Thursday, August 18, 2016

comings and goings

sad news - the Wife's mom passed away this past week-end (Sat. August 13th). She'd been in the hospital for awhile and in a coma for the last few weeks so, it was "expected"; still very sad though. The Wife and her sisters are managing. We're having the viewing on Sunday and the actual funeral on Monday. Note: Urban death is SUPER expensive!!!!! Seriously. i'm not actually sure i can afford to die... :-(

In other news, the Big Girl FOUND. HER. DONOR. Thas right folks, Scoot submitted all the appropriate paperwork, sent off the appropriate e-mails and ta-da! located the other half of her genetic make-up. He wrote her a very nice e-mail in return (letting her know that she is the first to contact him - which *i* find interesting) and gave her his phone number. As I recall, he is in a long-term relationship with a man and I think (based on some unrelated sleuthing i did a few years ago) that he might be a reproductive services doctor! (Another Dak-tah in the family, my my!)

I am doing my best to just sort of sit with both of these life events and not try to get all manage-y about either of them. It's pretty exhausting but i think it's all going to come out o.k.