Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Make me melt...

You know how you make me melt? You call me out of basically nowhere and begin your message by saying "Hey Pretty..." !! {swoon} K. So. Anyway.

I'll make this brief since I have FIFTY-BILLION things to do and every single person in the world (here at work anyway) wants something from me -- plus, my Lovely Assistant is STILL leaving (WTF??!) and although we've brought in the COOLEST replacement chick, ever... still... {sniff} I'll just miss her is all. (LA not CRCE. Although, if CRCE were to leave I'd probably miss her too. Anyway, what was that I was saying about "brief"...?)

Kid update - Spark had an asthma attack on Sat. which was insanely scary because she's tiny and shouldn't be having trouble breathing dammit! But, in the grand scheme of things, I think it's good a full blown/trip-to-the-emergency-room inducing event finally happened because she's been snuffly and unhappy and not sleeping for the last three weeks and her freaking regular doctor kept saying she was just catching "concurrent colds", meanwhile, my poor baby could have been starting her "puff" treatment and we would have been good (in the sense that she could breathe easier. I'm not just a little freaked out by the idea that my 15 month old is getting steroids but I'm looking into "alternative/holistic" treatments as we speak...)

That said, Boo was great at the ER -- very patient and self-contained. She kept making sojournes into the ER ward at large and coming back with all sorts of interesting reports. The nursing staff fell in love with her. In fact one of the Dr.s {hearted} her so very much she brought her a Polly Pocket doll with some clothes to play with! Speaking of Boo, I eventually sent her off to CP's to spend the evening and since we had a shorter time together than usual we were both very "I miss you!!" last night culminating in me getting to go have lunch with her at her school today! Yay!

Let's see.... What else...? I got to see OGE drum with her drum group (awesome!) on Sundee and I got to go see Sky Captain et alwith the ever fabulous Travelin' Man on Sat. eve (which was soooo unbelievably necessary by the time the ER ordeal was got through!) and I got to check in with my lovely Miss Tail re: the really super great things going on in her life so, I'm feeling still very busy but at least a little more caught up with my real life. Kind of. If I don't talk to BBQ and Ms. Bee soon I am going to explode! But anyway... strides are being made in those directions so I have a feeling all will be good there as well.... K. That's it. Even if there was more I'd still need to be going to get some work done so, I'm out mon peeps. More later....

Thursday, October 21, 2004

O.K. so one of the main reasons I really don't like CP sometimes is because she does this THING where she gets me all excited because she makes plans to hang with the Boo (plans in which she actually schedules time for the two of them to hang out and sets up realistic schedules that she actually runs by me and that I, in turn, MAKE PLANS around) then she freakin flakes! Gawd! And it's not just the flaking that kills me -- it's the WAY she flakes. It's the freaking assumption that I have nothing better to do than wrap my life around whatever whims she might have as far as seeing her kid go! Arrrrrgggggg! THEN it's even made worse by the fact that it's not like I don't WANT the Boo and wouldn't LOVE spending time all the time in the world with her; I DO want her and I would rather have her all the time but this is soooo not about that and I don't know how to have a conversation around this that doesn't eventually involve hearing CP utter some phrase that sounds extremely close to: "Well, if you don't want her with you..." or "If you can't have her for whatever reason..." Which is NOT the case and completely misrepresenting the situation and which wouldn't even be an issue if I hadn't re-arranged my life in the first stupid place to accomodate what I continue to consider fairly important "bonding" time with the other parent! {snort} I need to take a walk now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Witness the following telephone conversation...

Me: What're you doing?
Boo: Playing piano.
Me: Really! Where'd you get a piano?
Boo: Well, it's not really a piano. It's a BabyBug actually. and it's got pictures of a cat and dog, cat, dog, cat, dog, cat, dog, and music notes so you know they're singing so I have it open and I'm using it for a piano.
Me: ah....

And tell me HOW it is that I ended up with THE world's most adorable seven year old????

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My hair is very short right now! I love the lady who cuts my hair. She's from Korea and is always chatting about her daughters and how smart they are and her husband who "is like a woman!" (which apparently is the opposite from how she "likes it") and how much she loves my "curly hair but not big!" Every time I go in there she starts with just a regular trim type of cut then when I ask for the clippers her eyes light up and she grins "Like a boy?" She asks. I nod and she goes to town. i think she was bored today though cause she made it REALLY short. Just kept clipping and snipping. She gave me a bag of popcorn to take with me too. My hairdresser is the best!

