Saturday, March 31, 2007


Whoa! and now they're back! Again, I say - weird. Anyway. One week of hell down. Only one more (modified) week to go before I am FREE! {insert manaical laughter here}...

Thursday, March 29, 2007


"Comments" are gone!! Or, I should say "comments are erased!" Wierd. Ah well... probably for the best. :-]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I had a psuedo root canal in preparation for a crown on one of my molars monday. I also gave 2 weeks notice at my work. Guess which one I enjoyed more? ;-]

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No, no... I'm good...

God I'm tired though. For those of you who care, Spring came (and thankfully is leaving) early this year. I just have to say, i'm ALL about "communication." i think it's a great thing -- highly underused, etc., etc. but sheesh... at what point does a "discussion" turn into a "re-hashing/beating of a whole pack of dead horses" and why (dear God) am i seemingly so irresistable to crazy folks???? Just kidding. For the record, I do not think May is crazy. I think May is nice. I think she is smart, and cute and that she has REAL potential say in Day Trading or any other occupation requiring extreme focus on the "trees" instead of the "forest".... Still. I'm tired. I wish she'd go home. i wish DB was the sort of boyfriend who would step the hell up and stop his girlfriend from harrassing me (again KIDDING! Only, not really....) Blah. Whatever. I'm sooooo ready for the week-end....

Monday, March 19, 2007


O.K. I just have to say. My ENTIRE life does not suck. In fact HUGE swaths of it are A-O-K! For instance, there is a 3.5 year old sitting at a very tall table waiting patiently for her din-din in my livingroom and I just heard her murmur (very sotto voice, as if genuinely concerned -- presumably to her teddy perched beside her on the couch) "Hmmm. I wonder where my supper is?" I KNOW! Cute! Then I brought her her supper and she threw her hands in the air and yelled "Whoo Hoo!" No. There are key parts of my life that do not suck. i, however have a headache so forgive me if I dwell on the crappy bits for just a second.

Work sucks. It just does. I don't believe a single word that comes out of my boss's mouth plus every time I see her disappear to lunch with someone, an inadvertant tic develops just above my right eye due to the sheer random-ness of the decisons that inevitably arise from those "off-site" conversations. Plus my sweety-sweet Web Designer is leaving to pursue "other options" (presumably those that PAY) and I'll miss her. I've gone ahead and explained to her that in order to continue surviving the life she's left us to, i'm going to need to slug her in the arm every time she walks by but she still looked a bit taken aback the first few times my fist actually made contact. Ah well. Live and learn.

The private life isn't doing much better. It WAS doing better. It WAS doing GREAT! I had a very fun pseudo-date-like outing -- I'd throw some more euphemisms in there but I can't think of any others right this second -- with a super-sweet, cute, smart girl who I might actually get to hang out with again relatively soon (which is nice if a little odd considering that she actually knows me quite well and has still agreed to commit an entire other evening to my ramblings!) and was JUST starting to think my social life might actually be evolving into something that resembles something "real" people do but then... circa 3am... this conversation brought to us by the fun folks in that great state of Texas!

Her: Hey.
Me: Mmph? Who is this?
Her: It's [name changed to protect the deranged] May.
Me: Um. O.k. Why are you calling me at 3am?
Her: It's 5 here.
Me: Excuse me??!
Her: It's 5 here.
Me: {silence. fuming. hate. Let's remember, folks. It's not like I get alot of sleep...!}
Me: {with great self-control} Why are you calling me at 5am YOUR time?
Her: I was thinking about what you said.
Me: When?
Her: About me. About us.
Me: Which part?
Her: When you said it didn't make sense.
Me: It doesn't.
Her: Why not?
Me: You're 10. I could be your grandmother. You live in the middle of the country. I cheated on you with your boyfriend. Your DAD has the hots for me! I don't have the time or the energy or the therapist required to do this and i especially don't have them right now -- at 3 O'CLOCK IN THE GODDAMN MORNING!
Her: Your time.
Me: Aaarrrrrrggggg! {hang up phone. sit staring at it waiting for...}
Her: Anyway, I'm gonna be out there on Tuesday. We should hook up.
Me: ...??!
Her: You know, figure stuff out.
Me: No!
Her: How come?
Me: I don't want to "figure stuff out". i don't want to see you. I'm sorry this is so hard for you but seriously, I'm done. [Note: for those of you who think I'm being harsh, please note if i really thought any of this had a chance in hell of being heard/understood/applied to anyone's self-assessment I would have phrased things a bit differently. Honest.]
Her: O.K. well my plane gets in at 9 [that's pm, folks] I'll come by after....{click}
Me: {sigh}

