Sunday, October 13, 2013

babies, babies everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Such an exciting week-end! Went to an old friend's baby shower (really old - roomies 20 years ago, old) and made much of their about to be birthed daughter while also getting a glimpse of my another old friend's (Pretty Boy to be exact) brand new 3 week old son and finally getting to meet his lovely wife who i've heard so much about! really quite fantastic to be re-united with the crew and do some catching up. Also lovely to see the newly renovated digs and to sample the latest in the exceptionally tasty cocktail that were being served up to those who chose to imbibe! In other news, went with the CP and my Big Big Girl to watch her get her nose pierced! I know! crazy right??! She was, of course a big ole trooper although i did feel a bit faint. The place/piercer though = totally legit/awesome and in the end it seems to be not hurting nearly a much as we all thought it might so.... That's good. Spent the rest of the week-end just sort of puttering around. Thought briefly about assembling the uber-cool fire pit my wife bought me for our anniversary but in the end realized i'd rather sit around in the sun and read so... whilst the Missus and the Little Big Girl were in Livermore watching some random football game with the Auntie/cousin, that's just what i did - lazed about! Felt good to. So good, i may even do it again sometime! Lastly, just so we're all caught up with the current events: We celebrated Mizz Boo's 16th birthday by taking her and a few friends Go-karting; She/Boo also re-took and PASSED her written driving test AND we decided to move our Spark to a new school (KIPP Bridge in oakland. 5-8, very structured environment, fantastic-seeming principal, rave reviews from the parents who have gone there from Spark's old school - I really think this is going to work for her)... I know, right! Personally, I blame the government shut-down but for whatever reason this has been a very eventful couple of weeks!