Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Love and Light

Welcome to the happy, joyous, love and light world of Miss Chick Magnet. Come in. Sit on down. Put your feet up. Enjoy the satisfaction and joie de vivre that is a happy, contented Chick... mmmmmm... bask in the glow.... Feel the warmth.... Now get out!

Ha. I am in a good mood today. This is due to several factors which I will detail in the order in which they occur to me.

1) Kid was with me ALL Day at work yesterday which, for those of you unfamiliar with the joy that is the Boo was GREAT! I love having her near me. i love that we went off to go meet the God-Uncle-Peep for lunch and had the following conversation:

Boo: The rest of the class is going to Yerba Buena park today [not her literal class, but the group she was with yesterday during her other official day off from school].
Chick: Do you wish you could go?
Boo: Yes. but no. I mean, I like it but I like going to your work and seeing my grown-up friends more. And you. I like being with you.
Chick: {melting into large puddle of goo} Cool. I like you too.
Boo: I know.

2) Professor K. loves me and sooo has my back. Finished overdue paper (finally -- one down six to go!) which I was in the process of surreptitiously trying to slip onto Other Professor's pile when Other Professor notices me and smiles largely. Not the response I was expecting since I've been nothing but a Major f***up in her class thus far. As class progresses, I notice that she's being awfully nice to me an awful lot.

[to guest speaker] "You probably know Chick, it seems you two have a lot in common." "Chick, maybe you can help A. figure out a topic for her final paper?" "See you next week! {Said in singsongey voice combined with a jaunty wave}" so I am perplexed and leaving class and run into Beautiful, Brillant Prof. K. and she says "Hey, you! I was thinking about you this week. I thought of something you could do as your final project for Other Professor's class that ties into your job and I discussed it with her and she thought it was a great idea! She's very excited about it!" I. Love. Prof. Ketelle.

3) For some bizarre reason things vis a vis the sheer amount of paper-writing that has to happen in order for me to not completely fail this semester don't seem that insurmountable today. Probably won't last but nice right this second.

4) Having lunch with my BBQ tomorrow. which is Great! Because I miss her (even though i technically saw her -- and her Bee-u-ti-ful offspring -- three days ago)

So, all-in-all, I'd have to say, sum total i'm happy. today. Hurry in, People, Get it while it lasts! Cause when it's gone, it's goooone! Well, no, probably not, but you get my drift.

Monday, March 29, 2004

You know what's sexy?

This phrase: "drop the hammer on the next bitch you nail!!" You know what else is sexy? Spelling "creditt!!" with two "t"s.... Spam -- it's not just a godsend, it's a way of life!

Sigh. I have too much to do. April hasn't even started yet and I'm already behind. Help!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Me time...

Gawd, I'm tired! I stayed home sick yesterday to try to relax and ended up just getting more freaked out about the fact that I have fifty-billion papers due over the course of the next month... arrrrrrgggggg! At any rate. My "department" here at work appears to be growing which is nice because now it means that i have ALL the really talented "making-the-web-stuff-run" peeps under me -- Hahahaha!!! The sheer power!!!!, hem... sorry.

Wek-end promises to be good. Hopefully, I will freaking get some of these papers done before it is over. Maybe. My brain has shut down for the evening so I don't really know that I'll accomplish anything beyond picking my nose and worrying some more but, who knows....

Played poker on Wed. eve with da Crew and while I did not win I also did not lose so... feeling pretty good about my place in the annals of poker-dom (Tee Hee, I said "annals"!) I'm thinking of changing Mistah Lovah-Lovah's nom du blog to "All In/All Out!"

