Friday, April 30, 2004

Ways I torture myself - Part 1

O.K. so there's a pretty significant list of ways I set myself up to be miserable but this morning pinpointed a specific incident that led to one of those "larger epiphanies" about the world in general so I just thought I'd share. (Yay, you!)

K. So, I wake up every morning by having my radio begin playing this stupid morning show hosted by these oftentimes fairly obnoxious people so that I must immediately wake up and hit the snooze button. When I'm by myself this means I have ten more minutes during which to sleep/consider the various reasons why I pretend I exist/wonder how I'm going to get to work before the show starts again and I must AGAIN hit the snooze button. This can go on pretty much indefinitely. When I have the Boo, she sleeps with me on Thursday nights which means that there is even more of a sense of urgency about waking up and smacking "snooze" Friday mornings since it's pretty much a given that the first thing blaring out of those ernstwhile speakers will be "ass!" or "hairpie" or "fourteen children burned to death yesterday on thier way to school..." So, to recap -- morning show comes on. I hit snooze. Show stays off for ten minutes then comes on again.

When I have the Boo, my mornings are like this:

Wake up, hit snooze, yawn. Stretch. Stare at ADORABLE sleeping angel child snuggled up next to me. Make mental note re: extraordinarily loud snoring in order to torture her later when she is more fully awake and can become adequately annoyed. Get out of incredibly warm bed. Wander into bathroom. Brush teeth. Grimace at hair. Realize all clothing options SUCK. Radio show comes on again. Run into room to push "snooze" button. Choose something relatively clean from clothing pile on floor assuring self that there will be time to re-consider outfit after everything else is sorted out. Go into kitchen. Assemble exact same lunch for Boo (with slight variations due to yogurt/apple availabilty) as I always assemble. Feel guilty. Resolve (again) to stop being such a slacker mom and learn how to put together exciting, nutritious lunches that involve multiple tiny containers and "fun" shapes. Radio show comes on again. Run into room to push "snooze" button. Go into livingroom, put lunch into backpack. Carefully remove, sort and stack fifty thousand memos/papers/fieldtrip slips/cookies sale forms . Resolve to carefully consider each and every one of them at later date. Notice that "things to carefully consider" stack is growing precariously large. Remove anything dated earlier than March 3rd to "recycling bin" (aka garbage can). Sign child's homework. Learn that her first grade class has apparently moved on to studying quantum physics (illustrated using boats and puppies) -- feel good about this while at the same time v. inadequate/afraid. Radio show comes on again. Run into room to push "snooze" button. Go into kid's room. Carefully choose adorable, matching outfit. Go in to wake up world's sweetest sleeping child. Introduce her to outfit. Squelch hurt feelings as she (after considering my selection) gets up, goes into her room and selects a different outfit that is not only several times cuter than what I put together but also manages to be cleaner, hipper, and slightly derivative (but still better) of the outfit I, myself have on. Feel better, though, because we are now "twins!" Sit on toilet feeling completely unnecessary as child brushes teeth, brushes hair, assembles ponytails and wanders off to find "cool" shoes. Radio show comes on again. Run into room to push "snooze" button. Stand there a minute, then realize that instead of pushing snooze I could just turn the volume all the way down. Resolve to do this next time. Check actual time. Realize we are about to be REALLY late. Run around like crazy woman assembling breakfast, finding sweater/jacket, feed cats, collect backpack, bag, PTA thingie asking whether or not you're most in favor of cutting funding for "the Art Center, Capoeira, the Computer Lab or the Science teacher", Radio show comes on again. Run into room to push "snooze" button -- Run out the door.

So. What was this core thing that I realized? This intrinsic, global concept that occured to me on my way across the bridge this morning? I realized that it's not the fact that we sometimes set up faulty patterns/make mistakes that makes us human. It's the fact that we never, ever learn from them/change. Thank you. More on this depressing thought later I'm sure.

In other news, though, kid drew the world's coolest sunset with crayons for me to bring to work today so I'm actually pretty happy right now. :-]

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I am here...

But I am not fresh.... I was out too late last night having a drink with the Miss Tail and laughing a whole lot then I sat on the bridge for a very long time while the road crews decided what they were going to do with the middle three lanes. Finally got home and couldn't get to sleep -- stayed up instead to watch Slaves of New York (quite possibly the finest motion picture ever made) This reviewer, BTW, is obviously on crack.

