Monday, October 30, 2006


Broke up with the boy yesterday for what I think are ultimately extremely well-thoughtout and carefully considered reasons but which, notwithstanding, leave me feeling crappy and sad.

that's it actually. I'll write more when i'm in the mood to think about it....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

So. Just found out that the new Magnet Baby-Girl is gonna need some specialized medical-type attention that is not readily available in New Mexico (in whom's NICU she's currently residing) but which is available in SAN FRANCISCO -- Now, Riddle me this, Bat-peeps: whose Baby Brother, new daughter and current partner-in-birthin'-babies are going to fly out here in approximately two weeks to stay for a little bit (where I can pretty much photograph every single expression to cross that tiny little face 24/7) while a certain someone has some surgery?????? Whoo Hoo! I swear, just when I'm THIIIISSSSSSS close to thinking I'm maybe not exactly THE luckiest human being on the planet, I am reminded that, YEAH I kinda am!!!

Happy Birthday!

And welcome AK, the newest addition to the Magnet clan! Just so we're absolutely clear, I am the "good auntie" who you can absolutely come stay with at any point for as long as you like because unlike your Dad, i am "hip to the ways" of you "young-uns"! Congrats, Baby Bro and Missy R. on getting your little one here in one peice and relatively healthy. i love you all and am crossing the ole fingers that everything continues to go well-ish and that all the attendant surgeries go as planned....

Monday, October 23, 2006

is it just me...

or is spam getting more interesting?

Eh hem. Anyways... Week-end = lovely. Had dinner with the Lovah-Lovahs at their new digs which are eerily close to my old (very old) digs and which I'm just not o.k. with because that either means the neighborhood has improved considerably or they've come down in the world. i'll just go ahead and believe the former since the latter is just so sad. Nice apartment though. Fabulously laid out and with really beautiful diningroom chairs to boot! The boyfriend was kind enough to join us which was also delightful. Then got to see the Bees yesterday which is just so ALWAYS a pleasure it borders on ridiculous. Our combined, fabulously talented children spent some time constructing not only a cast of super-cool hand puppets but also a puppet theatre, instruments for the orchestra and "newsheets" as well! Genius, i tell you, genius!

Tonight, I'm hanging with the boy, which should be fine. (Just between you and me and the big blue sea, I'm getting a little over this whole "being in a relationship" thing -- not because the boy in question isn't very nice but more because of the constant need for on-going/additional upkeep. For instance, I am currently exhausted. I could call my boy and cancel our date and crawl into bed early but because I care about him and his feelings, I am instead going to go home, clean my house, take a shower, put the baby to bed and try to "relax" enough to feel "in the mood" to be kissed whilst not allowing myself to "unwind" to the point where I instead fall asleep. {sigh} Honestly, sometimes I feel bad for anyone who has decided to subject themselves to me-as-girlfriend. I'm sooooo "Wow! this is great! You are great! Let's hang out and get stupid about each other and have mind-blowing sex" one second and "I'm sorry... you are? Oh never mind, just hand me that blanket and the remote, wouldya..." the next. Damn good thing I'm so adorable/smart/sexy/rich else I'd have nobody to nibble on ever! ;-]

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's all about the support...

So, can I just take a moment to say how essential to an on-going sunny demeanor, a good bra is? I've been sick all week and I keep having to drag myself out of bed to go meet people (important to our company for some reason people) and "present" stuff and I've just really not been in the mood and today (this morning) I was REALLY not in the mood and I tried on everything i own and nothing looked right/cool/professional-while-still-retaining-some-individuality and I was just about to give up when i happened across the world's cutest bra hidden by a pile of socks and which, upon being put on with one of the formerly rejected outfits, lent just the right amount of uplift + color + snappiness to make the entire clothing proposition suddenly work! K. I gotta go talk to people. Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone else is looking for a way to improve their day...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Going to hell...

You know the cool thing about being 38? You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the thing you are considering doing is wrong, and bad and will get you in trouble. Oh sure, you're probably still going to to it but there's none of that "hmmmmm. Maybe I can do this thing and have it actually work out in a way that is not awful and dramatic and sad-making!" Although, now that I think about it, that's also kind of the sucky thing about being 38.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well, I guess it was about time...

