Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art and Soul

You know what i love? I love brown people. Seriously, this may be one of those "I can say it because i am it" but really, a BIG part of why I am so stupid in love with Oakland is, in large part due to the fact that it does things like host Art and Soul where large groups of fabulous folks sportin' myriad shades of brown skin, show up to just hang the heck out. I mean, there's singers, artists, community organizations, families, teens, hawkers, assorted 20-30 somethings with their screechey observations -- it's just loud and fantastic and cute as hell. Plus the ladies are BEAUTIFUL. All "done" hair and berry-red lipstick; pretty clothes, and sunglasses and smiles.... Man. Fun too. we went on rides (and by we i mean the Little Big Girl and her friend), had some garlic fires, watched some amazing dancing (Dance-A-Vision - i'm writing that in here because it's an awesome all-ages-dance company and i'm sure my Little Big Girl will someday own it!); ran into old friends (what up, AEG and O-GVers!) made some new ones - LaLaGirl, you know we're meant to be BFFs! cawl me! The weather was great as well. {sigh} Why can't every street party be like this?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holy be-jezus!

Whew. K. so just back from a fantastic Hollywood vacay (Universal Studios, Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Book Soup book store, World's Biggest reptile Show, oh my! Stay tuned for pics!); the Big Big Girl has started high school (eek!); the Little Big Girl had her Musical theater camp show (Honk, Jr.) (awesome-pants); we got to visit the Mistah L-L's (to help celebrate the King's 2nd birthday and finally get to meet his Little Princess month-old sister "Pea"!) and most recently, we just attended a super lovely last-bash-before-the-big-shoulder-surgery dinner party at the BBQ's where i, once again, was reminded why i love hanging out with my best-est and closest buddies soooooo much.

It's crazy that the life is so crazy but it's going so well i think it's probably worth the exhaustion!