Which leaves us now, here, very exhausted. I'm not sure why this whole non sleep thing is continuing to occur given the marked lack of stuff I have to do right now but, who knows... maybe it's "residue" stress.

Quick shout out to Pretty Boy -- His company is going IPO meaning he will soon be richer than GOD and I have got to say, it really couldn't happen to a nicer guy. All the best with your newfound wealth, my friend! If at any point you feel compelled to to kick down some bones so your favorite ex can get a nice little duplex in Oaktown, you jest give me a ringey-ding sos we can work out the details. ;-]

Lastly, big ups to BBQ without whom I quite possibly would have failed to realize any of the true and lasting happiness that is currently my life on this planet. You are a gem of a person, incredibly hot and possibly the best buddy a human girl could ever hope to have.! Mwah!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I'm DONE!!!!!!!

I'm done. I'm done, done, done. Done=me! That's right folks, the eagle has landed!
Whew! Quick show of hands, who thought I wasn't gonna make it? K. {cracks knuckles} where were we? Let's see. I have a new friend. His name is Ahn-drash [that's phonetical BTW -- i have a feeling I'd butcher the real spelling]. He is from Hungary. Been here for a year. Very nice young man. Wanted to know if I was American {giggle}. Not sure why he decided to come to this particular rathole of a country but I'm sure I will be finding out soon enough. [Just kidding BTW. The United States of America is (are?) not a rathole(s?). This is the greatest country ever and anyone who doesn't believe that needs to take their terrorist a** back to Canada, Pronto!]

{Sigh} I'm sooo happy right now. Tired, disoriented and dropping stuff but happy nontheless! I have lunch planned with my BBQ, I have celebratory drinks after work planned with the glorious Miss Tail and, most importantly of all I have no papers due!!!!!

O.K. Quick question? Why can I not get it up for femmey girls? There's a very nice girl in my now defunct Tuesdee class who has made it very clear that she wouldn't mind "keeping in touch over the summer" (heh, heh, heh...) and I'm sitting there and I'm thinking, "you're interesting. You're funny. Why the heck shouldn't I hang out with you." But then I think about my Pretend Girlfriend who is also interesting and funny as well as being just plain HOT and I find myself not really all that interested in Little Miss Longhair anymore. Ah well. C'est la vie and all of that. It takes all types right?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Forced to start killing folks...!

O.K. seriously, if after being told that my diet consists primarily of egg noodles and brown gravy, one more otherwise sensible adult acts like I just said "crack cocaine and lead" I will, hand-to-god, go Kill Bill 3 on thier ass! Can we all please remember, carbs don't kill people, stupid extreme diets kill people! God! I am in such an irritable mood today! I'm on page freaking 8 of a million page paper and i have nothing . else . to . say! If the Children were here they could all sit around in my living room talking about inane shit and at least providing some sort of diversion, but no they've decided Austin is better suited to their delicate skating sensibilities -- Austin! I ask you...??? I want a backrub, a margarita, some salty chips and a clean house. I want this stupid paper done and I do not want to be thinking I should probably sign up for a summer class. I do not want to be in any way responsible for anything right now. I want someone to feed me, bathe me, make sure i get ten hours sleep a night and that I don't look stupid when i walk out of the house in the morning. And, yes, I get that had I started this stupid paper earlier I would not be sitting here right this second freaking out. aaarrrrrggggggg! I want my Mommy. (Or at least the person my mommy was when I was 8 and the school nurse told her I was "easily distractable and possibly learning impaired" -- Turns out, I just needed glasses. Couldn't see the board. Boy, did my go ballistic on that lady's a**! Tee Hee! anyway.... back to this stupid paper.)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Happy B-Day Mistah Lovah-Lovah!

You are continually proving to be well worth your purchase price and then some! Hope your actual birthday is FABULOUS and that you get all the cool camera shit your sweet, Canadian heart desires! And sex. I hope you get lots of sex, too!

I don wanna talk about it...

Poker sucks.

At the time of my leaving though, this new chick Nikki looked pretty much to be cleaning up though so, I'm confident that the estrogen still prevailed last night!

Speaking of which, coupla thoughts about boys. First off, last night we had some new peeps adding thier personalities to the poker-age and while I'm all for increasing the pool of money that I will win, one particular new person introduced cigars into the mix and I just have to say -- not all that impressed. It was funny though, When the subject of smoking came up, me and Sir James were kind of hemming and hawing, not thrilled but not being particularly explicit about our disapproval either (which, obviously DIDN'T WORK because half the room started puffing anyway!) but the first thing Sweet Miss K. said upon entering after a long day spent helping the less fortunate stop bleeding was "My God, what stinks??!" She then made everybody open all the windows and went on quite loudly for awhile about how annoying the smell/smoke was. K. rocks!

