Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still waiting...

so you know how you can have one of those days where things seem to be trundling along fine then all of a sudden they're not anymore...? I had one of those days. It's all sorted out now but still. I'm all wrapped up in my head trying to sort it all out and i know there's no "big Thing" that needs to happen but i feel like there must be or should be or whatever so i can *do* something to somehow "fix" everything... eh. i don't know. just feel a little stymied i guess. And tired. I'll get over it.

In other news, went to a lovely party celebrating the newly 7-ness of my charming niece which was just grand. There was a HUGE inflated water slide thingie which the Spark (once she got the hang of it) actually never came off of. The Boo went down a few times just to please me but as it really wasn't her scene we ended up hanging out in the front yard enjoying the quiet/tree swing. Also very nice getting to hang with the Boo uninterrupted-like. We should really do that sort of thing more often. :-)

Also attended a B-day celebration for the BBQ's Little Princess last night which was also quite the hit with the Little Big Girl. Then tomorrow we're going to (you guessed it) ANOTHER B-day party for the Rock Star which will involve an actual viewing of the actual movie FAME which is now in a theater near you! {Whew} I know. I don't think it's physically possible to squeeze in any more celebrating at least not until next week when the Big Big Girl's birthdayz commence with the commencing! Yay!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to school nights rock!!

O.K. sure, i complain about having to go and drag my feet a little getting there but really, i actually do like hearing what the folks who are essentially raising my kids during the day have to say about their jobs/expectations. Ths year both girls eem pretty set. The Big Big Girl in particular I predict will OWN all four of her teachers by mid-November. She's already half way there but there are one or two hold-outs who are trying to be a little stand-offish but whatev. One of them reminds me of my BBQ. In fact, scratch that original assessment. I give it until the end of October, and then ONLY because the Big Big Girl is being a little bit shyer than usual.

In other news, we've got the rock star here with us today. She and boo are leaping around to various "Oldies", singing to the karaoke machine tracks and filming themselves. It's times like this when i realize I must have been doing SOMETHING right. k. sidenote, my keyboard is breaking or something and it's making my typically disjointed spelling even more psychotic. Example: i just spelled siienote "iiote"

watch i ll type this next couple of sentences without going back to corrrect anything. alo delighted by this new book i'm reading. issabelle allende the house of the spirits. very compelling. i know it's not particularly nw but it is to me so... i'm gla the world is till producing quality writers who write stuff i like. Gah. o.k. so as soon as i complained about the keyboard it stopped being so wierd. whate....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How is it possible to be doing so much while accomplishing so little??

Ahg. I'm tired. I'm happy though (now) I'm home. I am surrounded by my sweet, adorable family of humans and cats and dogs... That's right, folks. Dog-singular has become plural (not unlike that whole Adam and Eve thing although I don't think the puppy began her life as a Biscie rib. I mean, sure, it's possible. Anything's possible. I'm just saying., I find it... unlikely.) She's cute. A little too cute. You can see pics on the wife's blog. {sigh} Sorry, that's really not all that's going on, i'm just really super tired and the brain is refusing to think right now. more later once i reboot a bit. promise.........

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I forgot to mention how proud/sad I am that the Little Big Girl who is now in the 1st grade took her own grown up self to class today. I was all set to take her -- and for once was reasonably close to "on time" but she was all "No thanks. I can walk myself!" {sniff} I'm not actually sure what I'll do once she doesn't need me for anything anymore either.... possibly fall back on puppy/kitten fostering except it would appear that that's actually The Wife's forte more than it is mine. :-)

by bestowing a kindness that implied an expectation, and by setting an example...

This is part of a quote from a Wendell Berry book i found in the mark-down bin at Green Apple books (first marked down to 12.00 then to 8.00 and finally to 6.00 where I happened upon it. 6.00 for a twice-reduced, used paperback. That, my friend is how you measure quality!)

I'm sitting here ruminating on these words, trying not to bug The Wife who seems to have actual work to do as she is holed up with the laptop on the couch and avoiding taking a bath which I know is waaaaaayyyyy overdue but which, for some reason i cannot bring myself to have truck with. I think it's maybe the hair. long hair takes a million years to dry and i'm afraid of it getting all tangley and matted if I go to bed with it wet. Plus i'm afraid of water AND those friends I still have have seen me through worse so...