Taht's it. I'm exhausted. Everyone have a glorious week-end!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I just got totally strong-armed by two tall, nordic, impossibly thin, extremely serious teller ladies at the bank I go to. I gave the one my paycheck and asked to get some money back (a miniscule amount which was MORE than covered by the amount I already had in my account) and she did that serious, no-making-eye-contact, undertone thing where she says "Just a moment" and rings for "customer service" -- who was conicidentally another Swedish-looking chick with the same vaugely European but still hard to place acccent (they're probably both from Des Moines) and who walks (glides) over and tells me in a v. concerned voice that I should have direct deposit. Now, I've got nothing against Direct Deposit and to tell the truth I kind of prefer it but seriously it was like the fate of the free world was at stake here.... Or maybe they just really want me to never come into thier bank again. I probably make the place look tired. Weird. Anyway, there is a tiny round picture of me in the street version of the Bay Guardian. I am apparently "sex-positive." Nice to know. I wonder if that's code for "Never going to get laid again?"

Looking for a working definition of "kindness"

So, my mom called me last night and she sounded so sad. I really have no idea how to deal with that woman. I mean, she raised us and we are perfect ergo she must have done SOMETHING in a correct enough way for her to be able to replicate her success several times over. But she's so disillusioned and bitter and ungenerous right now. I can't imagine that she was "always like this" but I also can't remember a time when she wasn't to some extent. Seriously, the woman has none of the skills it takes to exist in the world she wants to exist in -- socially, I mean. She's loud, she's stubborn, she fails entirely to see any of her own complicity in situations that "for some reason" turn bad -- she's the opposite of the kids she raised. I seriously don't get it. I also don't get why I can't just be nice to her. I mean, I'm doing all this "basic acceptance" crap around really just getting that people are just people and that every single human being (even the very obnoxious) have some aspect of them spun in a way that I find admirable but I find it INCREDIBLY difficult to just freaking be nice to the woman who introduced me to the world. And believe you me, she needs it. I think it's a love thing. I get this massive amount of love from people and the world and my kid and I think it makes it easier for me to love back. My mom's pretty cut off. I mean, my brothers and I try to spend as little time as is humanely possible around her lest we go insane and start with the shouting, she's hasn't had a "significant relationship" since the 80's and everytime she finds a job where it seems like people "need" her (like her teaching) she gets fired because she annoys the hell out of her supervisors. I dunno. I was listening to her last night and I kept thinking "Well, I seriously doubt that this latest notice came completely out of the blue. I mean, seriously, You're working for a huge bureaucratic organization, there are probably multiple levels of warnings you have to get before you can be let go. You probably just weren't paying attention because you never pay attention!" But instead, for probably the first time in my adult life, i just said "I'm sorry."

God. I hope like hell my kid is better at this than I am.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Excessive hieroglyphic asceticism

This is a snippet from a spam e-mail I just received:

consensus nietzsche grapheme montenegrin rival hereto sham bridle glacier bramble frog edify promiscuous bantus benchmark henceforth luminance eumenides destabilize inclusive locomotory cautionary excessive hieroglyphic asceticism capitulate alacrity ferocity rockabye inspire sacral emasculate indium dogtooth bantam expeditious circumscription foyer incipient shortsighted indiscreet glandular hypocritic mayonnaise alienate

Is it just me or does this seem awfully highbrow? (and what is up with those promiscuous bantus anyway?)
Lunch = yummy!
Lunch "date" = REALLY yummy! (God, I'm easy...)

Where's the balance?

Mistah Lovah Lovah got jacked this week-end which sucks and for which I am sorry. I hate it when really stupid stuff happens to kind of decent people.

In other news The Girl I Like has opted out of our consumeristic-car-driving-fossil-fuel-guzzling-space-degrading culture. I think this is cool. By entension I think she is cool. Rock on, Little Cello Girl, you and you alone are our hope for the future. (Er...that is, at least until our little ones are grown up and ready to take over, but seriously, until then, it's all you!)

