Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy turkey Day!

What i'm thankful for:

1) that one of my main supports both at work and in The Life made it safely though massive, intensive bi-lateral, outpatient surgery and is now recouping nicely in a way that makes him unable to do anything but address MY concerns about my stupid work project.

2) That my Wife is staying married to me despite the cranky, stressey, uncommunicative, mood-swinging moments brought on by aforementioned stupid work project.

3) that legally my kids can't leave either no matter how much aforementioned silliness around aforementioned S-project may make them want to.....

{sigh} K. enough of that. I am actually really thankful that i have a job. A very lovely job that is accommodating and kid-schedule friendly and where wonderful people abound who make me happy just cause they exist. I'm happy my friends are healthy and (relatively) happy and that families (and dogs) are intact and thriving. I'm thankful that my brothers and mom are doing well especially given "the economic climate." I am thankful that my Wife continues to be such an amazing font of support and assurance and information (and that she continues to allow me access to her 'pert little figur and killer smile!!) I am happy/thrilled that she (The Wife) has a new job to look forward to and the assurance of the few quality people at her old job that she was valued and will be missed. I'm thankful my babies are healthy, (relatively) happy and a freaking joy to be around every single minute of every single day. I'm thankful i have such great friends who combine supportive with understanding with butt-kicking in all the right proportions according to highly changeable situational "needs".... Hell, I'm even sort of thankful my dogs like each other so much as it would be sad to have to figure out how to raise them separately!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good hair

Also wanted to mention that i had a very fun date last night with my very good friend Mizz Tail. We went to see Good Hair which was a (IMHO) very good movie -- nuanced, sweet, factually correct (mostly), culturally interesting, thought/conversation inducing etc. etc. -- but which also marked the first time in well over a year that i've gone with an adult to see an adult movie sort of kind of when it was still topical! I am so proud of myself. What with that and the walk I managed to cajole my BBQ into taking with me this week-end, I'm feeling quite on top of my "get out and hang out with those people you say you like" new year's resolution... Sure, I'm kickstarting it a wee squeach late but whaddaya want??? I've been busy. We got a puppy! Sheesh...


I would first like to say that I am just so happy/thrilled that The Wife has landed a fancy-pants new position with a cool-seeming company that is mere minutes away from mine own work place (hint, hint, lunch anyone?)

She's being all practical and cute right now with the "Well, I mean it's good and everything but I think we're still going to have to figure out how to manage the Boo schedule since it'll probably be awhile before I'll be allowed to work a more flexible schedule..." As IF. As if I'm going to segue from concerned to sensible without even a few minutes devoted to sheer, unabridged delightedness. Whom, might I ask, does she think she's married to?? Forget the potential rearranging of a schedule or two. Wifey got a new job! She is no longer going to be stifled and annoyed (well not in the same way anyway) and berated by her passive-aggressive boss over ridiculous butt-covering crap! she will be rolling into a pretty part of a pretty town and working in an environment which is interesting (at least for now) and in which folks seem to actually talk to one another. She will be able to learn new things and develop even more fantastic coding skills and finally, have a chance to stop with the constant worrying about "finding a job in this economy" because that. part. is. done! I am thrilled. Thrilled, I tell yas. I love you baby. Seriously, Couldn't have happened to a better goil!