Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lyle Lovett is a god!

K.D. Lang is o.k. too. :-]

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ah.... so this is what a vacation feels like!

Hmmmm. nice. cept. kind of ready for it to be done. :-]

So, i'm out in NM with the childrens visiting the peeps. Can I just say, LOVE the peeps! And the timing was perfect as well since the Grandpa (aka My Dad) as well as the world's best niece/cousin (aka Big Bro's Baby Girl) were in attendance for a nice long chunk of bonding time before heading back to their respective home states. I'll not bore you all with the details but suffice to say, MUCH birthday cake was eaten, karaoke was mastered (pictures of which may or may not be showing up soon-ish) and general good times were had all round. The mom is mad at me right this second (a little later than usual -- typically takes about four days) but we haven't been around each other much so that may account for the time lag... Went to see Hairspray - the movie TWICE which was great and most importantly got to show off the new Girlfriend to the folks who provide at least a third of my primary life support. They like. (In a "think she's a little too good for me" kind of way but I'll take what i can get!) Sucks though cause she left early and now I miss her. Luckily, i get to see her tomorrow which will be FAN-TA-BULOUS! I miss my house. I miss my friends. I miss my cats and our puppy! Mostly i miss the water. (water tastes wierd out here.) K. nuff rambling. Hope everyone is doing well. more later once i get/read my mail and find out how past due I am on rent/Pesh daycare/various bills/college tuition/ etc. etc. and feel the need to write about how suddenly broke I am.....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

OH! And I didn't even mention the fact that Friday afternoon SUCKED! Got into a fender-bender type deal which (long story short since I've already processed it to death with all the members of "My Council") resulted in me not being able to pick up the Spark on time, barely making it to get the Boo and FREAKING RIGHT OUT about the whole thing. Seriously, the royal "We" ran the gamut from annoyance, panic, mean-spirited snapping at folks, tears and finally to ENORMOUS relief and happiness that IHOEL/the Bees were around to help stitch my frayed life/self-concept/reality back together. I LOVE the Bees. Really, I do.

Yesterday was GREAT!

today was o.k. don't get me wrong but yesterday...! Now there was a day!First we had the Spark's show which was AWESOME -- candid shots of which were captured by the ever popular Mistah L-L and his helpful assistant Miss Boo via digital camera and which I promise to send/show to everyone who has ever displayed even a passing interest in my children ever! A-Dor-rable! THEN with the coming home to hang out until the much anticipated Rock Star arrival for a long delayed sleep-over plus (yes, there is more) I got to talk to my Sweetie-Baby who I LOVE for a really long time despite the fact that she was all tuckered out from day-long assistanceship as she and her Ex installed fancy new hardwood floors (I'm trying to be magnanimous about the hanging-out-around-sexy-power-tools-all-day/week-end-with-the-ex thing onna counta i don't know if i have the energy to be properly jealous and i was already cranky at her without cause on Friday. Being weird again would probably just end up making her annoyed. ;-])

Today was fine. Started with cute kids running around being CUTE then a mid-morning arrival of Krispy Kreme donuts courtesy of the Rock Star's caregiver/TRSC's escort which was great. Then off to Costco to find out they don't have tires that fit my truck but only AFTER the current tires had already been stripped from said truck and thrown onto the random left-over tire heap. Seriously, fun for everyone waching the overworked, annoyed (I'm sure very nice) young men dig through the tire heap trying to re-locate ours! This whole deal took about 2 hours to sort out but at least I now know every sngle thing that is for sale in the Richmond costco down to the aisle location. Then home again to wrap it all up with a nice little visit from the Redhead (Spark's little friend) who lives across the way and some running around midst bubble-age! delightful but still... kind of ready for a nap right about now...!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I love IM!