Anyway, I was talking about boys.... What was I going to say about that? Hmmmm. Oh, yeah, so Cigar Man, in introducing the concept of smokage actually did ask if anyone would mind but he only asked the girls. Or rather he asked the boys what they thought the girls would think. The girls who were sitting right there. In the room. Actively engaging in the conversation and stuff. "How about the ladies?" Cigar Man inquired politely. I have no idea why this stands out as weird to me but it felt solicitous yet dismissive at the same time. ESPECIALLY when the anti-smokers were fairly divided evenly moungst the sexes. Anyway. Sort of drove home the point that there are some men that I'm just not going to "get" and that's o.k.

Second thing I was thinking involved older boys (like in their 20s) and little girls (we're talking 6 years old and below). Now before we go leaping to the tried and true knee-jerk, cliched reactions vis a vis these types of relationships let me just say that this is not going to be a fear-based discussion about a few people who lose complete control of thier ability to set and recognize appropriate boundaries (if they ever had the ability that is.) Child-molesters suck. We hate them. Moving on. What I find interesting is the fact that there seems to be some impetus for twenty something boys to really connect with little girls in a way that is really comfortable and easy for both of the parties involved. Boo has at least three older gentleman friends ranging in age from 23 to 29. They are all upstanding (mostly), responsible, sweet young men and, for some reason, they all seem to really enjoy hanging out with my kid. And we're not talking about babysitting here, we're talking about hanging out, having conversations, factoring in time to re-connect, getting added to the official Boo phone list, etc. etc. etc. For the record I think it's great but I'm still a little in awe of my six year old's ability to have the kind of relationships with grown men (minus the sex) that most of my straight girl friends would KILL for. Anyway. This is already getting rambley so I'll stop now. Happy day people. Make sure it's fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Tired but generally good...

And about to KICK SOME POKER A**!!!! Thas right, Baby! Throwing down will happen tonight! Some will win, some will lose -- but all will be dominated!!

eh, hem. Now then. I'm changing the referrential name of my New Girlfriend to Pretend Girlfriend, mostly because I don't want/am not ready for/am getting wierded out by even joking about having anything even close to a G-friend ever again so, for now (because I like her and want to keep talking about her ad infinitum) I'm going with a fresh monniker. Pretend Girlfriend called me last night to arrange for some carpooling type activity and can I JUST say I got soooo happy about it. Beyond all reason actually. No idea what my deal is. I'd spent the evening at school having inappropriate connversations with the 22-year-old-children in my class so, I guess maybe I was just kind of excited to be able to flirt with a peer for awhile. Anyways. Me=starving so I'm out, out, out. Peace!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm thick!

I am dying! I am stuffy and sneezey and tired-ey... I know, I know. Poor little basically healthy, getting to play with websites all day, going to a great school and getting to "intellectually engage" with some of the finest minds in the Oakland Unified School District, mom to world's perfect-est 6 y.o., loved and supported by the world's coolest family, surrounded by a pack of buddies that are scary in thier overall perfection... blah, blah, blah... Actually. No "blah, blah." Writing that list just put me in a much better mood. Ha! go figure. At any rate, let's discuss my group last night shall we?

First, let me begin by saying one of the members of my little four person discussion group is across the board one of the most objectively, physically beautiful girls the world has ever produced. I mean this. I am convinced that 97% of the known world would recognize some hint of classical gorgeousness in this Lady's perfectly symetrical features, pearly little teeth, dark, flashing eyes, rounded smooth features and full curving body etc. And yet, I have to say, There is another lady in our group who is much more angular, sits kind of hunched over. thinner lips. A bit freckled who I would soooooooooo much rather be stranded with if you get my meaning. At any rate. We had quite a delightful discussion around The Essential Conversation vis a vis parent/teacher conferences and "authentic" connections to student work (I know, booooring but I find it kind of fascinating -- well, as fascinating as a thing can be when you're sick and coasting on two hours sleep...) and it came out that this little pack of soon-to-be teachers are somewhat terrified of talking to parents! Now, representing the other side of that coin (myself being a parent that gets all wierd and defensive at P/T confs.) I found that FASCINATING! Like whatamIgonna do? Bite you?? And if I did, how would that translate to how you'd treat my child...? anyway. interesting.

