Tuesday, August 28, 2007

this is what I look like when i'm not working even a little bit! k. {whew} glad i got that out of my system. now then... This is FUNNY!

I love my job!

o.K. I'm reviewing other folks sites for ideas on how to handle sex-related, on-demand video and i stumbled across this. Not particularly explicit but genius, nontheless! (Warning: it's work-safe but it's kinda long...)


It's not Big It's Large {swoon}

Monday, August 27, 2007

Who had the best week-end EVER?

That's gonna be me!

Friday was great due in large part to the fantastic-ness of getting to spend some quality time with the GF (which, in turn brings me right back to having to express how very much i LOVE the Bees for providing not just kid-watchage but kid-watchage on a level that rivals/generally surpasses -- my own feeble attempts at child-raising!) at a chocolate store (That's right. A store that exists to sell really amazing Chocolate. me=dying.) and at her swanky-dank apar-te-mont wherein High School yearbooks were perused and many adorable pictures of persons who, at the time, were in their very young 20's and who are now old/still extremely influential in my life may or may not have surfaced (eh, hem. BBQ. Nice skirt...!) Very cute indeed.

Saturday was fun in that we (me, the girls, the GF and her lovely GalPal, the Gazelle) all managed to find each other at Sistah Steppin' (think drums and dykes and lots of mixed children) while at the same time, was a tiny bit more stressful than i would have liked due, i think, to the addition of a fast-growing puppy and some lost house keys into the overall mix.... I've coem to accept though (sort of) that not everything on the planet can be perfect all the time. not even in MY life so... I know,l shocking but true.....!! Anyways, apologies to the Gazelle for dragging your buddy away to help me with my lost key sitch. I've already promised to not be even a tiny bit jealous the next time Duck tells me she'd rather hang out with you week-ends because you're more fun than i am/not all complainey all the time about the idea of physically exerting oneself....

Sunday was just plain, across the board AWESOME. Went to the Russian River with the GF (who continues to put up with me for reasons that must be closely tied to some trust fund situation she's aware of that hasn't come to my attention yet) the children, the Big Girl's buddy, RockStar and the Lovah-Lovahs. Seriously, the weather was perfect the company was sublime and the kids were great. Really, truly more fun than i think is legal (although, what with Mr. Gonzales stepping down, all those proposals to the further limit freedom-to-have-massive-amounts-of-fun may also be falling by the wayside.) Then too, the fact that Sunday eve also managed to include some adult-oriented activity that was incredibly nice only solidified the day's enshrinement in my own personal Hall-of-week-end-fun-fame! Man. {shake head} have I mentioned how stupid I am about that girl??????

Monday, today, is going o.k. I'm the WORLD'S worst parent and got up late/missed my kid's first day starting the 5th grade (The much maligned CP managed to cover my sketchy parent-ness by getting the kid to school perfectly on time and by further following up with a fill-in phone call to me describing the festivities so... while it sucks to have to admit, I guess I am actually glad she's around sometimes... ;-]) I'm hoping to get all the dirt later on tonight in a follow-up call to the Big Girl but still. Would have been mice to have actually witnessed the transition to the new school... {sigh} it sucks to suck.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Am i wrong, here...?

K. so what if you had a girlfriend and she danced with someone else; would you be jealous? O.K. what if she waited to dance with this someone else until after you'd left her in a club FILLED with beautiful girls-who-like-girls...? What if she then went on to compliment this other girl's shoes (which is just soooo crossing any number of femme lines may i add!) I thought so! She deserves to be in trouble, right? Right????

(Ha! jk. I kind of like having the kind of gf that gets hit on in dyke clubs THE SECOND I turn my back although I am re-thinking my liking of her friends who were supposed to be having at least part of my back...! eh, hem.....) :-]

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tired but happy

Happy me. Nice visit from the GF last night that was nice last night and was REALLY nice this morning. {sigh} I like that girl She's dreamy... Then relatively low stress day today hanging with the kiddos attending birthday parties hosted by The Pretty People, washing cars (I've finally come to realize that I actually own every single car parked on the "all-day" side of the street. Really must get around to doing something about that.) and watching the big girl assemble "botanical collections" -- very early 19th century-chic. Tomorrow might be a little more action packed what with the hanging with the GF and her fiendishly attractive GalPal Buddy/ferrying the little ones to various playdates/sleepovers but as-of fifteen mnutes ago, I have nothing else "scheduled" so I'm looking forward to living life in the low-key lane.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How is it even possible...?

To stay cranky when the world is filled with so many nice folks???

Me: Hello.
Neighbor washing his car:{frowning}That your new car?
Me: Yup
NWHC: {still frowning} Here, back her up a bit.

I do, and this extremely nice man proceeds to wash my discustingly filthy car!

Me: Wow! Thanks!
NWHC: {gruff nod} No worries. Have a good day.

{sigh.} I heart nice folks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I heart my GF

Mainly because she is SWEET and brings me soup and throat lozenges when I'm sick but also because she's just plain quality people is all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

although this goes a long way toward assuaging my crankiness...


