Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lots to say, not enough time to really go into it all

1) went with the Big Big Girl on her 8th grade overnight trip to Yosemite. it was awesome. there was tons of snow. the kids were great. i don't think I embarrassed anyone too much. I got to think alot about a bunch of stuff and so. although the typical wake time was 6:freaking 45am in the G-durn morning, it still worked out o.k.

2) Went to my Little Big Girl's 2nd grade conference thingie to chat with her teachers about how awesome she is. It was adorable. She sat across from us next to her main teacher all businesslike, reading us a few selections from her "portfolio of work." {seriously dying!}

3) got a tree. Yay! I love, love, love X-mas and even though we're technically going to be in New Mex for the holiday proper, i still can't imagine late Dec./early Jan. without a tree twinkling in the "foyer"!

5) got tons of pretty material for the X-mas presents the Big Big Girl is going to make. The girl who helped us with all the cutting was name Jessica and was flippin' a-dorable. I totally imagine her as the kind of Gal my Boo is going to be buddies with in college. So cute!

6)freaking exhausted. me=tired. still tired. always tired. pretty happy in general, work is good, life is good, kids are good. just sooooooooooo tired.

k. actually, that's it for right this second. i'll try to find time for more in depth analysis once my head stops hurting. :-)