On a much sadder note, the Children are leaving me. They're off off off to join GW in the land of Bush -- Damn you Texas Man! Damn you for creeping into my Angel's life and stealing away my only connection to the up and coming generation!! Hmmmm. well. probably for the best (i don't think I was doing all that great a job raising three twenty-somethings -- the "incest" alone would have Social Services knocking on my door in at least 36 of the continental United States...!) I'll miss you guys v. much. I hope things are fabulous for you out there and that you will call and write and just generally let me know how you are. Remember, if you need ANYTHING ... call OT's dad, he's loaded!

Monday, April 19, 2004

2 -- count em -- 2 hours of sleep last night...

What in God's name is my problem. Like it isn't enough that I have to figure out a way to produce 20 odd pages of public policy analysis by next Tuesday, I need to keep myself awake all freaking night as well???? {sigh} It's all good though because my own personal saviour-chick over in the Marketing Dept. just gave me a tiny pizza and I got to see my New Girlfriend (who is sick so there's that whole additional level of adorable-ness going on there!) K. I just wanted to check in and whine a little. I'll stop now.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Fucking elephants...!

K. So my kid tells me she had a bad dream last night. Apparently she "was going into the man's house because the elephant told her it was o.k. but then when she got inside the lady screamed at her."

What the F---??! First off, what the hell is an elephant doing telling my kid she can go into some random house where there is obviously a crazy person living and second off, how dare some wacked out female start screaming at my kid for something she was in no way responsible for? (!!) Bitch.

Anyway. We had a snuggle and it was all good, but still. I think kid's scary dreams are scarier than adult scary dreams. i mean, I can kind of tell where most of my anxiety dreams are coming from. But talking elephants that set you up?? I mean, what're you gonna do with that?

In other news, going to the Bee's house tonight for some fun and festivities. Yay, us! Then heading into a week-end that looks remarkably "ish-oos" free -- except for the fact that I have to write yet another paper (due on Monday.) {Sigh.} How is it that one can be so close, and yet still so far....

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bite marks...

Howdy folks. Let me begin by saying I am tired. Let me go on to say that for the first time in quite along time I know exactly why i'm so tired and truth be told I don't mind even a little bit!

Eh hem, now then, where were we. Hung out with my New Girlfriend last night. Have I mentioned that that girl is freaking HOT?? Well, she is. And sweet. We went out for drinks and to go get our Vietnamese food on (I think those of you who know me even a little bit can guess just how wrapped I currently am based entriely on the fact that when NG suggested Vietnamese food my response was "K.!") during which events NG spent a good amount of time providing very thoughtful and detailed analysees of some questions I'd come up with for my Families and Communities class. NG rocks. Stayed out too late though and spent way too much time analysing every single thing both of us said and did so I didn't get to sleep until 3am or something obnoxious like that. Still and all though. I like her. She's a keeper that one. Hopefully she will continue to grace me with her exalted presence. Please, please, please.....

In slightly sadder news, the elderly father of my Kid's other Parent passed away yesterday. My condolences CP. I hope you get the support you need around this and that this provides some of the closure you were looking for.

Aight. I actually have an incredibly busy day today so I'm out, out out! Happy Thursday to you all!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Stupid happy right about now...

First, can i JUST wish a big ole hearty CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend Elise and her (now) wife, Jenny on thier recent nups! Here's wishing you kids all the best that life has to offer and then some!

Next, can i just say OUCH! re: BBQ lopping off most of her hand and forearm in a tragic blender accident. She went over a few of the more pertinent details vis a vis "painkiller" injected directly into the tip of her severed finger {shudder} but I really can't dwell on it right now..... Suffice to say, i am soooooo sorry you got hurt, BBQ and that your hand continues to hurt. If you need anything from me (Headscratches, back rubs, undoing buttons, eh, hem...) you just let me know, Missy! I am sooo there!

And finally let me just say i am soooo feeling the love from my crush-objects right now! (Interesting that it took me swearing off them to inspire this devotion.... veerrrryyy interesting, indeed! But still, nice!) My beautiful Prof. Ketelle went on yet another fact finding mission, this time to the sunny shores of San Diego and (without a single prompting word from yours truly!) brought me back another fridge magnet for me to add to my now really quite impressive collection! We heart her so much it hurts! Then I have a "date" with my New Girlfriend tomorrow wherein we will sit around discussing "community" issues and, more importantly, wherein I will have an opportunity to stare at her like the lovesick, pathetoid that i am and not have to worry about freaking either of us out overly much! how great is my paper-writing life right now???? k. nuff about all of that. I just had some moments to kill before class and i was feeling strangely upbeat about the life. more tomorrow, maybe. if I don't expire from the sheer happiness first!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Hello, Bunnies!