O.K. so I'm sitting out in the sun having a little lunchy-lunch and this girl wanders over with her guitar and we commence with the chatting (because it's just too nice a day to not strike up random conversations with girls holding guitars!) and she mentions to me that she's just come from the courthouse (where her boyfriend is being arraigned -- lower those eyebrows all you watchers-out-for-possible-encroachment-on-the-GF's-"territory"!) and that she was made to chat with this "private" lawyer because the city "no longer has Public Defenders..."

Did we all catch that? No longer has Public Defenders. i'm sorry but isn't it a federal law that everyone has a right to "free and unbiased counsel"??? Is anyone else struck by the fact that turning the job of the pd department over to private firms violates (on a fairly fundamental level) that particular tenent...? Is this just me thinking that's weird/wrong/shocking in that it's even been allowed to happen?? Anyone?? O.K. sorry. just channeling the Ex who used to work for the PD office for a minute there. I'm better now.

moving on....

today i am sick. I point this out because I was going to fill this space with a long, appreciative, post about the lovely child-filled week-end that has just passed -- wherein at one point i actually had 7 children ranging in age from 3 to 9 scampering around my house being all delightful and cute. After which I was going to wax poetic on the adorableness that is the GF's little sis and her cute-as-all-get-out offspring which was only enhanced by the amazingness of our puppy who at the same time was spending his first entire day "out in public" mostly on a leash and who didn't act up even a little bit... but then I starting getting sniffley, then downright snotty and by the time i'd finished with the freaking, loud nose-blowing/hocking/mild dizziness combined with my indignation that some tall, super skinny, model-looking chick can't get free legal counsel in this city (I mean, jeeze! If she can't then who the hell can?? and yes, this was on the heels of some irritation already inspired by the CP whose job it apparently is to make me feel like I'm bothering her with my desire to speak with her about figuring out kid-care for the big girl next week. Seriously, I don't know what it is about CP but sometimes i just wannna...!) Anyway... after all of that, it just turns out i just wasn't so much in the mood anymore.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

O.k. I just have to put this out there....

My girlfriend is AMAZING with the SEX! She is awesomely talented and I cannot stop thinking about her doing stuff to me!

There. i said it. seriously, i understand that this is a family blog and that quite possibly the above statements constitute a bit of TMI but my god, she makes me crazy on a regular basis! (the good kind of crazy not the other...)

k. sorry. back to our regularly scheduled programming...

So, heard from the school how i can go about registering my sorry self for this year; heard back from both of the potential Little Big Girl sitters so I'm not as worried about finding someone to enable my ability to keep working down here in Palo Boondocks...er...ah... Altie late some nights; i think i have a reasonable plan for getting rid of the least working of my THREE cars and i think i may actually be able to scrape together enough cash to provide for me and the little ones until payday next Thursday so, all-in-all have to say, I think everything is pretty much falling into place. Which is nice because, seriously, there was a minute in there where I was really questioning my ability to deal. :-]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

loser = me!

So, i was in a little bit of a panic a few weeks ago because i realized that my tuition for school was due and that I hadn't made "arrangements" as they say and so would probably not be "cleared for check-in" so i scrambled around and set-up my tuition payments, sent in my med waiver form etc., etc. only to get an e-mail from this lady who was in my cohort and she has since moved into the admin world at Mills Student accounts just checking/wondering what i was up to now that i was "through with school"....! Where, I wondered did she ever get the idea that I was "through"? Well, she replied, SINCE I WAS NOT REGISTERED FOR THIS SEMESTER she just thought....... Lame. I am Lame. I did not register in April like i was supposed to and now i have to go down to the school to register in person plus pay a $250.00 late fee PLUS hope she (really a very nice person) can find all that crap i submitted since there was no actual current registration record to attach it to meaning it probably got filed in the "circular file" along with all the other dumb stuff sent in by boneheads like me.... Sheesh. I'm slipping people. Seriously. It was cute but now it's just plain dangerous.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Amazon searches

so, I'm doing research for my dissertation as well as for my job and amazon likes to list all of your "current searches" together which led to this:

The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon: Portraits of a Protestant Saint by Stephen R. Haynes
The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination by Robert Coles
Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right by Joseph L.,Jr. Badaracco


Pervy Girls: Erotic Fashion Photography by Christine Kessler


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Just got a Alanis Morrisette CD in the mail all the way from sunny Texas! Yay!

Have i mentioned how much i love getting presents? not just the getting stuff part but the thoughtful little "it's not your birthday but i was thinking about you anyway" piece. My Big Girl is a MASTER at the impromptu "Here's a card i made because you're a nice mom" sappy-tear-inducing momento production. Also, kudos to the friend who just happens to have found the perfect sweater for you in the back of her closet and is passing it along. or the occassional "You like that? Take it!" giftie of, say, a REALLY COOL BAG someone sewed with her very own talented hands.... That kind of "no reason" giving just makes me really happy inside. :-]