I'm sick today

What makes this different from any other day is that I'm actually staying home. I know! I'm shocked as well! I figure what with my LA leaving and certain folks around the office penciling me into their incredibly labor intensive long-term plans I should seize the opportunity to just stay in my bed once in a freaking while. Quick shout out to IHOEL who is also staying home sick and if she is not she SHOULD be...! I can only assume that with both of us out the work world as we know it will cease entirely to function but, c'est la vie, such are the chances one takes in this game we call life. K. So. Plans for today include: writing two papers (one of which is due tonight), getting a freaking haircut already, pushing my laundry around so it stops looking so "all over the place", vacuuming and figuring out how to get a 25.00 check to my kid's school -- which is all the way over on the other side of the bridge -- before her new Drama Club starts tomorrow... Ha! I remember the days when I used to be "sick" and I actually stayed in bed, drank tea and whined alot. So, cute!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It has been brought to my attention that I was horribly remiss in leaving some peeps out of the "can't live without" category of today's earlier posting and I would first like to apologize unreservedly -- my omission was not meant as a slight vis a vis the idea that I can in fact live without the missing people but more of a reticence to ascribe the "liking me very much" part to folks who honestly may not hold me in as high an esteem as I seem to think they do. (Interestingly enough, most of the people I left off the list were girls and that was mostly because I have NO trouble deciding whether or not boys can live without me, it's the chicks that are all obtuse en sheet...) Having said that then I would like to ammend the category to read "People who I think like me very much and whom i cannot live without" and include therein:

The entire B family
The Lovely and effervescent Miss Tail
Other Girl (and her dad)
My mom
and a whole host of work peeps who are jsut really nothing short of fabulous (you know who you are!)

Kisses to all and thanks for keeping me sane.

Coming up for air

{Gasp!} Going back down...

K. So I have been in meetings all day for the last coupla days and I'm going into all day trainings for the next few. Sigh. I'm tired.

People who love me:

My kids
My Prof. K
My brothers
My soon-to-be ex assistant

People who don't love me yet but who will (dammit):

Green eyes
My new assistant (whomever that person might be)
Cute chick in my Wed. eve class

People who like me a whole lot and who I could not live without:

Mistah Lovah-Lovah
Travelin Man
Pretty Boy
Dirty Boy

Notice how all the people I want to love me are female whereas the ones who already think I'm swell are of the boy variety? Indicative of an issue I may be having with my life? Possibly. Something I have the time/energy to do anything about? Nah.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Let's pretend it's Friday -- Happy Birthday Ms. Bee!!!!!!! Yer the best

K. Now pretend it's Saturday.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, little (big - HUGE) Boo!!!!

Right. So, I'm basically in the middle of the most stressful time of my life ever! yet -- but -- I still had a great week-end! Mostly. Witness the following conversation with random friend and his chick whom I ran into in the grocery store:

"Friend": Hey.
Me: Hey.
"Friend": Whattaya doing here?
Me: Buying food.
"Friend": Baby food?
Me: Um hm.
"Friend": Looks gross.
Me: Yup.
"Friend": Where's the kid?
Me: Which one?
"Friend": [blank stare]
Me: Which one??
"Friend": Uh, the one that had her birthday...?
Me: She's at her CP's. With the Baby.
"Friend": [blank stare]
Me: Her sister. The baby we've had living with us for the last four months.
"Friend": Oh.
Me: ...

Me: You're a dick.
"Friend": Yeah.

Seriously. Why do I even bother? Luckily, this interaction was entirely offset by the FABULOUS ultra-sweet-wonderfulness of the L-L's who have once again stepped in to do some quality baby watching whilst the older kid and I went off to the movies to get our "quality-time" ON! Thank you again, you two. You rock and you can not even begin to understand how much I appreciate having people who will not physically or mentally damage my kid (well, mostly) that I can call on in a pinch. (I know you're really just marking time til you're going to need round-the-clock Boo as babysitter skills but, seriously, if you need anything from me before then, do not hesitate to ask! :-] )