Did I mention that I am sick? Miss Bee forced me to partake of some "holistic" drug thing and now I am DYING!! At any rate. Ran into my beautiful Professor K. last night at school (I do this thing where I take the long way to class so I can walk by her office but she's never there so last night I was kinda running late so i took the short way and there she was coming down the hallway eating a cookie. sigh. I {heart} that woman.....) She just got back from N'orleans where she gave a talk on conversation. I want to be her. (And do her. Let's not forget the "do" part...) Anyways, she brought me another refrigerator magnet. NEVER let it be said that a heart cannot be solaced by a simple refrigerator magnet...! It's actually kind of funny. When I'm in a relationship with someone they can call me every day, remind me to pay my bills, buy me bikes and leather jackets for Christmas, love my kid and when all is said and done, I'll still probably be grouchy at them for forgetting that I like Shilling brown gravy not Lawry's dammit! But be a beautiful professor. Run into me randomly every few weeks , bring me fridge magnets and cool pens and I'm sooooooo all good! Weird.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday IHOEL you are a man amoung women and we heart you very much!!! (actually, the birthday proper was yesterday I believe but still, better late than never, right!) Thanks to you and yours for the delicious cupcakes BTW, there was much discussion of the various merits of combining chocolate cupcake-ness with chocolate frosting/sprinkles on the way home...! Yum!

In other news:

This is Sailor Uranus (

Sailor Uranus is a new Sailor Soldier who appears in the third season of the anime and manga series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. In the anime, she and her partner, Sailor Neptune, have a mission completely separate from that of the original five Sailor Senshi. Uranus and Neptune's goal is to find the three Talismans, which are the keys to finding the Holy Grail and preventing the Silence, the end of the world. Their methods are much more severe than that of the Sailor Team, and they believe that the death of innocents is a necessary sacrifice for the sake of the world. They often come into conflict with the other Sailor Soldiers.

Her civilian identity is Tenoh Haruka, a tomboy high school student (who pretends to be a man in the manga), who also is a famous racer. Her best friend and lover is Kaioh Michiru, whose other identity is Sailor Neptune.

Me and the kid went to Blockbuster last night, rented a Sailor Moon video (which, honestly I've never seen before although I'm familiar with the character) and in amoungst all the teeny-bopping/bizzarro-world-eyes-turning-into-hearts anime crap there suddenly appears this individual -- short hair, wearing a suit, whom I thought was a boy. "That's not a boy." Patient child explains. "That's Sailor Uraneees." "Sailor-Who?" I inquire, still not quite grasping that this character in an immensely popular mainstream Japanese animation series was/is, in fact, a cross-dressing butch girl in love with a Blue-haired femme chick. Until the two of them changed into their Sailor personaes and all of a sudden SU was leaping around in the same super short schoolgirl outfit as the rest of the Senshi battling a Vacuum cleaner woman who had hoses attached to her breasts (I honestly don't know...) THEN finally, it all became clear. (Clearer still when the kid said "That's her girlfriend!" about Blue Chick) And, with that clarity, for some reason, came the thought that the world may actually be changing for the better.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

"i am an indie snob!"

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

"You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch."

o.k. i'll stop now...
um...??! -- thanks to Geekychick for the link, I think...

Celibate by April!

That's the goal...and at this point it looks like we're going to make it! Yay! Go, us!


I just did more to assist the fledgling relationships of random females who I quite honestly feel I owe no allegiance whatsoever to before 9:00am this morning than I think I've done in the last thirteen years. Whatever. Maybe I'll get to move to the shorter line while I'm waiting to get into Heaven. Maybe not. Anyway. Good-luck, you guys! Thanks for the memories! Call when you find work...!

Did I already say blah?

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

My Bad!

Ha! It has come to my attention that that last post about "my dilema" could actually be thought to apply to two of the situations I've created for myself rather than just the one pathetic one. Quick show of hands for all those who thought I was talking about Pretty Boy? Nope. What I have with Pretty Boy is not pathetic at all. It is a freaking GODSEND! PB is for all intents and purposes my lifeline right now. Yes, he's quite probably going to stop talking to me the second some hot young thing sits him down for "the talk" but that's fine. I mean I'll be sad/bummed and stuff but seriously, I own that boy -- he's got my name etched in scar tissue on his soul, he'll never be completely gone. Besides, he deserves the kind of happiness one such as I could never provide (at least not without a substantial make-over so...). The other one, the real dilema is not so much a dilema as a reason to discust myself... In fact, you know what, I've already spent too much time obsessing about it. Done. No more on that today. (Except to say that we are NOT hanging out tonight partly because I got a better offer and partly because he called me last night after reading this thing to laugh at me! Prick.)

