Sunday, March 09, 2014

SXSW 2014

I'm in austin! having a very nice time attending the South by Southwest festival which has during the last couple of years, decided to add an interactive path to it's regular film and music line-up. Apart from a few mishaps early on - e.g. not being able to rent the car I had reserved due to Texas' INSANE rental policies and 110% deposit; then totally LOSING my badge within the first 20 minutes of having it! - it's been pretty nice. We're staying in a nice little house that the Boss (IHOEL for you old timers) found for us. It's super cute and super clean/well-appointed. I almost feel bad tracking mud all over it! Aside from not really getting any sleep, since we're 2 hours ahead out here AND because it's daylight freaking savings time (grrrrr!) I've been going to some very interesting panels (the lost badge sitch was rectified in a possibly less than legit way by my new BFF, Sean - Lovely young man, also mixed-race! what up, Mongrels of the world, unite! - yesterday so I could continue going to the many informative sessions and/or get into the various pop-up lounges hawking popcorn and t-shirts. I heart Sean. Seriously. The man is my Dawg.) I also got to see Mizz Mindy Kaling and some of her crew - also awesome. Didn't get any facetime though due to the fact that her people had clearly not told her Who I am and/or the fact that i realized that while i may think she's all fantasticey and all that (and really very cute) probably not alot we have in common were we actually to get a good chinwag going. Still, love her; love her show. And really, really love her co-star/writer Ike Barinholtz who is just completely and consistently hilarious. One other bonus to the whole being in Austin thing, is i got to see my niece V-ness who is delightful and who i love so much. She's really a great young woman and getting to watch her in her town on her terms just makes it clear ow hard she tries to keep everything/everyone supported and moving forward. Plus she took me to the best place to eat (Rudy's BBQ) pretty much the second i got here and I am STILL thinking about the brisket! Yum.