ChickM: I'm all happy about you sleeping over next wed.
ChickM: I'll have to change my sheets/fix my bed
The Girl: is your bed broken ??
ChickM: well, technically it's susceptible to breaking
ChickM: it's fromthe 20's so the bedrails don't exactly fit the newfangled matress frame
ChickM: i just need to screw some things to some other things.
The Girl: wow .. no monkey business i guess ..
ChickM: i'll do it this week-end
The Girl: i'd hate to break something..
ChickM: O.o
The Girl: what ? its a legitimate concern for the safety of your furniture !
ChickM: i'm more concerned for the continued happiness of my "private parts"
The Girl: ahhhh .. as am i.
ChickM: no folling around anyway since Miss Boo. will be home as well but I'm gonna set "surreptition touching" at a "probability level" of 8
ChickM: srreptious
ChickM: WHY can i not spell that word???
ChickM: surreptitious?
The Girl: that's right .. i think. I do like 'folling' though
ChickM: ha!
ChickM: well THAT one i did mena
ChickM: men
ChickM: mean
The Girl: hahaha
ChickM: ah, never mind
The Girl: those words with the four letters .. they are tricky.
ChickM: ...
ChickM: 8o|
The Girl: :)
The Girl: i kid because i love ...
ChickM: you kid becaue you're MEAN
The Girl: Hey! good job! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I need this...

Really. Think Christmas, my birthday, any of several upcoming "anniversary occassions"....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quick update

For those of you whom I've not had time to call back...

new job = great! I really like the people I've met so far, the work is totally doable (if a little convoluted "work-flow-wise" but hey, I'm KIND OF used to that!) and the flexibility/accomodating/benefits are awesome! The commute is not seeming so bad but I think I've had a few lucky days. We'll see if it continues to be as stress-free as it has been.

"new" car = LOVE IT! Seriously. Who knew the truck would get so completely blown out of the water! [shhhhh! Don't tell the truck I said that.] As soon as the stickers arrive/the big girl and I finish "pimpin' it out" I will post before and after pics so that you all may be jealous....

The girlfriend = equally awesome. She's just all about the bees knees as far as I'm concerned and she somehow keeps getting cuter!

kids = fantabulous. Spark has a show coming up this week-end that WILL be documented for posterity (thanks to Mistah L-L's generous loan of recording equipment) so look for that to be screened at the next holiday get-together...

Me = incredibly tired but at the same time really happy/good/set so... alls in all, I would have to say, really can't complain. :-]

Saturday, July 07, 2007


So, it would seem our Travelin' Man is travelin' to the end of the world for an extended stay starting TOMORROW! I'll miss you, my friend. I know keeping in touch isn't really something that you can count on when you're stationed in Antarctica but I'd certainly love to hear how things are turning out for ya so write if you can....


Celebrated the mid-birthday with the Bee twins et al today! Yay! Such lovely happy, strong, fabulous little girls. Good job, B&A, on all the quality "raising"...! You guys are superstars!


and just a little bit (o.k. ALOT) whiny since all the Helpfulness yesterday resulted in my INCREDIBLY out of shape body being all achey today. Sheesh. I understand that I'm basically pathetic when it comes to physical exertion of any kind but still. I'd be nice if I could occasionally help a person or two out without spending the next three days feeling like I'm dying....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It feels like forever since I last wrote! K. Here's my world in broad strokes

BBQ -- Happy Birthday (yesterday)! Welcome to the world of "almost 40!" You are a joy to behold and I thank God daily that she/he/they saw fit to introduce you and your splendid-ness into my otherwise sorely lacking life (also, thanks for hosting such a great party. I had a fabulous time as did all my sundry companions!)

Saw the girl today. (i mention this because i was in not the best mood this mornng due to a series of annoying events and then I saw her for lunch et viola! me=smiley/happy all over again!)

Got a "new" car. Well, new to us anyway. It's white. It's a sedan. It's got cruise control, four working seatbelts and gets great gas mileage. (and no, i DO NOT want to hear a single, solitary crack about it being about time I "grew up"!)

The Black "tribal" car is leaving. (See above) Sad, but it's time. The truck stays but is being demoted to "week-end ride" as the new car will henceforth be the commuter vehicle of choice during the workweek. Did I mention the sunroof...??

Tired. I'm tired. I'm kind of always tired so that's not news in and of itself but right this second i'm freaking exhausted.

Work for me starts on Monday (eek!) I'm skeered.

I think that's it for now actually. I'm gonna go try to relax my brain so I can be entertaining tonight. Happy almost 4th of July everyone!