Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ass-whooping by 5th grade math problems,take one!

Jesus H. Chris on a shingle! I just spent 45 minutes on the internet trying to figure out wtf GCD and LCM were so I could help Boo with her homework. I actually thought I had figured out the LCM part pretty well but then her last homework question completely stumped me. Seriously. It's 5th grade math! She's not even half done with school and i am of no further use to her (not like i ever really was but this latest just throws the obviousness of that fact into stark relief.) God. Me=useless.

Anyways.... At least the world at large is still pretty nice. I was trying to fix this thing on my car and this VERY nice kid/young gentleman who had been watching the whole spectacle with a VERY concerned look on his face totally offered (in a really nice, un-macho -- well, kind of macho but not condescending!) to help me "tighten my bolt or whatever..." Sweet! And adorable too. See,this is one of the many reasons why I cannot teach High School. I just love that whole High School Senior/just starting college age waaaaaayyyyyy too much. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could stay away from anything horrifically inappropriate (and clearly stated to be illegal) but honestly, I'd be hard-pressed to understand why i can't just invite the whole damn lot of them over for beer and movies. (Yup. I'd be THAT teacher. The one who's a little too close to the students for parental comfort but who hasn't actually sparked any scandals. Yet.) Also sweet, while this nice young person was helping me with my nut (tee hee) my other neighbors were also hanging about with worried faces wondering if I was o.k. and offering up the services of their "brother who's a mechanic..." Sweet, i say sweet!!!!! alrighty, gotta go cause the world's mos perfect GF has just arrived but more tomorrow on the delightfulness of re-visiting a well-stocked storage unit!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Like an old leaf... hanging on a branch, in a storm!

this was how a co-worker described being here at work right now. She's Russian which, I think accounts for the poetic flavorings but still. Pretty dead on if you ask me.

in other news, I have a HUGE crush. on a logo. This logo:

Every day i drive past it on Highway 92 and i get a little shiver because it's just so damn sexy! Actually, the picture doesn't really do it justice. the actual sign on the factory that i love so much is sort of more old-school, slightly slanted and really tall/strong/masculine... {sigh} it's dreamy.....

k. sorry. nuff about that. (i was just considering my drive home and got all happy that I get to see it soon.... I know, i need sleep)

More importantly to report: I saw 2/3s of the Texans for lunch today which was grand! they are really very sweet boys and one of them (the pretty one) is about to get married!!!!! According to the most recent news brief, my darling Angel and his Cowboy will be flying to the nearest (prolly east coast) state where they can get official docs after which they will be returning to Tex-ass where they will host a "fuller" gathering of friends/family! All of this is scheduled to occur within the next six months and I, for one, could not be more pleased!!!! All the best to you and yours, Sweet, you deserve each other!

Monday, September 24, 2007

See now i'm obsessed...

it all started with a link to a video montage someone put together for the buffy show me and gf went to Sat. night but then i had to go find the actual group who did the original song and THEN they (well she) were/was/are so freaking cool now i'm listening to/downloading everything i can find by them/her.
{sigh} it's a disease.

What's cracking me up right now...

Beyonce Unhurt After Stray Bullet Miraculously Hits Passerby Instead

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just had the best evening/morning Ever with my GalPal extraordinaire. Last night the children stayed with the Awesome Bee family whilst me and the QB headed over to The City for some quality hanging out time at an adorable B&B (a little Victorian dollhouse looking but awfully cute nonetheless with the super sweet--gay!--proprietrixes and the hanging velvet drapes in front of the doors. Apparently the place used to be a bordello which seemed fitting somehow given our intentions (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...) plus The Midnight Showing of the Buffy Musical at the Bridge theater! Seriously. All-in-all a fabulous and fun affair which left me a little exhausted but oh so happy/snuggly content. Yay!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Just got back from having lunch with the Texans who are out here visiting....

Me: So, you two crazy kids are breaking up huh? Finally! I mean, gawd, it's certainly about time and the timing works and everything. Cool, though that you guys are staying friends... [laugh, take sip of coke then slowly but surely register the extremely long, uncomfortable, group silence....]
OG:[to DB] uh.... yeah. I was gonna tell you...


Oh well. Probably about time for that particular bombshell to drop, right... heh, heh, heh. Um, sorry about that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I missed my kid's back-to-school night to go to this "techtalk" given by the owner of the company i'm currently (suckily) employed at which was supposed to start at 5:30 and HE IS NOT HERE YET! There is talk he may not show up at all! God. I'm really beginning to hate this place...

Quote Butch

You know who doesn't get enough airtime...? Cher, that's who. Damn that lady sure put out some classics! k. so, my gf was kind enough to remind me of that blog-a-nym i was/am going to use to reference her pretty little self from here on in. Quote Butch. As in "Butch"... As in a co-worker friend of hers was referring to her as butch only with air-quotes which cracked me up (mainly cause it's soooo kinda true!) so there you have it. QB = my gf. Please do not confuse with QB = Quarterback as i will brook NO sporty references on this blog intended or otherwise! K. glad we got that all sorted out.