Now then. First have to give major props to the front neighbor. That woman somehow set up a situation where she gets to rip apart the house they're living in and rebuild it from scratch. We're talking power tools, farmer's tan, sawdust flying everywhere. I'd be jealous is I wasn't so freaking impressed...! (o.K. I'm jealous too but I'll contain myself so long as I get to watch...)

Next, big shout out to the lady at Alameda county who was gracious enough to answer my WTF!! e-mail re: why the hell we didn't get a kid (again) from them during this last little round of placementing. I try to make it a point to try to understand that it's not me personally that sometimes there are forces behind a situation that I simply don't see and/or understand but still, it's hard and I was mad and she has been nothing but sweet and is continuing to talk to me about the process at ole Alameda county so kudos to you Ms. D. You rock!

Hmmmmm. I think I'm going to actually stop here. I smell coffee brewing and the gal I need to talk to just walked in so... I'm out out out. Happy St. Pats Day, people. Make it a good one!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm hot. Not to be confused with HOT but really just kind of hot... and tired. I'm tired too. Consider the following situation:

Girl likes boy. Girl knows she has "no future" with boy so Girl encourages boy to get out and "meet people". Boy meets another girl. Girl is happy for him (really) yet at the same time feels an almost unquenchable urge to "fight" to "keep" boy all the while realizing she doesn't want him (not really, at least not permanently)... Girl thinks that it's probably a really good idea to just freaking leave boy alone so he can go be happy already. Girl is resolved. Girl feels good about her decision. Girl is finally feeling somewhat like an adult. Boy checks in. Girl practically bites her tongue in half attempting to not shift conversation in any way toward discussion of concept of their "relationship". Girl almost succeeds. Boy inquires about girl's plans for Spring Break. Girl mentions that she has none, thinks maybe they should "hang out." Boy isn't sure, needs to check out some stuff. Will call girl back. Girl hangs up phone and commences with the mental kicking of herself....

Now consider the question, as I have been for the last little bit now: What the hell is wrong with me???? Seriously. Pathetic doesn't EVEN begin to describe it. The two things that can happen here are: Boy says "sorry, can't hang out. To involved with my other person at the moment" thus hurting girl's feelings or Boy says "Sure! Love too" thus prolonging the slow, agonizing march toward the inevitable brush off.

Ah well, whatever. You only live once, right? ;-]

Spring Break!

Whoo hoo! It's Spring Break! Given that I work full time and have about a ton of reading to catch up on that really only translates to about 15 minutes of actual additional time I have in which to do nothing, but STILL!! Whoo Hoo! [I'm channeling partially dressed twenty-somethings in Florida right now! Can you feel it...?]

Friday, March 12, 2004

Best Friends!

The child was student of the week this week and she got to do her little "How my week was" wrap-up today in class. After she gave the specifics, the various class members got to ask questions and one kid asked "Ummmm, who's your best friend?" and my angel-child said "Um, my moms!" (!!) To which the questioning child quickly replied "You can't have your moms as best friends!" To which my little Star replied "Uh Huh!" (again with the !!!s) and quickly moved on to the next question. How much do we [heart] that kid????????

K. sorry. Just had to gush a little bit. Saw Family Guy today as I was out and about having lunch with the Ladies and now I'm feeling all parental and wanting to talk about my kid and stuff! Whatup FG! Me and you, lunch. Serious child discussing. Possible updated photo viewing. Let's make this happen!