I got a "Challenging" P/T conference. So, apparently my littlest angel-girl is terrorizing 2 teachers and one of her groupmates (although, to be honest, said groupmate apparently terrorizes her right back!) We're talking screaming "No!", throwing things, scratching intentionally (which for some reason really freaks me out) -- she doesn't do any of that at home (i mean she definitely gets screamy but we usually end up yelling at each other for a minute then I get tired of it and either count to three or I take whatever it is we're yelling about away and she stops because she wants it back. I have NEVER seen her intentionally scratch (or kick or hit for that matter) anyone but... her teacher says she only does it with these other two teachers and two or three of her groupmates (one in particular who she apparently fights with all day -- shoving, scratching, pushing. Freaking out if this other kid gets the orange paper while she gets the red paper...) They seem to be relatively unconcerned about it; they're thinking maybe she's just tired of her age group and wants to hang with the bigger kids so they're gonna move her over to the other (big kid) house and see how it goes. Sheesh. Needless to say she got lectured to all the way home and is now explaining to the cat that he is, under NO circumstance, to scratch Massimo (kid at school), period! Ever! I don't know if he's quite getting it but I sure as hell hope she is. :-[

Friday, October 06, 2006

OH! I almost forgot -- my big kid thought hamburgers come from deer. She was a little grossed out when i told her they come from cows... :-]

October 30th!

That's the date when my newest little niece will be released into the world! The plan is as follows: cut her out, make sure she's breathing, check her heart (make sure all the ventricles are ventriculating), operate on her back (cover currently exposed spinal cord and nerves), pop her in the incubator to cook for approximately four more weeks, remove, cuddle and commence with the dressing up in tiny socks! Cross your fingers folks that it's really going to be that "easy".... :-]

O.k. now you know I'm not one to use this space to get all braggey (well... actually, yes I do but still -- what're YOU all gonna do about it?????!)

but i just have to say My little big girl is soooooooooo smart! First off, she's doing such an amazing job with the becoming completely potty-trained that I'm just amazed and second off, we had a HUGE fight yesterday morning about her sudden desire to wear a dress (I say "sudden" which is not meant to discount the fact that that's ALL she's wanted to wear for the last several months -- but then two days ago she switched to pants so I, being the perceptive mom that I am, brought out some pants for her to wear -- very cute pants, I might add! -- and she loses her mind. We're talking screaming, throwing her clothes around, kicking etc. so I'm yelling back and getting more and more frustrated and instituting timeouts and shoving tiny flailing arms into tiny sleeves... basically, an awful start to an otherwise not particularly horrible day) and so TODAY, she gets herself up out of bed (clutching her new, larger blankey, i might add. Who's a Big Girl now?) marches into the kitchen where I am preparing a lunch for the other child and says: "Dress today, please?" Super nice. With a small tilt of the head and the super huge chocolatey brown eyes.... So, of COURSE she gets to wear a dress. A really fancy cute dress. Yay! Let's see..... not much else going on. had the BEST lunch with Mistah Lovah-Lovah yesterday. i don't care what you all say, he's quality, plain and simple. this week-end's packed with stuff needing to be done but I think it'll be aight. {sigh} K. guess that's it. Hope the day goes well for everybody.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby!

All happy wishes go to my primary reason for existence on this fine 2nd day of the fabulous month of October! I love you, Boo! Thank you soooooo much for blessing me with your existence!

Best wishes also to the beautiful and vivacious Mrs. Bee without whom many of my finest memories would never have been constructed! You are a rockstar and I only hope to someday be half as useful to the world of education as you currently are!

Things I learned this week-end:

1) I'm a REALLY good parent when I only have one kid. Seems like it doesn't matter which one (interesting because they're complete opposites) but in terms of togetherness and patience and figuring out fun, active, wonderful ways to be together when it's mano y mano, I excel! Sadly, it is almost never MyM so not sure what that says about the majority of the parental experience my babies are being subjected to...

2) I love my kids. Really. I do. they're cute and perfect (and potty trained!) and really really sweet. And smart. Yay

3) I love my friends. (see above)

4) My boyfriend is nice and helpful and really very sweet as well. (and did I mention helpful? Especially at the keeping the suddenly uber-clingy three-year-old entertained whilst her mommy navigated a (admittedly light version of) "need to just freaking STOP and be in one place for like a second already" moment.

5) I LOVE the pseudo cold weather that is the fall in California

6) I really need to get on my reading because at the rate I'm going I will be ready to re-write my proposal in approximately 14 years.

7) I'm really, really tired. Really. And I'm going to be that way for the rest of my life. (I guess that's o.k. though. I mean, someone's gotta be, right?)