Happy Easter everyone! Spent a good chunk of my Easter Day at the B house and can I JUST say, those people are fab-u-lous! I am so glad they let me hang around their amazing family-ness, I really am. Easter Din consisted of some very yummy mashed tates, asparagus and a side of pork -- very tasty and very filling! I got to take a few pounds home with me to snack on throughout the course of my six-hour paper writing stint. Speaking of which, I am so tired right now that I may die. Seriously. The kid was up all night Sat. night, meaning her mom was up all night as well -- the key difference being that the kid accepted the fact that she was up and actually got some stuff done whereas her mom kept trying to pretend she wasn't actually awake and instead spent the better part of the night lying very still with her eyes squeezed shut listening to the refrigerator door open and close, the dolls come out, cheerios being poured, etc. Seriously, even the cats got annoyed (they're not allowed to wake me up so they do this thing where they hover three inches away from my face until I'm officially awake then they start pushing at me in an effort to get petted/fed so this whole "fake sleep" thing was really messing with their mojo. "Is she awake?" "Will she pet us?" "Are we allowed to jump on her?" "Oh, whatever. Let's go play with the little one.")

Paper 1 of 3 actually did get written though (i haven't re-read it yet so I'll bet it's a mess but at least it's out of my head and onto paper), that's good. Two more to go and I'm free free free! Well, at least for the next coupla months anyway.

I had a third thing to write about but I've forgotten what it was. Hmmmmmmmm. Spent waaayyyyyy too much time this week-end thinking about my New Girlfriend (calm down everyone, we're only together in my head which is probably for the best. Fewer opportunities to argue about how we never have sex anymore. ha! Sorry.) Oh! I remember what it was -- I peeked outside last night and saw that my amazing front door neighbor had not only completely freshened up the front (my front, her back) yard but that she'd also cleaned up up the miniscule plot of land that me and the Boo use when we're pretending we know anything about gardening! Yay, her! We wuv!! K. That's it for right now. I'm off to find coffee. Lots of it. In fact I wonder if Starbucks does an intravenous feed...?

Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm gonna die.
AAARRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!! Want - to - flirt! Must ... resist...! (Where the hell is a cold shower when you need one??!)

Just thinking...

You know what sucks about the whole "celibacy" thing? The week or so every month when it SEEMS LIKE A REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!!!!

K. Breathing now.

Easter at the Bee's haus! Whoo Hoo! Imma gonna get my egg-hunt ON!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Get This Party Started!

O.K. so is "Get This Party Started" by Pink not THE BEST SONG EVER??

"boulevard is freakin' as I'm coming up fast
I'll be burning rubber
You'll be kissin' my a**!"


(And don't give me any of that "Well, I'd hardly call it the best ever -- what about the Beatles White album or anything by Zepplin?? In the parlance of my six-year-old {roll eyes} "Blah, blah, blah!")

K. So anyway. I had declared celibacy regarding my getting crushed out on folks during the month of April, onna counta I have sixteen zillion papers due by the freakin' 27th (!!) I declared celibacy regarding having actual sex too but that was more rooted in the fact that I just wasn't liking the sex I was having (Ha! Kidding! Actually it just the ONE that I was DISSATISFIED with. Pretty Boy was great! :-] ) Hee Hee. Sorry, I just really love being aboe to talk about people without haveing to hear back from them right away. Especially when WE ALL KNOW who I'm talking about but if that person gets all ansty at me they're basically outting themselves as a LOUSY LAY and thereby setting themselves up for years of ribbing by pretty much every single one of our mutual friends. {sigh} It's good to be Queen. Now then, where the heck was I?? Oh yes, crushed out. I'm not crushed out yet, but I can sense it coming on. It doesn't help that everyone here is so freakin' adorable and nice and accomodating... and that all we do all day is talk about SEX. I know. Poresito. Shutting up now.

Except, I'm trying not to be a freak about this.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Shout Out to BBQ!

