Sunday, September 29, 2013


so, we had a housewarming party last week-end that was fantastic! It rained a ton in the morning which made me both sad (because all of our nicely loaned tables and canopies were getting soaked) but also kind of happy because i've not yet been in the new house with the rain and it was really very lovely to feel so warm and tucked away. Regardless, the rain eventually cleared and the sun and my friends turned out looking adorable to a person and bearing lots of really delicious food. they also brought their adorable children which made me practically cry with happiness because, really, the only reason I keep most of them around is because i love their kids. After my adopted sister d and i put together a new grill for my wife to practice her cooking skillz on (and which i think she actually only ended up standing near while, again, My Adopted Sis, D handled most of the grilling!) everything sort of came together in a fabulous, chillaxed kind of cohesion which, although it was crazy stressful leading up to the event, just ended up flowing super well (IMO.) The ONLY thing i found lacking even a little bit was my inability to actually talk at length to all the super cute, super smart people in my house because i kept having to be all hostesy and greety and making sure nobody got too killed on the toys i provided-y.... Still though, all in all it was fun and I feel lucky and blessed to know such great people even if i only get to view them from a distance.

In other recent news - the Big Girl Boo took her written driving test two days ago and, sadly, did not pass. I told her i totally flunked on my first go too but i don't know if that makes anyone actually feel any better. She's got the book now and will be taking it again on Friday and/or Monday depending on how well we understood or misunderstood the directions for re-taking and i feel like she will do better next time!

then lastly, right this second, Me and the Spark have just returned fro a cute little event that my very lovely buddy A-girl had her handmade book at and it was both very fun as well a very inspiring to both me and my little angel. forget that i really like hanging out with her but to see her get o excited about book making and printing is just a joy! We missed IHOEL and the children but The Israeli was there with his a-flippin-dorable youngest girl-child o that was nice. :-)

Oh! and i almost forgot - Pretty Boy and his beautiful Wife had their baby! I know! It is a boy and weighs a million pounds (10 to be exact) and was born about a little over a week ago. {collective "awwwwwww!"} Let's hear it for fabulous people having/raising kids!!!