Then there's girl number two on the previous list of potential hang-outs

Her: Hey.
Me: hi!
Her: So, I was thinking about what you said [why, dear God, do my conversations with girls always start this way????]
Me: Yeah?
Her: I don't know if us hanging out is such a good idea.
Me: Oh. [a bit taken aback because 1) I was kind of just being nice when I suggested hang-age, 2) she's STRAIGHT and 3) Did I mention she's STRAIGHT??] uh... o.k.
Her: I mean, nothing personal, I'm just thinking I'm really busy right now and I don't want to get into this whole big thing, if....
Me: {?????} Uh....
Her: I mean, it'd be nice to get together I just don't know when we could given my schedule and yours...
Me: Uh, I'm pretty open...
Her: Oh. Well. Maybe we could. I dunno.
Me: Uh. O.K.
Her: Well. What about during the week. Maybe tomorrow [Tuesday]
Me: Uh.... I think I might be busy tomorrow night, but....
Her: ...
Her: O.K. Whatever. I'll call you {click}


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Because I'm lame...

I was originally doing a google search on an ex-boyfriend of mine but then switched to searching for myself and viola -- An article about me I don't even remember doing!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

that's it...!

O.K. so they take 32% of my paycheck -- I can live with that. They cut/eliminate funding for my remaining year(s) in grad school -- not happy-making but I'm a big girl, I'll deal... but THIS???! Moving Daylight Savings time AHEAD THREE WEEKS???? What the hell were they thinking? "It's already gotta be the most reviled day EVER; Let's just push it up a bit! That's make folks stop focusing on the war..."


Luckily, my annual DST-inspired-6-month-long-bad-mood is being mitigated by the fact that I have made plans to hang out with not one but two extremely attractive lady-people and while neither of them is likely to "invite me into intimacies" anytime soon (read: not in this lifetime, although you never know. I do have a new "Get Lucky" shirt! ;-]) it still feels super neat to know that I can go out with a grown-up person who can carry a conversation, is nice to look at and who understands my desire to get back to the kids before they figure out just how much better than me the babysitter actually is...!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just a little tender

I just got back from the dentist where I had the left side of my mouth "root-planed and deep-cleaned." Needless to say, the teeth on that side are feeling a little... overstimulated right now!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I like the way my kid thinks...

Conversation in the car this morning:
Boo: [staring moodily out the window] I don't like it when a movie ends and the bad guy gets a reward.
Me: You mean, the bad guy gets away? they're not punished?
Boo: Yeah.
Me: [thinking a minute] Hm. I can't remember the last time a I saw a movie like that. Where the bad guy wins.
Boo: Well, they become nice. Then something good happens to them.
Me: Oh! So you want them to stay bad?
Boo: [slight smile] Yeah.
Me: You want them to stay bad and then get punished?
Boo: [big smile] Yeah. They should stay bad and get punished. otherwise it's not fair.
Me: [nodding] Yeah. That makes sense.

Seriously, who's raising this person???

Friday, March 02, 2007

I got an e-mail in my school account that basically said "Study Abroad this summer!" and provided all this contact info. i am remarking of this because I did not instantly delete it. It's still sitting there in my in-box. AS IF I might choose to "go abroad this summer!" and might need it for reference. As IF "going abroad" were ANY sort of option AT ALL in my current life...! God, I'm wierd.