I love my QB. She's the bees knees. she makes me happy and sleepy (mostly super-happy first then really sleepy... seriously, I am such a boy when it comes to passing out after the s-e-x. I swear. {shakes head} glad she's at least saying she's o.k. with it. I am far to old to go looking for another "love of my life"....)

Let's see... is there any other news to report? Ah yes, Belated Happy Birthday to the Little Princess that is my BBQ's babygirl! the party/gathering was super nice although I'm not super sure I'm o.k. with the whole "folks letting their children get older" thing. it's disconcerting and it makes me question my perception of time. Besides which, it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from full-scale growing up! A slippery slope, my friends. That's all I'm saying....

{sigh} I think that's it for right now. I am tired and i should probably be working lest I lose my job before I'm ready to chuck it! ;-] Kisses, to everyone i love and tight squeezes to all the rest!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

All hail the return of the weary!

Travelin' Man is back! Yay! (He stopped by this eve, accompanying IHOEL on his "adorable little people" dropoff and was giving me crap because i never write about him anymore so... et viola! Here I am Writing!) He's only here for two shakes though before he's off again for the top of the world i think... I could be wrong. He might just be heading a little further north than last time for another little bit (with one more "back down here" visit) before shipping out.. I swear. It's like the man's a Viking or something. Bring me back gold from the new land! I may end up changing his blog-a-nym to "Vlad"....

The Texans are also in town. Although, technically they're in Paly Altie which is strangely close to where i happen to work so we've been all about the lunch lately. Not that we've actually managed to meet up and go somewhere and have food but i did get one of them to walk me to the bank the other day and i'm hoping to convince the other two to grab some take-out and meet me in a park at some point this coming week. Dirty Boy is all atwitter because he got a job working with some Christian Skater on his "tricks crew" which i gather means he gets paid to figure out how to do stuff... you know... on a skateboard. that's... you, or something. Well good for you, DB! Glad that you're finally gainfully-ish employed and that i will be seeing you more often. Except, wait... I jsut remembered i don't want to see you more often! (Ha. just kidding. Anytime you're in WH, you go ahead and look me up.)

Other riveting news from the newly twangy: the adorable and always effervescent Angel has managed to talk his boy into a more permanent arrange-ge-mont which i think is just delightful -- although, you two kids aren't going to start having s-e-x are you just because you're shacking up???? Remember, no man is going to marry the cow if he's getting the milk for free! (or however that goes...)

Let's see, what else...?

Last week SUCKED. Parts of it were great -- like the super food-filled uber-fancied party the lovely and talented BBQ threw to raise fundage for her cause celebre wich was AWESOME and pretty much every single time i got to see my GF (I had decided on a new blog-a-nym for her based on some IM thread we had going but i cannot for the life of me remember what it was...!) who i love and who i can not get enough of and who (even when i am cranky with her) is so able to reduce me to quivery-silliness with a single touch -- it's a man, it's a plane...! -- it ought to be illegal! And yes, i am "hearing" all of you naysayers who are constantly telling me that this whole "even her sneezes are amazing/adorable" thing will pass to which i reply, "Yeah? So...? I'm old enough to know that The Infatuation will end but who's to say that it won't give way to that deeper type of attachment/happiness/connection thing that I'll find just as necessary and compelling...? It's happened to my nearest and dearest so, sorry your relationships might be telling you otherwise. I have high hopes for mine...! In other words bring it!" (Besides which, i pay her an awful lot of money to stick around and at her age it not like she's likely to find a better gig! ;-]

So, the sucky bits are then as follows:

1) Job sucks. job was fine until they fired all my bosses and the main owner/president guy went completely insane. So. I'm still there. I think i can manage to stay there but seriously, if i'm gonna drive and hour and a half away from my babies every day it's not gonna be for someone who's a nutjob. All of which means that i am once again "actively looking" so if anyone hears of anything I could do without having to bone up on too many fancy new programming languages, let me know.

2) Boo's other rat, Gator died. He was a little bit under the weather and his foot didn't seem to be acting right so i took him to the same vet i took Piper to when he was sick and she shot him up with the same set of anti-biotics she gave Piper and he also died. Now i'm not saying i've got a cut and dried veterinary malpractice case on my hands but I do have to say it looks a little suspicious.... I'm actually gonna call her on monday and let her know the outcome of her little ministrations just to see what she has to say for herself.

3) Finances are killing me. My school tuition is just enough to tweak my tightrope of a budget and what with the savings being entirely depleted during the stretch of time i was out of work the whole thing sent me catapulting into late payment/late payment fines land so... It's looking like i'll need to take next semester off (since i really can't afford to go right now) but maybe that's not such a bad thing. It'll give me more time to write. Sad though because i really wanted to graduate this Spring. Anyway, I feel like I finally got most of the money thing sorted out this week but seriously. The man was really messing with my mojo a little while ago...

