Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy birthdays all round!

Seriously. First there's the b-day of the fantastic Wife's little niece, h. celebrated on Sundee, little Big Girl's Best buddy's baby brother K having his birthday today, Little Big Girl's Best Buddy, herself, having hers next week. then we have Our own Big Big Girl turning the big 1- freaking-3 on Sat. (!!) and My own Baby brother turning the big eh, HEM on Tuesday! Slide yet another super important big b-day for our very own moms to the Baby Bee-clan into the slot on the 1st and you've got (i think) the short list of all the fabulousness that saw fit to bless this short two week period with their arrivals! Happy B-days everyone! Mwah, mwah! My heart she ess delighted I have gotten to know you all!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

my current writerly obsession...

is with this man

"As for me, I'm valiantly studying French, go to work each morning, come home insane in the evening, expect letters, don't write any myself but still expect, every evening, at the very least three letters. They should be lying there when I open the door, white, dazzlingly white, with the dear stamps upon them, the sweet postmarks and all the rest. And when there aren't any, I get perfectly stupid and can't work, and then I say to myself quite sensibly: you never write any letters, but you expect them! You blockhead!

It isn't precisely that I expect letters, but now I'm always expecting something as dear, as tender as a letter. Every evening there ought to be some uplifting little surprise for me, just like a letter.

But one can live quite well without excitements, can't one, only one ought to be endowed with a bit less poesie and the like, should one not, should one not? What a babbler I am, am I not, am I not?"

I heart him. Plus, there's a new book of his "scribblings" which are extremely tiny:

"his works we have, are written on the backs of tear-away calendar pages or on the detached covers of penny dreadfuls and that the writing is in a script so tiny as to be nearly illegible."

besides which, i think it is rare/odd to be introduced [fictively] to a writer who so completely wanted to go unnoticed yet at the same time was so clear he would like his word-collections to be properly appreciated

"You must without fail be satisfied with me, do you hear? Without fail. And then that little mat. This reality. This treasure trove of in-fact-having-occurred-nesses. This car drove off, and he and she were sitting in the back. How do you like my "trove" and "drove"? Make a note of these words! They're not my invention. How could such delicate expressions have originated with me? I just snapped them up and am now putting them to good use. Don't you think my "trove" is ben trovato? Please do be so good as to think so. Accept my heartfelt greetings and do not forget the pride of that silly little dog. He was adorable."


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My nose feels weird.

No, really. I have a cold/flu/some random disease and it involves me wiping my nose and it feels weird. I mean, how often do most people get a chance to feel their own nose. Like REALLY feel it. My nose feels like a small plum. only squishier. O.K. so maybe it's just me but seriously. I think it's a funny little shape.

eh hem... sorry. moving on.

in other news, me and the Missues are going to an actual grown-up cocktail party event on Saturday night which makes me pretty happy/excited/etc. Major big kudo-prop thanks to IHOEL for providing kid-coverage for half of our rapidly expanding brood! I owe you, Man! no, really!! ;-)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Feeling all happy and effective right now

I'm not at work (Happy Jewish New year, everyone!) which i think probably explains this particular sensation but i just finished sorting out this whole huge "phone call/contact chain" thing (I think) that i signed up for in a moment of intense enthusiasm combined with some pressure from a certain about-to-be-eighth grader last summer to support my kid's summer school program. Seriously. the fact that math was involved, i think explains quite a bit but, only two erroneous e-mails to my list of call volunteers, one completely wrong spreadsheet of student contact information and a phone call to the program coordinator later and i think i finally figured it out! Yay me!

in other news, week-end was grand. the girls made a batch of Dee-licious lemonade from the lemons on the tree outside -- which i've heard made the tree in question a lot less "stressed" so that's good. Noone wants stressed out lemon trees!

we also got our first batch of paperdoll cutouts back from the printer/cutter people and they are A-Dor-able!! Really, seriously. Amazing. Really, I'm so excited about this project, it's a little crazy.

Other recent developments: a number of school check-in affairs wherein I became intensely nervous as to the sheer amount of dates that are extraordinarily important and that I and my children need to participate in if they have any hope whatsoever of being successful in their future schooling endeavors and which I have no idea how i will accommodate... I mean, of course, they will be accommodated, it's just a lot is all. No worries, though! I've always felt that my time spent at work, with my family, friends and/or sleeping are vastly overrated and needed to be cut short anyway so I'm sure time will magically materialize in my schedule. ;-)