Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Giants!

K. just to keep those of you who know me AT ALL from scratching your heads in concern/confusion... the backstory.

We went to the Giants game yesterday (Sunday) and it was tres fun. The weather was lovely (even a little too hot at times); we took the ferry over which was sweet (yay, no exorbitant parking fees!) and upon which the Little Big girl made (yet another) lifelong, lasting BFF. Had some fry bread, slide on some massive (Scary)coca cola bottle slides oh yeah, and even watched a little bit of the game -- although, truth be told, there wasn't all that much in it for me and the Big, Big Girl as
1) I don't actually like baseball as it is too complicated and i'm never sure when i'm supposed to leap up and shout something (seriously, how is a "hit" sometimes not a "hit"??)
2) Tim-Timmy Linsecum wasn't pitching so really, what's the point. Regardless, the outing was by most account an huge success. Kudos to the wife for throwing it all together!

The rest of the week-end was also good. Little Big Girl's very, very best friend moved in down the street from us so that's kind of awesome and resulted in a seventh hour sleep-over for her on Sat. eve.

Since the absence of a child gave us some extra time Me and the Big Girl switched some fuses around in the truck and managed to fix my blinkers. Also very cool. Plus, i let the Big Girl parallel park on Sat. and she (o cor) was a Star! {sigh} i heart the truck. Also heart the Big Girl. sooooo much!

then, lastly school for the Little Big Girl starts today so fingers crossed that it will be as fantastic as the years before!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the there, there...

K. this week-end was great. Mostly it was great because the BBQ power lifted these insane amounts of weight in her first ever competition of that kind and we got to watch and it -- was -- awesome!

Additionally the Big Big Girl managed to finish her last of three essays that were due today (first day of school) and that required reading three incredibly difficult (in their own varied ways) books and sticking to an insane schedule to get through them all. She rocks! BBQ rocks. I'm so proud of them both! yay!

{sigh} I heart my people. I really do.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well, i suppose i should say something here

Don't get me wrong, i am, of course, beyond delighted with the recent ray of sunshine that burst in upon our typically depths of winter-gloom San Francisco summer. I am delighted because i like it when thinking people take the time to think about something and who, additionally (especially if they happen occupy positions of power) don't feel that it's bad to put the conclusions they derive out there into the world. I'm looking forward to reading the decision though. (I tend to geek out on that kind of stuff.) I'm also excited about this decision being handed down on the very anniversary of our paper-nuptials! Sort of seems like the stars lined up for us and the other 271 couples who managed to get hitched at SF City hall that day!

Other fantastic things that are happening right this second include the successful ending of my Big Big Girl's summer program. It was swell. She had a good time (i think) and we just got home from the final celebration thingie wherein she was "tech" and got to run the spotlight. nice!

Let's see.... work today was the pinnacle of annoying but instead of regaling anyone with long (boring) stories of things i'd rather just forget right now, i will instead insert a few lines here from my new favorite book:

"Until recently it was thought that humans had at least one hundred thousand genes, possibly a good many more, but that number was drastically reduced by the first results of the Human genome Project, which suggested a figure more like thirty-five thousand or forty thousand genes - about the same number as are found in grass."

NOT too be confused with Graci-as!!