I also just watched a tiny bit of Mr. Obama's health care reform speech. (we listened to it on the way home today but it's always better to watch the man. I know i'm not alone in thinking this but Da Prez is HOT! Now with that tidbit (his reaction to a "heckler") in my head plus the Berry quote plus some other stuff i'm trying to sort through for this massive work project we're kicking off i'm sitting her trying to figure out the best use of the time I have allotted before i take myself to bed..... Research pit puppy behavior/growth patterns? Finish reading the Berry article? Call a buddy for a little check-in? Watch the latest Ellen on Hulu? Or just call it a day and go to sleep..... I'll leave it up to the peanut gallery. You all decide. (but make sure you let me know otherwise i could be sitting here all night!)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now that we've all "grown" a little...

DB just found/sent me this personal ad he wrote a little while ago [reprinted with permission from the author]:

"Thinking of Awesome Titles Sucks!
Age: 30
Location: New Mexico

For real. Geez. What hard work and I didn't even start yet. K so I guess I'm a super lamewod but I'm just going to come out and say a few things:

Right now, I might be the loneliest person in the world. Definitely the lamest, but that's okay, I have a huge, uh...heart.

I only just recently realized that my poetic and charming nature has long been dormant, and somehow I should really try to get it back.

I miss kissing someone and thinking how lucky I am, and then thinking "hey this chick is lucky too damn". All sloppy and open-mouthed.

I'm tired of convincing myself that I'm happy, and admitting this now, even with virtual invisibility, stings a little.

I am flawed. Sometimes I'm temperamental and I have a dirty fucking mouth. And Orbit gum doesn't clean it up.

When I look back and read over this I will hate every desperate word...but I will not change it 'cuz I'm a stubborn bastard.

There's got to be someone out there who would actually want to love me, right...?

I used to be good at sex. (holy crap) I wonder if I ever will again. (Jesus, James)

I love sad music.

I am NOT medicated. And sometimes I think I should be. But fuck Earth.

My roommate just asked what a personal ad is. ? (and now I'm trying to figure out who the loser is)

Morrissey was better than The Cure. Yes he was.

I am sooo tired of porn. Seriously.

I quit smoking 08/21/07.

I quit drinking 2 years ago.

I quit smoking weed 3 1/2 years ago.

I quit doing coke almost 5 years ago.

I quit doing ecstasy 6 or 7 years ago.

You quit reading 12 lines ago.

I've been convincing myself that I don't love someone for almost 3 years.

I love green tea even though it makes me pee like mucho A LOT.

I'm a cancer, so I only SOUND like I'm desperate and unattractive, but I'm really neither. Jesus I'm hot. Okay I'm alright.

I want to evolve with someone emotionally more than anything in the world.

Evolving together spiritually and intellectually would be great too, and while we're at it, can I have some sex please? Okay maybe next time then.

I have a cat named Turkey and he's a fuckin' fatso. God Turkey, you're disgusting. I love you Turkey.

I just bought a king size bed and I feel so alone in it, even though it's super comfortable. And masterbation is sooo overrated. Too much info I know my bad.

Note to self: If this outreach effort doesn't go too well, go back inside your shell where it's warm and safe.

I could love someone with no aspirations, and that's something I never thought I could say, but I could love someone like no other.

I want to meet someone who will love me even if I turn out to be a total failure.

I think 98% of you would have stopped reading by now if you weren't trying to avoid doing those dishes.

I'm the author of "Shakespeare never wrote about us". Who? Wha? It's okay, nevermind.

I have the shocker sticker in my back window and people flip me the shocker every day, which I think rocks. My dad thinks it means rock n' roll because I just couldn't hear myself explaining that one. "Well, you see Dad..."

Is it impossible to meet a cute chick that's also sweet, preferably one that digs cancer men? For my sake, I fucking hope not, 'cuz it's a bit late to change signs.

I was born on July 7th, 1977 and I'm the 7th grandson. Freaky. I know. But do you see why my portrait is next to "rad" in the dictionary. C'mon people.

So I guess I'm meant to be here. Even on crappy days like today.

On a much lighter note, I have a burrito in the microwave so I have to wrap this up."

Seriously folks, am I the only one out there who thinks the boy must have once been kinda "worth the effort"??? ;-)