Was talking to Dirty Boy last night (I know, I know, this in getting to be a very bad habit -- it's like talking to him is some sort of gateway drug) -- he offered what is quite possibly one of the most brillant assessments of something I've been known to do, that I think I've heard in a very long time. We were discussing relationships (of all sorts) and I was going on and on about "patterns" and "jelousy/lack thereof" and "closure" and stuff and he came up with this concept of a "release point" that is just brillant. K. I'm probably not explaining it right but basically it's the point at which you just decide, for whatever reason, that you can let go of a particular "frame" and move on. Now it's interesting because it doesn't have to be a concious thing or a bad thing -- it's not the same as "the last straw" -- it's more like a final acceptance that you know something. Like when my kid learned to walk. She spend a long time tottering around with her arms out ready to grab at something in case she fell but then one day she just put her arms down. Like she knew she wasn't gonna fall and even if she did well, so be it.

Well, the reason I think this is so brillant is because I have been hard pressed to explain that thing that happens with me where if I'm in a relationship and it's faltering I will do anything to keep it going up to a point, then I just stop. Now, I can't honestly say that whatever it was I was trying to keep going has suddenly become less valuable -- usually I still care a great deal and it kills me that I'm "giving up"-- but my need to "try", my need to have something be necessary to me, it just disappears. And it's not just relationships. It happens with jobs too. When I left my last job for this new gig i really could care less what happened to my old company and (not that they in ANY way deserved it) I previously felt a significant desire to try to make it work. Then, one day, after a year at SNIFF, I just stopped thinking I could ever make it into something that would work for me. Which doesn't mean I stopped doing my job. I still did the best job I could and probably accomplished more during my last 6 months than ever before but it cannot be denied that it was VERY easy to leave when an opportunity presented itself. DB's theory is that I have a "release point" -- that my brain gets to the point where it's got enough information, tried enough things, put stuff in enough different positions, weighed enough of the options to finally know where it stands and when and if the situation requires action that supports that it makes perfect sense that not only can I completely change direction but that I can do it with some resolve. (Again, I know, I'm taking relationship advice from a five year old degenerate but still, it's a pretty interesting analysis...) It's also interesting that the situations that continue to prove most aggravating to me in terms of "lack of closure" are with people who I just don't think (for whatever reason) I'm "finished" with... Again, sorry, I'm totally rambling (I'm waiting for our test server to realize I put a bunch of files on it. Stupid test server!) but it struck me as kind of smart and applicable last night.....

Ooops! Looks like we're up. [FYI - IS support chick here at the new job ROCKS!!] BFN!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

How to be an idiot - Part I:

1) Run into girl you have crush on going up the stairs.
2) Ask her brightly how her dog is doing.
3) Notice that she is staring at you like you have something between your teeth -- When she responds [oh, so politely] with: "You mean Emma's dog?" realize you have her mixed up with another girl you were hitting on yesterday, lower your eyes, mumble something stupid and rush away from her down the stairs.



Today I am exhausted. I was at a very intense meeting all day yesterday (which was v. fun BTW I got to talk to lots of interesting co-worker peeps and spend some actual quality time with IHOEL who's a gem of a person!!) Anyway, I got home and chatted with my conscious (aka DB) about this person who I thought I had a crush on but then started thinking that maybe I only thought I had a crush on her because it would be nice to have a crush on someone and she's really quite nice and could easily be crush material so... anyway, I sort of sat next to her at one of our break-out groups and talked to her a bit but I just don't know. I mean I still think she's freaking FINE but maybe our connection is meant to be different than "sparky." What if she's just meant to be my friend. My really really good friend. Who I get to crawl all over sometimes and kiss and stuff... -- k. i'll stop. (The sign of a true dyke BTW is that she's got to engage in some sort of deeper analysis in order to have a crush on someone who could honestly care less about her...) so, we also talked about this other girl who I also feel kind of "sparky" about but then MC/DB says: well, why don't you get to know her then you can see if there might be something there" and I thought "Nah." I thought "nah" because I honestly feel (at this point in my life) that "getting to know people" for me is pretty much analogous to "making friends" and I don't feel sparky about folks who are in the "friends" category (at least not right now). Which is not to say that this can't change. And actually, even writing it doesn't sound entirely correct because I have no problem with having sex with my friends, it's just the "sparky" part; the tingley, can't wait to see you, can't wait to find out what dumb thing you did over the week-end, realizing that your eyes are actually kind of a light hazel rather than golden brown... all that crap, that's what I look for in my crushes and that's what disappears when I actually start seeing a person as a buddy. I dunno. DB thinks I'm being stupid. I think I agree.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ha! Ex-Boss just sent me a link to the new spiffy website which the mucho talented Marsha and crew just completed.

