Friday, September 26, 2008

T-8 and counting...

No idea if that reference is correct but whatev. So, things here at work are a little stressful. Nothing serious just everyone kind of on-edge. Happy though because the fabulous IHOEL will be covering for me while I'm out which makes me feel MUCH better in addition to making a situation where he can demonstrate his perfectness to the organization at large and subsequently so that the aforementioned OAL can then get off it's collective rear and just hire him already! (I've also passed along the contact info of our former GV Sr. Designer/my Ex-crush -- who's, like myself, newly married so no conflicts of interest there! -- so we may just end up with a little GV-specific re-union up in these here parts!)

{sigh} I just want to be away from here. Everyone is such a freaking stress-case right now and I've got all these things I think I'm supposed to be doing (don't know for sure as I've not had time to breathe/make an actual list) that have nothing to do with work but that are happening TOMORROW..... It's fine. I'm fine. It's just a lot is all. :-)

On a completely unrelated note though, I had the tastiest tiny sandwich thing at a meeting today. There were preserves involved. Really quite yummy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In terms of wedding planning and task accomplishment though

Things are actually coming along nicely (thanks in no small part to my pose of extraordinarily talented friends) -- we have pretty much everything we need either almost done or done-done and the final touches don't seem too impossible to complete within the next few weeks.

Also, huge massive kudos to the GF/Wife on her focus since I am still, technically, trying to finish and submit my dissertation and she is being all proactive and sweet about reminding me how nice it would be to actually have something to show for all those years of hard work/$80,000 even if it is just a piece of paper that probably won't even get framed until next year..... :-)

Also having lunch with my pal Abby-Tail

Which I am VERY much looking forward to! I only wish it were today.....

My friend IHOEL....

Experienced a loss this week-end about which I am very sad. I hope the trip back East to be with his family helps him find some emotional and physical peace and that he (and all the Bees, actually) remember that they are very special to me and that I am always on hand to do whatever I can to assist should needs arise......

Aging Out

I'm having lunch today with a Pal of mine who "has to talk to me" about something. Now, It's not like I'm not available to this person via phone, text and/or e-mail (all preferable modes of communication where this individual is concerned to be perfectly honest) but, no. This "talk" has to be face-to-face. Which is fine, i guess. Although I can't escape the feeling that it could possibly have something to do with the fact that I may or may not have repeated to him a comment our mutual pal made about him "aging out" of my "corral of young studs" I'm currently interested in paying attention too but that may just be me finding the hilarity in the situation. It is equally possible that this Pal of mine is just missing our little tete a tetes and/or wants a peek at the long hair... Either that or he's angling for an invite to the Bachelorette party now that he knows the wedding list is officially closed! ;-)


K. i forgot to blog about this the other day but My Big Girl is now officially Street-smart and has been riding the (public transit) bus from her school to my work where she has her after-school camp thing and it's been a little bit of a learning experience (for both of us). This is mainly due to the fact that she's NEVER done anything even close to this before so there have been the occasionally missteps -- getting on buses going the wrong direction, getting on the bus going the right direction but having it choose to stop and kick everybody off mid-way to the stop she's supposed to get off on, getting off on the right stop but then forgetting which way you're supposed to walk up the hill (especially since your stop is sort of in a valley so there are two "up" directions) but she is a trooper and has totally got the drill down. So, Friday she calls me from stop one to announce that she's on her way to stop two and I decide, what the heck! I'll head on down to meet her. Can I just say, the look of sheer delight on her face as she gets off the big ole smelly bus and sees me waiting there at the cafe across the street with a magazine, some tea and a cup of hot chocolate for her..... priceless! Anyhoo, she comes trotting up with this huge grin on her face and says "Wow. I didn't expect to see you here! How delightful!" Seriously, I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is moments like these that are THE reason you have kids.

Freaking out

K. So, i took my big girl to her first drum lesson yesterday and I'm siting there waiting for her to get out and I'm looking at my scheduling book and I suddenly realize that we are 21 DAYS AWAY FROM OUR WEDDING! What the freakin' hell?????? I know I've been doing pretty much nothing but getting ready for this for the last several months and yes, I also realize I've been yakking about it non-stop for like weeks but STILL! I do have to say, this is kind of like that thing where you're going along minding your own business and playing with your kids and feeding them and stuff and then you look away for maybe 3 seconds and when you look back they're basically ready for COLLEGE! {sigh} I simply am not prepared to deal.

A life lived scattered...

O.K. so I am officially completely and totally exhausted. I was up all night (well technically every two hours) giving puffs to a pretty little asthmatic princess so we could avoid what I've come to regard as the "gold standard" of unpleasant circumstances elicited by this condition -- the Emergency Room and subsequent admission to the hospital visit. She seems to be doing better -- the Wife is at home with her right now so I'll p'raps get an update soon-ish but I (skating so close as is my wont to the edge of exhaustion anyway) am completely wiped. Because of this lack of an ability to put thoughts and sentences together I am going to depart fro our typical, lengthy summary post and instead do a bunch of mini-posts remarking on things pretty much as they occur to me (which, some of you may remember was how all of this nonsense started in the first place!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tired, tired, tired. Plus, we have no water right now. A pipe under our house burst (finally!) Apparently, according to three different plumbers, the pipes were in horrible, leaky condition -- a fact which we just starting figuring out a few months ago when we noticed that the water bills were astronomically high but which Slacker-I did nothing about until yesterday morning when my eldest noticed a "running water" sound as well as a pool of water flowing up and out from under the house down the driveway...... All of which spurred me to action (the kind of action where you ask your New Wife to pretty please take care of it but action nonetheless!) and which resulted in no running water for us last night and today. Cute in a "let's pretend we're camping!" kind of way. Annoying when you realize you have to choose between basically throwing away the gallons of water it takes to flush a toilet and having water on hand to cook your kids some supper/make coffee in the morning. Suffice to say, we opted for java-buzz but, fair warning now, I wouldn't advise any "impromptu visits" to the Chick Homestead until we get this figured out. ;-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And, scene!

My goodness. Where to begin??? The week-end was lovely. The CP married her GalPal of many years, the ever-fabulous Mimsy and they were both radiant and beautiful plus there were cupcakes! Also, dancing (Vogue, the Charleston, I'll leave it at that....)!! Add in the special bonus of getting to see Mistah Lovah-Lovah all "hard at work" and professional looking with his little cameras strung around his neck and the beautiful Mizz Tail who just got back from a trip back east (I swear -- what is it with The East that all my nearest and dearest feel they must go there all the time???) Good friends, beautiful weather, etc. Just a really sweet event all the way round. Hanging with the kiddies and the Woman for such a concentrated time was nice too although I think we all ended up a little more worn that expected so it was nice to have the extra day to chill-lax. Back to work yesterday where I was greeted by all the e-mails in the world demanding things but (strangely) I was able to get most the requests done so I'm feeling fine and in line today. ;-)