Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Really...?? Again with he bullet dodging????

{sigh} So, again at work, the big (ex-)boss who hates me decides he wants AGAIN to get rid of me and AGAIN the really awfully nice folks who oversee my direct manager (who is USELESS, BTW) step in/run interference -- meaning that AGAIN, i'm switching departments which, I guess is a good thing in that the department i'm going to be in is headed up by someone who is actually reasonable/clear in her expectations and/or directives but still.... Sucks to hear from people how close you keep coming to having a crazy person decide your work fate. Blah. Thankful, that the exceptional Magnet luck continues to hold and that there are folks looking out. still though....

Monday, December 17, 2007

missing everyone

It's weird. it's like the last three of four week-ends I think i've seen everyone in my regular line-up of buddies and yet, it still feels like i haven't had a chance to actually hang out with anyone in forever. Just hanging out. talking to each other and stuff. sheesh. I miss you guys. all of you. {sniff}

K. Sat. attended the QBGF holiday shin-dig instead of going to my own and, my GOD, sooooo the right choice! Not only was the QBGF event mucho fun what with everyone all fancy-pants-ed out and the uber-special dessert, great food, dancing, getting to (finally) meet cute co-workers, etc., etc. but from what I've been gathering from the peeps who dare not speak their names here at work, our HP SUCKED! To begin... no open bar. k. nuff said. So, happy that i got to get fancy and get out with the woman. thanks (again) to the Bees for facilitating. I owe you plenty but, you know this. (Loving the uber-cool new red floor BTW...!) then yesterday (after spending waaaaaaay too much time cleaning, sorting,hauling crap out of the old place) off to get one of the nicest trees I think i've ever seen -- just so wonderfully cute -- with the childrens and the GF and finally back home to decorate/stare at it. sigh. I heart X-mas. I really do!

Friday, December 14, 2007

My puppy is kicking my a**...!

{sigh} O.K. I'm TRYING to understand that we're all in a new house and that Bisquichito is a young dog and that everyone needs a moment or two to adjust to new surroundings but MY god! ALLLLLLLLL night with the whiney little yelp-ey barks because he's by himself in a room for the first time. Sheesh. seriously. Anyone know anyone who wants a dog???? jk. (sort of.)

In other news:

Witness the following conversation had with the Big Girl this morning who was bullied yesterday at some school assembly (!!)

Boo: You know, you're much more supportive of your child when she's been bullied than other parents.
Me: What do you mean?
Boo: Well, I think other parents would have just said "Did you tell a teacher?" and let it go at that.
Me: Ah.....

Note: My actual response was "What???! Do you know what class she's in? See if you can find out and also if she does it again tell her I'm going to come out there, tie her up in a telephone cord and leave her in some field for the crows to eat!"

Guess we can chalk it up to "Different parenting styles", right? heh, heh. heh... eh hem.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Nothing says "Happy Hanukkah" like moving!

First, a much belated HH to all my ethnically Jewish/practicing Jewish/just plain interested in/coupled with Jewish-peeps friends -- BBQ, J., Little A-Rose, Miss Tail... Mazeltov, my angels. Salud! (And yes, I do realize that in the grand scheme of major Jewish festivities this is a relatively minor one, still, i'm finding the ranks of my Jewish-holiday celebrating friends and their loved-ones increasing so I'm trying to get a bit more "up" on the occassions to wish luck, prosperity and overall happy times to folks!)

Next a HUGE thank you to the peeps who assisted with the move this past week-end. First and foremost, Mistah L-L, you are a rockstar sent directly from heaven to remind me of all that is wonderful! Thanks you sooooooo much for your assistance with the Van, the peeps, the gas... just pretty much all of it. (Especially the final mental postcard of you on the bus with the Baby Bratz in one hand and a juice cup in your pocket! Tee hee!) I could NOT have survived the week-end without you. (Also a shout-out to Jesus and Fernando who actually did most of the heavy lifting. Again with the rock-stars. Again with the huge sweeping thanks so very much!) In terms of kid coverage so moving could happen without large heavy things getting inadvertantly placed on top of small, innocent people -- Bees, you again completely rock with the Spark watch-age; I do NOT know what i'd do without you! Much thanks also to the Boo Best Friend's peeps for providing some quality big girl care and tons of gratitude to the eternally adored Miss Tail for providing a little respite at the final hour yesterday eve. You are all wonderful and amazing and i owe you all BIG!

(I should also add in here that without the unerring attention/insane amounts of stamina/just plain perfection-incarnateness of my QBGF, i truly would not be here right now writing to you people. I know i'm lucky but, my gosh, there were so many individual moments this week-end when I think the full compliment of how incredibly lucky i am washed over me and... well... let's just say, if i didn't already have this girl for my very own, i'd be doing everytihing in my power to GET her!)

So, move = mostly done. All the big/mostly necessary stuff has been transferred to the new digs and although there is still a significant amount of smaller crap to sort through and/or dispose of (plus the two houses still waiting to be dismantled) I'm feeling good about what we managed to accomplish....

Monday, December 03, 2007


No new job for me. Well, no new job for anyone else there either apparently. The nice folks at the place i wanted to become intimate with just (JUST) realized that they are, in fact hemorrhaging money and will not be filling positions any time soon. And, while i'm tempted to think this is all just a grandiose excuse to let me down gently, they sounded pretty sincere vis a vis apologies (lots of "we love you! Everyone here LOVES you....") and asked that i please "check back" in February or whatever when they get their next round of funding. Still.... much blah, blah, blah, with the final upshot being me still stuck in Paly. Ah well. At least I still have a job to hate while i continue to look. ;-)

In other news, me and the kid have been having a very interesting hemline debate lately. She (4.5 y.o.) loves short, tight skirts. LOVES them. Tight shorts too. and unitards with the legs rolled up with sleeveless shirts. Are we sensing a theme here? My kid is waaaaay into maximum extremity exposure at all times. Which is fine in the summer. It is not summer. It is winter. Meaning that i am in a position of saying "oh no, not in that you don't! You are not leaving the house until you put some clothes on young lady and I mean it!" Does anyone else see the colossal irony in these particular words coming out of MY mouth??? anyone?

Then finally the week-end = great. The Bees once again stepped up with some quality kidcare sos me and the little lady could go out and celebrate the greatness that is Mrs. L-L, aka K. with the rest of the pretty people and that was super nice. Also nice to get to spend some "quality" time with the GalPal who I haven't exactly been allowed to touch due to sickness/scheduling/etc. for weeks...! Which is just sad but which was more than made up for {heh, heh, wink, wink}! And, of course, the added bonus with the subsequent kid pick-up being that i was then fortunate enough to catch the tail end of a phone convo with the always charming Travelin' Man who is spending some quality time extremely close to one of the poles. (not sure which. I was never much good at geography.) Other than that, lots of painting/house preparation/curtain purchasing got done. Little Big Girl was GREAT throughout and I think we may actually be in a position to really start moving stuff on Sat.!! (I know. crazy talk but I gotta dream!)

k. i think that's it for now. My big Big Girl comes home from NYC tonight so I'm looking forward to that in a pretty big way. Also looking forward to sleeping but I'm not gonna get all hopeful over that one. I mean, i may still be trapped in a job I can't stand but at least i'm not delusional! ;-]