Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real quick-like!

Who got married??? My BBQ and her Lovely Former Gal-Pal-Around-Town Mizz Jill from the Block, that's who!

Now to answer all your questions:

1) Was it fantastic? Yes!!
2) Did you cry?? Yes!!!!
3) Did your feet hurt from all the standing, dancing, hiking (don't even ask) you were happy to be doing in those really hot, awesome-pants, PRADA sandals you got for like fifty cents at some consignment store? Yes, but who cares??! It was worth every "lost" toenail!
4) Was your hair really long/colorful? Why yes! yes it was!

Here are three pictures. One taken by my Wife, one by my Boo/Big Big Girl and one by my Little Big Girl. See if you can guess who took which (these are not from the wedding BTW, those will no doubt show up later):

And here's one more of me and the Little Big Girl just for giggles!

Seriously. It was all just so lovely and meaningful and cool (and Jewish! Who knew!!) My heart, she sings with happiness for those two. Really. couldn't have happened to two more deserving of and for each other people. Mazel Tov!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mom's Day!

O.k. so really this post is not about mom's day at all -- it's more about how i feel like i've been run over by a slow-moving truck but as it occurs on mother's day i felt it only right to acknowledge that fact before moving on. eh hem. now then.

Last week-end was the Little Big Girl's Birthday extravaganza. It was awesome. there was a jump house involved and some cake (although i let it get all melty and was duly chastised by The Wife who - to be fair - was only passing along info received from a parent-in-residence so really it was more of casual observation that i gave undue weight to/let hurt my feelings, but still....) Fantastic to see my peeps. lovely that i got to paint some faces. Also lovely that i got to catch up on the ML-L news (new digs, new baby due date - well *same* baby due date but news to me! - everyone doing well.) Still struggling with how *old* my children are but at some point, i feel i will come to terms with it and stop being amazed all the time.

The day prior to the B-day party was all about the Big Big Girl playing drums in Windsor with her band at their Cinco de Mayo festival. Again, the awesomeness was awe inspiring. I love love love watching that kid play. i love her band as well. There were some truly talented individuals up there (although there was one weird lady dancing like a maniac THE ENTIRE TIME in like 100 degree heat!)

The week-end before that was the Little Big Girl's debut prayer dance at the church she goes to (more on how an 8 year old gets to independently be a member of a church when her parents are essentially non-affiliated by choice and in some case sheer laziness at some later date when i'm less tired/more inclined.) which was awesome! seriously. i teared up. my cheeks hurt with all the smiling. really very fantastic.

This week-end (yesterday) was the Big Flea Market fundraiser for the Little Big Girl's school and while i was amazed that it went so well (enough vendors to make it "interesting" a line-up of really amazing DJs, live bands and Mexican dancers, great food, no rain) I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the turnout. We did end up raising close to the amount we'd set as our goal but still... I feel like we should have been able to get at least three times the amount of people to attend. Ah, well... Live and learn. [Quick shout out though to The Wife for helping tiny people paint mother's day cards all day and to my Buddy AEG for not only showing up in a "vendor" capacity but for also totally chipping in with helping with the other booths and just generally providing a sunny, useful presence through-out!]

Finally, this coming week-end which is the BBQ's wedding week-end and which will be soooo fantastic I will not be able to stand it!

After that - downtime. Hopefully. Please god.