Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Pride!

Happy being out and loud and whatever else it is folks are being right now. I, myself, feel like I've been pretty strident in a whole bunch of other ways for the past several months so I'm not really feeling all that compelled to go add myself to the throng but more power to those who do. The GF is out at the filmfest which I suppose is close and she might be hanging out at the march after so, I figure I can support by proxy!

So, can I just say, this week has been kicking my butt. I signed on to do this website for this hair lady who is once again teaming up with Redkin to promote a particular kind of hair extension method (those of you who are near and dear to me may remember my summer of long hair circa 2006 when I was actually *in* the show -- I'm still getting the extensions as part of the deal but this time around I don't have to sit in front of a crowd of people getting poked and stared at while they put them in, PLUS my name goes in the Redkin show brochure so I could get some actual extra work out of it!) All around a win-win sitch except it sort of also means I've been staying up nights trying to finish the website for her at the same time i'm trying to focus on completing the "wedding homework" steps our lovely planner RSM has set out for us AND just trying to deal with work and sick kids and lovely girlfriends who are also trying to deal but who have a lot going on as well which sometime necessitates unexpected extra dealing.... {sigh}... I guess what i'm trying to say is I'm a little tired i think. Not of any one thing since it's all good, it's just alot of balls to keep in the proverbial air....

In other news, though, I also just attended a "block party" planning meeting wherein some of my neighbors and I sat around discussing ways to put on the apparently annual event -- all of which felt very neighborhoody and inclusive and whatnot so that was fun!

K. i'm just about to head out for a playdate with the little G-daughter of our exLand-Peeps (although, Spark, for whatever reason thinks it's her playdate!) after which I get to see the fantabulousness that is my Bee clan, who I love and who I've sorely missed so, again, have to say, it is a lot but a lot of it is good!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Who's going to TULUM for their Honeymoon with their Sweetie and two of the most amazing children on the planet...??? That would be US!Yay! Plans finalized last night. Tickets purchased. Me = dying!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good-bye to the Wil-ster

The GP's beloved cat, who she lived with for more than a decade, passed on yesterday and it was sad. She's sad and we'll miss his fuzzy grey adorableness. Good luck where ever your travels take you next, Mister Willie-Boy. Thanks for being here with us for a little while along the way...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Multiple Choice!

Conversation had this morning with Fantastically "Aware" Individual:

Fantastically Aware Individual:So, we had the {air quotes} "final" discussion yesterday
FAI:Yeah. I just told her that I didn't really see us as friends anymore and that I didn't think that was going to change.
Me:What did she say?
FAI:She said she didn't know why. And that we used to be friends and hang out all the time and that I was being different.
Me:Hmmmm. How'd that make you feel?
FAI:[shrug] Well, I don't know. I mean, I am different. That's the point. Plus she's got all her people always hanging around her telling her how great she is. I sort of feel bad but I also sort of feel like she's just using this to try to make me like them.
FAI:It'll be fine. I'm not gonna see her anymore after this year anyway so... she'll make new friends.
Me:yeah. {pause} man. You're smart.

K. so, quick question: Who was I having this enormously insightful, succinct, well-thought out conversation with?

A) Any of my growing number of increasingly self-reflective gal-pals about to hit the big 4-0 and electing to weed out some of the more problematic elements in their otherwise full and rewarding lives....

B) Any of my 20 something Pals who are finding they just cannot continue carrying the expectations of some of their Crush-Buddies who are growing increasingly grumbly about the continuing lack of reciprocal affection emanating from my Buddies' cool-mustachioed selves.....


C) My ten year old.

Answer = "C" -- Seriously. I don't know where she gets this from but I sure as heck do know it isn't genetic!

Monday, June 09, 2008

A man is only as good...

as his Mustache! [cue me posting a pic taken just today of the Man, the Myth, Mr. DB with his new lip foliage! But, alas, I can't get it out of my phone so... until I figure this out, the world will never know...]

In other news,

week-end was FABULOUS! Dinner at the Ms. JW (aka wedding caterer extraordinaire!) which was amazing plus awfully fun getting to hang out with the grown up types. Then Sundee was all about e kid types combined with some quality gardening. Today I had off as it is Shavuot which is a Jewish Holiday and which I now get off onna counta I'm working at an Jewish-centric organization. (Sweet!) So I got to not only pal around with my Honey , I also got to have some lunchey lunch with my dear friend, A-Tail as well as a chance to swing by Pearl's to pick up some paper/witness the effect a quality mustache can have on the average customer. (None that I could immediately ascertain but maybe I'm just not looking in the right way -- or laughing too hard, that could be it as well!) After which we were also able to harass/give a ride to the unbelievably fantastic BBQ so all in all I'd have to say, quite the successful stretch of time was had!

Last but certainly not least, let me close by saying, My GF is really really HOT!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Last night...

Last night TWO dresses arrived at my house. Two gorgeous dresses that I now have to choose between in order to figure out which one I want to wear for my wedding! The Big Girl was, as always a huge help.

Me: Whoa!
BG: Yeah!
Me: These are gorgeous!
BG: I know! Wow!
Me: [worried] Now how am I going to pick between them?
BG: [shrug, not at all worried] Just pick the one that feels most right.
Me: But how do I know?
BG: You always know.

We also made our appointment to go get paper-hitched at the Hall of Cities in San Fran. Monday, August 4th at 12:30, Baby! Signed, sealed and delivered! (Uh, everyone should prolly keep that date open as we're going to require at least one witness and me and the GP while not being nearly as fabulous as we're going to be at the REAL wedding are STILL going to be looking awfully cute! IHOEL, Bee-Mama, Mistah Lovah-Lovah, this means you.....!)