a puppy and now him and the Missus are whining about the fact that it's doing puppy things (like peeing on the kitchen floor.) The studied and revered opinion of both my Big Brother and myself is that Little B. needs to get over it/get a freakin puppy calendar if he can't handle a real dog and stop complaining...! at any rate, it was nice hearing from the bottom of the west. Also got a note from my super sweet G-ma letting my know that her and her brother and sister are officially all "in thier 90's" which is just hugely interesting especially since that woman doesn't look a day over 70! Blah. I'm egg-sausted right this second though. (I'm working from home today because I actually need to work and whenever I'm at my desk people come and bother me about dumb stuff -- "the website isn't working...!" "customers are getting all their purchases for free...!" "there's a fire in your garbage can!" Wah wah wah... When will people learn to ascertain what's truly important in life?? Anyways, I really do have stuff to do so I'm going to go. Big squeeze to everybody. Kisses and love. I heart you all!

    Friday, September 03, 2004


    K. So remind me to tell you all about the very adorable "party" the stuffed animal friends of Dakota's second grade class threw last night....

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    For the record...

    I do NOT "like" or have any designs on a certain sub-30 individual. I was simply stating what I thought might have been a thematic undercurrent in a certain conversation I had with an old pal is all.

    Now then. I do like this girl in my class who is cute and has a great smile. For the first time since I started Grad school though, I am otherwise pretty unimpressed with the rest of my cohort. It would appear that all the brillant ones that I was in class with lo these last few years have moved on and I'm stuck with "Fresh" faces most of whom are o.k. but a few of whom I may need to really seriously slap. Answer me this, if you're in a Masters Degree prgram and your professor says you need to "reflect on your experience and keep a journal." What the hell kind of student would then raise their hand to inquire "How long, exactly do we need to reflect? I mean, do we need to write more than a page a day?" I ask you??!

    My Pretty Boy just got back from the East (coast) where he was noticing that things are far more integrated ethnically than they are here which is interesting given that I thought we were doing a pretty bang-up job over on this side of the country. He does have a point though if he's mainly talking about Frisco. I mean, IMHO it's Oak-town that's got the best mix of differently flavored peeps... Or maybe it's not so much that it's got the different types living near one another, it just seems to have a super-high mix of people who are actually mixed, nawhattamean? Anyway, glad he's back. Hugs to him and his duly coping self. Hope eveyone has a splendiferous Thursday. I'm out.

    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    Snatched from the brink!

    So, my good friend Angel (being one of the few truly wonderful things to come out of that accursed state!-- No offense meant toward my Tex-Mex relatives BTW who live in Dallas, they know I've got nothing but love for the whole blessed pack off em!) has been so kind as to point out that for a mere $40.00 more than what I could reasonably "afford" vis a vis Lyle tickets, I could, in fact, secure the same level of accomodations being offered by my friend and her Pimp-Daddy (JOKE!) so I need not make any sort of Mephistopholean bargains with anybody. He, I think probably meant that should I decide to exchange love for money as it were that I should on some level acknowledge that I might actually be attracted to said individual and am only using this as an excuse to "get together" with her. I, of course, heard "Blah, blah, blah... Hell, if that's all you need, I'll loan you the $40.00 bucks!" Which is just plain sweet of him and which I may in fact take him up on!

    K. So, I just spent nearly an hour watching a class full of graduate students not be able to figure out how to evenly dispense a bunch of handouts from the teacher. We were coming up short on one or two and these movers and shakers were at loss as to how to incorporate that information into their assumedly otherwise fully functioning lives. Teacher was (BTW) no help at all. {sigh} Maybe it's just me and the hormones coursing through my annoyed little frame but seriously, sometimes I wonder about the fate of free world, I really do...