I -- heart -- you!!!! {mwah, mwah!}
I'm in a weird mood right now. I just got off the phone with this CHILD who, when I told him that I maybe was kind of possibly starting to like this person I work with, stated: "Great! Did you need to borrow my bike or are you going to chase this one down on foot?" Which was not only not funny, I'd have to say it bordered on obnoxious, especially coming from him, ferchrissakes... yet and still, though... it got me thinking. What it got me thinking was this: Have I ever been involved with someone with whom I have not made the proverbial "first move?" I really don't think I have. Why is that? Maybe it might be a good thing to see if it's even possible for me to just hang out with someone I like and stop trying to freaking force everything. Not in this instance of course. This instance is a "soooo not going anywhere" sitch but maybe... possibly... if I ever decide adult humans are again worth the effort.... Nah. I've taken my vow of celibacy (which extends to crushes) and i will stand fast regardless of the myriad temptations... {snicker} Quick show of hands, who believed that one??

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Is anyone else disturbed by the image of a key member of the Trinity smirking and wearing a turtleneck??

Who's supporting who?

Know why I love my kid? (I mean, besides the obvious...!) Because she's constantly crafting these moments wherein I can feel like I'm a good mom. Case in point, we're in my "Families and Community" class last night discussing school newsletters and Prof. D is making a list of reasons for sending these things out, so he calls on this one chick who says "Newsletters are a good way to inform parents of things that might be coming up or that might be important to the kids but not necessarily to the parents."

K. So while Prof. is writing this down, Kid says to me sotto voice but still loud enough for surrounding classpeeps to hear: "Mommy, is there anything that is important to me that isn't important to you?" To which I get to reply: "Nope. If it's important to you it's important to me!" Thus ensuring that I have a warm, supportive, "good mommy" medal practically glued to my chest for the rest of the evening. I swear, it's like slow pitch softball. I know she's feeding me the easy ones but gosh, it still feels really good to be able to occasionally knock one out of the park!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My extreme thanks and gratitude to all those who lent an entertaining hand this week-end and assisted in Boo watchage thus allowing me to wallow waist-deep in paper-producing -- I am grateful to have such fabulous persons in my life to serve not only as eye-candy but also as stand-up pals when I need somewhat responsible types to entrust the only thing that really matters in my life to. You collectively rock!

K. Know what I hate about Daylight Savings time? (I mean, besides the part where we lose a freaking hour of our lives??!) I hate the fact that for the first few days, weeks , months, following the switch I've got this wierd mistrust of time. I mean, seriously, it's like the we had something that was real, that I depended on and now... well, I just don't know any more nawwhattamean? It's like a bad relationship where you know you should leave but for whatever reason you just can't so you stick around but deep down you're just waiting for the next time.... Anyway. We'll do some group therapy around this. It'll be fine.

I finally found a real, concrete use for cell phones. Work just ordered me to carry around this "tool-of-the-devil", (Bastards. Although, by and large, they continue to rock hard so I'm not really complaining even though it does feel the tiniest bit FAUSTIAN! Anyway...) so, yesterday I'm waiting in the movie theatre for Friend Number One to show up with my child who he's managed to abscond with for a large chunk of the day and I realize that they're not going to arrive on time because time isn't exactly being what you might call "straight up" about anything so i call him -- from the theatre! Just like that! Didn't have to go outside into the freezing cold. Didn't have to find a freaking quarter. Didn't have to do a damn thing other than pick up the world's tiniest phone, figure out how to turn it on, push some random combination of numerals and hope to god it actually connected to the person I wanted it to... et viola! There he was! At home. About 40 minutes away from a show which started in 15. He may be useless as a friend but I have to say I'm begining to see the lowly cell phone in a whole different light! Now if I can just figure out how to turn it off....

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Happy B-Day Travelin' Man (yesterday, actually, but I find that if I don't write about this stuff as it occurs to me well then it'll never get posted!) hope the day was Fab-u-lous and that you are enjoying the very few years left to you on this planet! Ha! Kidding. you don't look a day over 47! Really, I mean that!

Friday, April 02, 2004

Reason #6 why I {heart} my kid's teacher

Me: [serious, frown-ey expression] So, I've been reading The Essential Conversation by Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot and i just have to say that I've been completely moved by it and regard it as one of Education's seminal texts. I hope we can put some of her key principles in action today during our Parent/Teacher conference and really have some authentic connection around the Boo.

Boo's teacher: [Huge smile] Well, I hadn't planned on any of that but I'll see what I can throw together!

Hee Hee! She's a keeper that one!

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Good feeling's gone. Now I'm just tired.