Monday, June 21, 2010


My Big Girl's little pet snake died last night. Actually it's a complete and total mystery to me why that happened since he was doing great a day and a half ago (slithering, eating, all the regular snakey type stuff) and he wasn't particularly old or anything... he was an albino though which may have something to do with random, genetically activated reasons to die ... i don't know. Makes me sad though. poor little one. makes my Big girl sad too. She was pretty attached. {sniff}

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Just wow. This week-end was great. First off, the Wife kicked some serious booty and ended up with two medals (one for first place Doubles and the other a second place, Singles -- wherein she played against her doubles partner!) In addition to this fabulous-ness there was also swimming, hoteling, and some serious Miniature golf! Really. Major, big fun all around!

Also, filmed the video that supports The Big Project pitch. Please take a moment to go review, contribute and please feel free to link at will! The more folks who see this the sooner we can meet that pesky goal and the sooner we can start distributing paperdolls to the masses!!!! p.s. Thanks in advance.

Click to watch PaperDoll Pitch