Friday, February 29, 2008

More info than you can shake a stick at!

But first....

How cute is a truckful of dogs???! I mean seriously, a ramblin' old Ford with a coupla pooches in the passenger area and a few more in the truckbed... er.. ah... I mean secured into appropriate puppy-safety-restraint harnesses that is. eh hem. (hope I didn't OFFEND anybody...!)

K. so, first THE WEDDING!!!!We JUST got the date/place squared away - Sunday, October 5, 2008 at Mills Chapel!

Whoo freaking hoo! No need to remember it from this post though, appropriate invitationing will be sent out. :-)


the Spark's new school will be [drumroll, please...] Manzanita SEED!

"SEED is an Expeditionary Learning School with a focus on language, culture and family-school integration. SEED has a two-way immersion program in Spanish and English which starts in Kindergarten and prepares students to be bilingual and biliterate and culturally competent. K3, B, A, F, M, P, ON
2409 E. 27th St • (510) 879-1370 • Grades: K-5"

Now while this is sad because i means i will not have my child in the same school as the Bee and/or BBQ babies, still! How freaking cool is it that she will continue to be conversant in the Espanol at least through 5th grade? Also, from wha I've heard this is an awesome arts-based program as well with partnerships with MOCHA as well as Chabot Science Center so... Plus it's only 2 years old so the teachers won't be burnt out yet! ;-)


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Field trips are fun!

I heart hanging out with my kid's class although it was a little weird because she was actually out sick today -- she is burning up with The Fever -- but they were taking Muni and so had to have a minimum number of chaperon es or else the class couldn't go so..... Still fun though to see her peeps in action! Also, i do just have to say though, why sign on to teach a bunch of 10 year olds how to brush paint if you're someone who's annoyed by wriggly little people who are excited about playing with ink and brushes???? Seriously, the lady trainer was all "If I can have QUIET, please so i can show you how to do the bamboo stroke!!!!!" Pursed lips and all. Me and the other parents were like "Dude, they're 10! When you're 10 excited discussion means you might actually be retaining something about what you're supposed to be learning." She was also like, "brushes down, hands in your laps, don't touch anything on the table!" Whatev.

It was also interesting to see how some of those kids are with their rents. One boy whose mother was also chaperoning and who is quite the "high-powered" class parent wanted to ask him something as he walked out of the restroom and he just walked right by her. She was all "Terry? Terry? Terrryyyyy...???" The another parent standing with us said "TERRY!" and he snapped right around! Funny. Sad but still funny.

K. I promised a whole bunch of interested parties that i'd do something about all the laundry I've left lying all over the house for the last sixteen weeks (seriously, a proposal is only going to get you so much slack cut...) so I'm gonna go get to it. More later though, I'm sure, as i look for ways to procrastinate more effectively........

Friday, February 22, 2008


He's Back! the puppy is back in mine evil clutches for us to abuse at will Bahahaha! JK. Just got the Biscie back from the sad dog lock-up following a very nice visit from the cute dog police lady we spoke with yesterday. She had a look around and was like, "yea, mostly a shelter violation I guess." then she sort of shrugged and half-grinned "people are weird." this from the lady in charge of pet-niceties-enforcement leads me to believe we actually may be suitable puppy parents after all! ;-)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

She said YES!!!!!

I'm supposed to be helping my big girl with her homework right this second but I am so happy/excited right now i CAN NOT EVEN STAND IT! Long story short I asked, she said yes -- I'm getting married!!!!!! Eek. o.k. {breathe} sorry. God. Life is good right about now.

Oh, it's her birthday too. Happy Birthday, Baby! I love you. Thanks for being born!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So, some random individual with waaaayyyyyy too much time on thier hands and a penchant for seeing drama where there is none keeps calling the cops on us/our dog-housing situation. Seriously, it'd actually be kind of funny if it wasn't so sad (the individual in question apparently feels strongly enough about our dog's treatment that she will bother the police but isn't secure enough in her stance to give them a name or any other identifying info -- cowardly IMHO.) Anyhoo, we were laughing about it, me and the officers because it is obvious that the dog is fine -- well-cared for, healthy, etc. etc. One of them mentioned that he raised police dogs who "are kept outside all the time." "They're dogs fer chrissakes!" was his opinion on the subject. I asked him what would happen if the same someone coninued to call them about this but wouldn't give their info. He said they "had ways of tracking the numbers of folks who wasted the PD's time." ooooooo! Anyway. Lest anyone think i'm all about the namecalling... the post title actually refers to this little critter who's looking for a home so... If anyone knows anyone who's equipped/wants to raise a dog, feel free to pass along.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day week-end!

For whatever that's worth.... So, we just got back from a whirlwind trip to the delightfully girley town of Monterey wherein we:

1) went to the aquarium (Jellyfish exhibit = amazing. seriously.)
2) played a very fun game of Olympic squid toss in the hot tub with a cool 12 year old from LA
3) went to the world's best park
4) rented/rode bikes (one involving a sort of pull trailer-thing; that's right skeptics! I, Chick, rode a bike!)

have to say, barring some bizarre dog-related drama on the homefront (nothing serious. Our go-to Gal L. got everything sorted out and reported back so we didn't have to cut the festivities short or anything. Heart her. Really we do!) everything turned out just fantabulous! Thanks to the QBGF for arranging. Heart her too!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I passed my Dissertation proposal hearing! Meaning, I had four people(3 committee + 1 random alternate i've never met before) sit in a room and tell me with straight faces, no less, that they actually expect me to graduate in May! That's THIS May. I think i may pass out from the sheer excitement of it all!

Let's see.... I feel like i haven't written anything in a really long time (which is hilarious considering my supposedly "unemployed, nothing to do all day except lounge around eating bon-bons" state. p'raps I will review some of the highlights.

Vegas = awesome. Super fun. Great show. Amazing room. Grand company. The single point of distress being the fact that our flight was cancelled so we had to hang around for a whole bunch more hours which was fun for us (mostly) because we got to shop for cool jeans but also entirely dependent on the K-Ds emergency hosting the kids which they did because They Are Awesome!

Talks have begun vis a vis me and Daddy K-D starting the world's best Concierge/Coaching/Spiritual Enlightening/Kick-start-your-damn-life service. I'm awfuly excited because i've been thinking about doing this for years. I am more excited now because i think it is indicative of my ability to actually do such a thing that i have been THINKING about it for years. Thus, i am delighted that someone who actually knows how to make stuff happen has decided he has the time to give this a passing glance! Chicago/New Orleans speaking engagements, I'm on my way!

Not a lot of headway on the whole suing-the-pants-off-my-previous-employer thing.I have received a very long questionnaire thingey though that once i fill it in and send it back may help "clarify my position in regards to this matter" so that's interesting.

Had a super lovely impromptu dinner type thingie hosted a Chez Pizza Place and spearheaded by the fanabulous BBQ. Minor post-dinn-din fight with GF notwithstanding (entirely my fault) still a great evening had by all and i am very much looking forward to the next one!

Finally, i think i will wrap up with the super cute superbowl party we all (me, Spark, QBGF, Boo and BBQ) were lucky enough to attend at one of QBGF's friends in what as to be THE cutes little one bedroom apartment I think i've ever seen. We were fortunate in that our host's team pick squeaked out a victory in the final 22 seconds of the game (see, I was paying attention!) so everything ended up cheerfilled and upbeat. Although, I do have to say, MY main takeaway vis a vs the benfits of these sort of events is sadly still the hilarious spinoffs!

That's right, folks, Witness the fabulousness that is Puppybowl IV!