4) Ex-work is also sucking. I'm not at liberty to elaborate on what exactly is going on at that place but suffice to say the proverbial rats have exited stage left and it's just sad; especially since it was almost entirely due to mismanaging (some might say intentionally, eh hem...) by the one person. Ah well... it'll make a great book/dissertation one day....

Hrmmmmm. I think that's it actually. Just a coupla of things that were particularly sucky coloring an otherwise lovely life. {yawn} welp. now i'm all tuckered out so... i'll try to be more on top of keeping up with this thing. Kisses to everyone. I love you lots!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I feel like i'm having a goddamn nervous breakdown! Shesh.

I was just out cleaning up the most recent HUGE F'in' mess created by the G'Damn dog and the Landlady stuck her head out to let me know (again in possibly THE SWEETEST WAY a person can "let someone know something") that I shouldn't let the dog "run wild" in the front yard because he poops everywhere and the LandLord Guy (also very sweet) stepped in it the other day. Plus, she's got Grandbabies out there playing, etc. etc. etc. which is all very true and reasonable but which for some stupid reason made me all cranky/teary because I KNOW all of this and I only let him run around in the first place because i feel bad that he's on a leash all day and I'm trying to watch him when he's off but I've got fifty billion other things i have to do as well and I can't do everything all the time and I'm SORRY I'm not a better dog-owner, Goddammit, but seriously, I. am. doing. the. best. I. can!!!!! God.

Anyway. I got the stuff for his taller-less-escapable enclosure today so I can actually build it this week-end and hopefully cut down a little on the guilt part of this whole exercise. I also have more grandiose plans about fencing off my part of the back yard so he has a nice huge place to terrorize but that's a few week-ends/suddenly found money away so... first things first right...

Other than the dog (who I do love very much -- anyone want a dog??) I spose things are going well. Work is sort of becoming normal which it didn't seem to be doing as little as a day ago so... I'm enormously tired all the time (like waaaayyyy more than usual) so not sure what's up with that but i'm gonna try to schedule less and get to bed on time more and see what happens to the ole outlook. The kids are doing grand. The Spark leapt feet-first into some major developmental growth phase and has just been a kick to have around. I mean that seriously. She's discovered humour and has started asking for stuff using a very funny old man cranky voice standing with her hand on her hip instead of her usual point/scream/whine/fall down routine. She has also taken to meeting my cranky demands with a very elaborate "okay, okaaaaay, sheesh!" paired with a grin before actually settling down to it which i am amazed yet delighted by and which does wonders for my own cranky-pantness. Don't get me wrong, we're still having the "tired-must-object-to-everything" sobfests every now and again but the "power struggle" bits have definitely taken a sharp turn for the better. Me likes, alot. Hope it continues for longer than a month...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Maybe i'm blocking...?

Uh, then there's the fact that my Big Girl was in the 5th grade all last week!!!!!! She got a locker! Seriously. she's doing great, though. I hung around the hallways until her teacher showed up so i could demand special treatment for her but she started going on and on and on about how great/talented/cute Boo was before i had a chance to point it out so.... great that my baby is seemingly doing so well. Amazing to me/sad-making that she is such a grown-up.


Alrightly then! how were our respective week-ends? Good? Good. Mine was fabulous as well. We had a Big Girl sleep-over on friday night then did all the laundry in the world on Sat. before delivering her home via train circa late afternoon. Sundee, we wandered over to the Art and Soul thing in downtown Oakland with the Bees which was o.k. but seriously ... waaaayyyyy more expensive than last year in terms of stuff that had to be paid for (food, rides, etc.)... which kind of sucked. Then on Monday, got to hang out with the Big Girl for a tiny while in the morning (rocking the rockstar/dark glasses/big hair look, no less!) before hooking up with the GF and her fabulous big sister/FBS's a-dor-rable family unit who had the Spark with them for some lunch/a movie. Very nice. and seriously how cute is their little girl??? I miscalculated the timing of the movie though and ended up with some EXTREMELY tired little girls but all-in-all good times.

in other news, sad that our puppy know knows how to climb over his fence -- we got home Monday night to find a huge mess (involving torn up flower beds, two thoroughly destroyed featherdusters and a "check-in" from our very Sweet Landlady telling me the Biscuit had actually gotten all the way out into the street and had to be chased down by the LandLord -- also a very nice person.) and in the absence of me being able to immediately assemble a puppy proof enclosure, I had to tie him up. So, now he's tied up. Which is sad. I'm gonna try to set something up this week-end so he won't be chained up much longer. Still though. I feel bad.

Let's see.... what else. Chatted with the Texans yesterday. I believe there will be a visit soon (which I suppose is overdue since one of them has a Daddy who misses his little girl and the other should really be checking up more on his Angel-Sister and her entourage) and which i'm looking forward to (I think) ... I'm really tired these days though so maybe i will sit this visit out. (Not that you all are exhausting or anything...! :-]) we'll have to see.