Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it's not creepy if it's cute!

K. so i'm reviewing my list of "bands i love" and i'm coming to find that on average the boys tend to have been "born in 1983" which makes me older than god + some kind of cougar = still really, really into them... {sigh}.

and these guys too...

beyond that, not much going on. or rather SO much going on that i haven't found time to capsulize it into a cohesive post so i just carry on hoping that oat some point it will all slow down so i can Reflect or whatever but no... no reflecting. no slowing . just steady march toward ... {sigh}old, I guess.

Little Big Girl's 9th b-day is coming up fast. We're doing all sorts of building/painting etc. on her behalf so that's fun. i'll post pics once things are pulled together in her new "big girl room' -- big Big girl is so grown up and polished and cool and everything it makes me simultaneously proud and sort of in awe. I mean, she's already doing everything so much better than i did/do that i just don't know where she'll end up. I do know that it'll be amazing, though, that's fer sure. It's all kidn of like a really great movie that you're not sure where it's going to go but you don't' want it to stop either...

In other news/on the home front, married life is going well.I love my wife so much right now. it's actually slightly disconcerting. :-}

blah. anyways... i'm taking an opportunity to post here because i just got finished with some work stuff and don't need to be anywhere else yet but I think i'm going to head out so... love ya'all! oxoxoxox. I'll try to write more later. We'll see how it goes.