Tuesday, November 25, 2008


O.K. so I'm not sure why this is seeming like such a huge deal but yesterday my Big Girl brought me juice. She rides the bus to my work from her school a couple of days a week but since the bus drops her off a few blocks away, she walks up to my office. Well, yesterday she decided completely of her own accord to stop in at the cafe across the street where she purchased and delivered to me a fresh squeezed Orange juice! Again, I'm not sure why this is so very delightful to me, but gosh, it just is.... :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

New careers for all my friends!

o.K. so much as I'd LIKE to begin with MYSELF and what I accomplished this week-end -- I feel obliged to first give major shoutouts to a few folks in the fold who've managed, yet again to surprise me with their ability to not just float but to actively persuade society to "buoy" what it is they're selling! Ha!.... er.... eh. sorry.

First up, we have the ever popular CP (as in Scoot co-parent) who just got herself a "significant" grant to fund the development and staging of an as yet un-written theatre production! Whoo hoo! You grow, Girl! (Seriously, who is still getting paid to "create" in this economy????)

Next up, we have Mr.DB Watanabe who has just secured a position -- wait for it -- TEACHING ENGLISH in the sadly under-reported (at least on this blog) prefecture of Ibaraki, Japan! I believe congratulations are in order (as well as my heartfelt condolences which go out to the people of that newly-unfortunate city-state. May god be with each and every English-learning one of you!)

Now then, having dispensed with the blah, blah, blah, back to me and my various talents! So, remember how I had that truck? And remember how people kept thinking it was a really cool idea to keep backing into it/breaking various head/taillights...? Well, I've been driving around for a while now inches away from incarceration because up until this week-end those lights were still broken/out and I'd already been pulled over TWICE by (some very nice, actually) police officer types who (justifiably) wondered when, if ever I was planning on obeying the law vis a vis all of that, plus i just got a notice in the mail saying that if I didn't step the hell up by Dec. 12, and start fixin' those fix-it ticks I'd owe roughly 800.00 bucks to Da Man -- so, I did what any wanna-be tough girl butch-lite chick with a beat-up truck does, i calculated how much freaking money/wasted time/inconvenience it would be to take the truck to the dealer and instead elected to fix her myself. And, I did! This week-end. Pretty cool, huh? (See all this truck-fixing goodness and still I can't manage to keep the wife happy! Ha! Just kidding. I will admit that it is possible any me-centered annoyance is entirely due to my truck-fixing when I should prolly be house-tidying, bill-paying, dog-walker corresponding, dish washing, attention-paying but whatev. Now that I officially own half her stuff I can't imagine she's gonna choose to leave me any time soon!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Guess whose "not coming back" from Japan because he's got a full-on Kanojo-san! That's right, our until very recently Texan-by-way-of-New-Mexican Toastest with the mostest, DB!!!!!

(k. so I realized that i never write anymore because I tell the wife everything first so even though she just walked in and is being all ADORABLE and everything, I am not speaking in full sentences to her until AFTER I finish writing! See! See how much I love you people!!!) Eh, hem, now then.....

First, this actually happened a billion years ago but I have to mention it. Who got a call from their former place of employ wondering if perhaps she might like to come back on board? Moi, that's who! Weird. Nice in a sort of "Ha! I KNEW it wasn't me!" kind of way since the first thing the nice recruiter lady (who came to my going away drinks-fest, BTW) was "Oh, and A-hole-who-got-you-fired? He's gone now." Sigh. so nice to hear. They moved offices as well (to Sunnyvale which is not much better but still.....) and the company seems to be doing well (there's always room in the world for the possibility of random-hookups with folks who lie on their profiles!) -- I mean, don't get me wrong, getting thrown out of that place was the one of the best things that ever happened to me, still.... It felt good that they asked me to come back.

In other news, I've disowned (and since re-owned) the twenty-somethings I work with since they let me know that they found a certain Ex someone of MY WIFE attractive. To be fair the word-age used was "Well, she was rocking that suit!" plus, they had no idea at the time of the telling who she was but still.... I felt it my duty to inform them that under NO circumstances were they allowed to find her in any way attractive and that we were no longer friends. They, being sensitive, ultimately misguided twenty-somethings who, above all, valued my friendship (and occasional rides to work) promptly rescinded their expressed opinion even going so far as to "hate on her" should they ever see her again. I, of course, let them know that they shouldn't feel they needed to go to that extreme but that they should watch it in the future. Then we all went out for edamami and teriyaki chicken (although they had actual sushi) and the world was once again good. :-)

K. Lastly, the reason i know you've all read this far, breaking news as of 45 minutes ago. DB is not coming home. He is in love with a spiky-haired Japanese grrl and is staying on that island so as to be closer to her and her gender-neutral politics. Oh, and her body. I'm pretty sure he's staying because he likes the s-e-x as well! More power to you, Hon. I wish you and your angry little GalPal all the best!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

You know who I love?

Besides my wife and kids, I mean.... I love Jerry Brown. I loved him when he was mayor of Oakland, I love him now that he is California's attorney general. I love that he (like me) believes that people, by and large are fundamentally stupid. Not mean, just ignorant and easily swayed by emotional appeals. Some of you may or may not remember this but a few months ago when this whole Prop 8 thing was really gearing up for it's wave of polarizing silliness, Jerry Brown changed the title of the proposition to explicitly state that it is about taking away the rights of a minority group. Now, while at the time, this was posited as a "clarification" it is now a fundamental action point in the lawsuit that has been recently introduced to the CA Supreme court by the ACLU and Lambda group inso much as you can't actually just decide by a simple majority to 1) make fundamental changes to the constitution (that takes a 2/3 vote by the legislature first before it ever goes to "the people") and 2)You can't actually discriminate at a constitutional level against a legally defined and thereby protected minority group. In the previous Supreme court ruling the question was whether or not sexual identity qualifies as a "protected class" in the same way that race and gender do" and the answer was (an admittedly gray-area) "yes" meaning that marriage between two adults in this particular protected class was allowed. Proposition 8 tried to skirt this whole sexual identity thing by acting as though sexual identity had nothing to do with it, instead it was simply saying that across the board, same-gendered partners regardless of sexual identity shouldn't be allowed to get legally hitched which, of course is ridiculous but at the same time is exactly the sort of crazy legal-loopholeness that people like Jerry Brown anticipated and, to the extent that they could, engineered a pretty compelling Plan B around waaaaaay before our fundamentally ignorant electorant got their grubby paws on their ballots. And please don't think I'm excluding myself from the teeming mass of knee-jerk voters! I voted for at least two Props and one person based on little more than they sounded good (and in one case because the argument against included the words "protecting against {sic} the illegals accessing the system" which not only offended my sense grammatical exactitude but just plain pissed me off!) I'm just glad that there are folks in positions of policy-crafting and sheparding power who are also sort of looking out for and planning around those guaranteed-to-be-needed Plan B, C and Ds....