"Hi C.,

I thought I'd send you a link to our new web site - launched this weekend.
We have updated the branding on our web site and updated the information on
each of our practice areas. Thought you might be interested. Take a look
when you have a moment. Hope all is well with you in your new job !!!


O.K. first, I worked there for 5 years as a "Creative Designer", does he REALLY need to remind me what the url for the site is? Second, I care that the information in "each of the practice areas" is updated?? Seriously... How is he so very wierd??!

Something I just realized...

It's possible that I may no longer be "in step" with today's generation of youth. Case in point, witness the following IM conversation conducted via my home PC by certain persons under the age of 25 whilst I was on the phone talking the the ever-sweet Miss Tail:

2BDtrMN: Sup?
666touch: Came to class
2B: and?
Touch: like nobudy bidness...
2B: lol
T: Hehehe...
2B: Cici icq me...
T: ?
2B: Looking for Ling. Who was late BTW
T: ADN...! Beowtch.
2B: He said he would've sat beside me...
T: Oh yeahhhhh
2B: Soukie-sweet!
2B: Damn...!
T: ju chat?
2B: for a while then...PSP
2B: Ling came...She asked me why I didn't sit with Cici...If I did, she might have thought that I'm neglecting her right...?
T: Beach
2B: Hehehe...I'll never forget you as a friend girl...!
T: After what you've done for me...! lol
2B: Where are u?
T: Oakie-town
2B: Hugs!
2B: :*
2B: She putting out?
T: U know it! [ed. note - I so am not!]
2B: Dawg!
T: Hehehe...
2B: K IO

Now, then, not only did I not understand the vast majority of the above conversation [reprinted, of course, with the consent of at least one of the parties concerned], I'm hard-pressed to state a significant reason for it to have been conducted at all but that may just be me...

Headache persists BUT I was able to inform an interested party just this morning that on a scale from one-to-ten, I'm sitting at a pretty solid 7 right now, so, that's gotta be good for something. Had a fairly intense dream about the ex last night though. She was dating some foreign chick and they were going to get married and live happily ever after. The foreign chick was also quite visibly pregnant. Huh. I've been having a lot of really intensely disturbing dreams lately. Not that this one was so bad -- I mean, never let it be said that I don't wish my Exs the very best (it can be rumored and/or mumbled, though) -- just lots of dreams involving situations completely outside my control over which I have very mixed emotions is all.... Sigh. Anyway. I'm going to get the H -E-Double-hockey-sticks back to work now because, as we all know, nobody likes a slacker!

Monday, March 08, 2004

And you are??

The kid has got a new boy crushed out on her. His name is Jake. Backround checks are being run as.we.speak...!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Now then, where were we...?

Ah yes! The news (well at least all of it that's fit to print!) Let's begin by sending a rousing "THANK YOU!" to those of you who not only contenanced my complete abdication from blogging duties -- huge, stressful, deadline notwithstanding, I realize it is I who am entirely at fault here and I thank GOD that you've chosen to stick with me -- but who also provided interim support throughout what I'll simply refer to as "my dark period." I am back (although given that I'm finding new job, new classes and old life responsibilities the tiniest bit challenging right now, I may not be as "frequent/intensely entertaining" as past posting has been, I will however strive for regularity -- and c'mon, seriously, when one such as I has reached "a certain age" that's really all any of us can hope for!)

Thank you to The Rabbit Lover (also known as my loverly co-web-facilitator here in the trenches) she is fabulous and talented and a joy to work with. Seriously. I could not have survived without her.

Another big thanks goes out to the Co-parent who was almost scarily accomodating/sweet about schedule switchage and a whole host of other kid related things last week. I appreciate it and am grateful for your support.

Special thanks also to Dirty Boy who for some reason is just making me really happy right now. Don't know why. Probably won't last, but for now, you're a sweetie and I don't care who knows it!

Lastly, shout out to my Best Buddy Q for reiminding me of my attendant duties vis a vis correspondence with the world-at-large and who i'm sure entirely fails to realize that the only reason I cut her/the rest of my sweeter-than-they-have-any-right-to-be peeps off during times of intense stress is simply because they are just too damn compelling and I have TO WORK dammit!!! I know, pitiful excuse but I'm hoping to make it all up to everyone with lunch, hugs and copious mooning!

K. So what's been going on? Took kid to have her general medical check-up and found out (surprise) that she is jest fine. She's in the 15 percentile growth and 10th for weight which is normal and healthy, just small so I should stop with the worrying already [Fabulous Dr. didn't actually say that but you know she was thinking it!] Also, child has perfect 20/20 vision and excellent hearing (Yay! I'm telling you, there's definitely something to be said for selecting a donor specifically so he could "compensate" for your freaking near-sighted genes!)

Kid dressed up as what she wanted to be when she grew up on Thursday and settled on Veterinarian. She was a People-Doctor when I dropped her off at school so I'm not super sure what machinations caused her to alter her focus but, c'est lea vie, the world of animals has been doubly blessed.

Speaking of which, we have a kitten! As we already well know, there is a pack of feral cats living in my front yard and while I have been laboring under the illusion that they are all fixed one of them has managed (possibly via immaculate conception) to produce an offspring. Said offspring suddenly started bounding about the front yard and steps a mere few days ago and while a significant part of my brain is thinking "Shoot! Now I'm going to have to trap/ fix/feed/be kind of responsible for yet another freaking cat!" the other part of my temporal lobe cannot help but think she's just about the cutest little gold-striped kitty I've seen in a very long time! If anyone wants a cat, let me know!

Note to Angel - sorry about your leg, buddy. I hope you heal up quickly. You're past the "growth" stage so you'll probably only be stuck with residual limping. Nothing that your adorable smile won't more than compensate for!

Travelin' Man - Welcome back to the world of those who hate their job! (Well, I'm no longer technically a member of that elite club but I'll pretend for you if you like!) Seriously though, while I am somewhat sad for you, at the same time I am delighted for me because this means lunch dates which we've already established are my only means of communication with those who I actually like so, once everything's weighed and calibrated I'd have to say... bonus as far as I'm concerned!

Little L-Bee - Sooooooo sorry you're sick. It sucks to be sick and it sucks to be little and sick and I wish there was something I could do to make everything better. If you think of anything let me know. otherwise just hang in there. You'll be better soon, I'm sure. [Ditto message to Sweet Little Lu but I think you're already better so just keep on keeping healthy! Kisses to both of you!]

Tony - I will see you dammit! It's sunny, it's no longer as crazy, my horoscope said so (and you know how accurate those puppies are!) so... no more lolly-gagging. "Lunch date with T" has been written in pen in my calendar and as far as I'm concerned that's practically the same as having it passed as a joint resolution by the acting bodies of congress so... [sorry, i just finished writing my mid-term for my public policy class.... Ask me about term limits! Go on, ask!]

Heard from the CaseWorker that we were turned down on all of the children we were being "considered" for last month. Am officially depressed about that but whatever. Will wait semi-patiently for whatever is supposed to happen to happen, I guess.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Went to see the Lion king. Costumes=amazing. Cast = o.k. Kid was entralled, though, so I spose it was almost worth mortgaging the house...

Plan to kick some poker a** in a coupla weeks so that's something to look forward to.

I think that's it really. I'm starting to get a slight headache so even if it's not, I'm still gonna go. Kisses to everyone. Mwah, mwah! I lurve you, all!

Friday, March 05, 2004


O.K. I'm still here. Sorry for the prolonged absence -- I'm in the middle of launching/testing a mini re-design at the new job so things are mucho crazy but, rest assured, I will be back with stories soon. Promise!